Saturday, October 2, 2010

Popcorn Show & Sell 2010

I took Noah, and Jackson to the Tiger Cub popcorn show & sell this morning. We were at the Winn Dixie. It was fun to watch the boys interact with the community.

I'm not really sure why Jackson is stretching his neck like a turtle?

This is Mrs. Kim showing the boys how to shake hands, and ask if the customer would like to buy some popcorn. I think Noah is a shakin' hands kind of guy so he was really diggin' it.

We sold all this popcorn. Well all but 2 bags. We did it in 2 hours. Not bad for a bunch of really cute tiger cubs.

This group of tiger cubs is really cute.

Here is a closer look. By the end of the day Noah said he didn't want the people to say how cute he was anymore. He said cute is for babies. So this time when you take a closer look think to yourself. This is a really handsome bunch of tiger cubs....

I wanted Jackson, and Noah to stand together for this picture, but they just wouldn't do it.
Why is Noah doing that thing with his tongue?

This is a horrible picture of me, but it is the best one of me that day....LOL

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