Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Spirit Week BHS 2010

Lynsey and Kelsea are participating in Homecoming Spirit Week at BHS!!

How much fun does that sound?

Monday was 70's Decade Day!

Peace, Love, Groovy!

You know the girls have really nice cameras but they always use their camera phone for everything. Which is cool and all, but the pictures are not good enough to develope. They may not care now, but one day they will care. The nice photos on my blog today came from the BHS website.

Lynsey took this picture with her cell phone before she left for school.

Kelsea took this picture with her cell phone before she left for school.

Tuesday was Twin Day!

This is Kelsea, but where is her twin?

She wasn't a twin, she was part of 'the triplets'...LOL

They just are more special then everyone else...LOL

That is some nerdy triplets...

Here is Lynsey with her twin Megan.
Wednesday was Theme Park Day!

My girls both love Disney the best, so they wanted to stick with that theme park.

Lynsey is Tinkerbell.

Brooke, and Lynsey...or should I say Minnie Mouse, and Tinkerbell...

Kelsea as the Mad Hatter!

I like it with the red hair, and make-up better!

Thursday was Celebrity Day!

Lynsey went as Michael Jackson..

Kelsea went as Bret Michaels!

Kelsea didn't want me to post pictures of her dressed up as weird things on my blog. So, in order for her to send me the pictures she took of herself with her camera phone I had to promise to post this nice picture of her. She thinks this is a really good picture of herself. She is right it is a good picture of her.

However, if you go to the BHS website, or any number of Facebook/Myspace accounts you can see most of these same pictures. The difference is they don't have the nice picture to go with the crazy picture. I have spoken to both my teens about pictures, and media, but they just don't get it. I mean I only have a handful of followers, but the other sites have tons, and tons. When you go on the other sites you can just copy, and save/paste anything you like. Then your photo can be anywhere. This also means it can pop up at any point in your life. This really is a lesson for the new generation. Do you remember having to sit through life lessons at school. They did stuff on peer pressure, child abuse, ect...I fear that this will be a lost lesson. It will be something that they will have to live over, and over, and over again before they learn.

Last but not least....
Friday was Blue/Gold Day!
The girls wore their blue and gold stuff. Lynsey made a great scarf, I have not idea what Kelsea wore...LOL.... They may sound bad, but they just didn't send me a pic of them that day. If I ever get one I will post it....
Stay tuned because they looked great for Homecoming.....

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