Monday, September 27, 2010

Pack Meeting 224

Noah, and Jackson had their first pack meeting for 224 tonight. They were really excited. They got up with their pack, and Ms. Kim introduced them all to the rest of the Dens.
Of course I don't have 1 picture of both boys looking at me, but I have 2 cute pictures of them each looking at me.
Jackson looks so happy in this picture. Noah on the other hand is to worried if he is going to get to talk into that microphone.
Noah looks so happy to be there. While Jackson trys to get the microphone. Ms. Kim didn't let any of the boys talk into the microphone. Sorry guys not this time, maybe next time.
I enjoyed the pack meeting. They did a cake raffle. We bought a ticket, and we didn't win. I was fine with it. I guess if you win not only do you win the cake, you win the chance to donate the cake the next month. Like I said I was fine with it. However, Noah was not so fine with it.
To make matters worse I tore the ticket in half after they gave the 2 cakes out. Then they drew for other prizes. Noah was really upset when he saw I tore the ticket in half. Then he was even more upset when we didn't win any other prizes either.
So take a good time with your Tiger Cub, mix it up with not winning, and what do you get....a crying Tiger Cub. What's a Mom to do?
Well I'll tell you what this Mom did. I looked in my Tiger Cub book and what did I see? An elective to visit a bakery. So, I say to Noah. 'How would you like to visit a bakery, and buy a cake?' He said while wiping his tears 'Yes'. So, we left the pack meeting and went to the bakery at the Winn Dixie. We talked with the Bakery employee, drooled over all the yummy cakes, and Noah picked out a double layer, chocolate fudge cake. Then Mommy signed off on the elective.

Was it the right thing to do? You will most likely say no.
Do I care? Nope
P.S. Well maybe I care more about what you think then I let on. Leave me a comment about my parenting, or leave me a comment about a similar situation you had as a kid, or with your kid, or just leave me a comment. I am very comment less....Are you listening? Is anybody out there?


Janet Harden said...

Thanks for sharing!
The boys look so good in their uniforms! I think you did the right thing. Not only was going to the bakery an EXCELLENT idea but signing up for scouts is an EXCELLENT idea as well!
As we say in Pre-K "Kiss Your Brain"
From the Proud Mom of 2 Eagle Scouts of #224

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome blog. Thank you for sharing this with me...We had a few Tiger's who cried that night. Your idea was an excellent one. You turned a sad moment into a happy unforgetable one. Great Job!!!

Kimberly Daum