Friday, December 10, 2010

Call 911!!

Thursday night right after 2 a.m. Chris decides he will stoke the fire, before he comes to bed. While stoking the fire he hears a popping sound under the house. Weird.....Then he notices little puffs of smoke coming up behind the mantle. He comes and wakes me up to tell me the house is on fire. I come out and see the puffs of smoke, and I say I will call 911. He starts running through the house yelling for the kids to wake up and go outside 'The House Is On FIRE!!'. I am trying to put on my robe, and slippers while I am calling 911. This takes less then 60 seconds. We come out to the living room and the wall was on fire. Yes people there actually flames burning, and crawling up the wall above the mantle. Here is a picture of what was burning.

The kids ran outside. Chris and I filled pots, and large bowls up to try and put the firey wall out. We seemed to have it under control. This took maybe 60 to 120 seconds. Chris says 'I'm going out to get the hose'. He runs out the door, and runs back in and says 'The roof is on fire' way...I run out with the large pot of water in my hands....and there it was THE ROOF WAS ON FIRE!! We tried to throw the water up onto the roof, but it was just to high. However, that didn't stop us from trying 3 more times. This is a picture of where the roof was on fire.....
The police show up at that time, and tell us we have to get out of the house. We can't stay here. We have to stop trying......I am in the kitchen, I look around at my house thinking this may be the last time I see these rooms....I have a few seconds what do I take. My most important things are standing outside on the street....what's left?....I see my scrapbook, and say no....I see my laptop, and say no....I see my purse, walk to it, pick it up, and walk out....I have to tell you this is the strangest feeling I have ever had in my whole life, and as I write this I feel it all over again....

We are now all out on the street.....what are we suppose to do, stand back, and watch it burn...yes that's what you do....

The neighbor Nelda took the kids to her house. Another neighbor named Wink came up to see if Chris and I were alright. That's when she realized he had no shoes on, and his socks were wet. She took her slippers off and gave them to him. He said I can't put those on my socks are wet....she insisted he put them on....very nice.....our other neighbor turned a little stove on at his porch where we could warm up and watch the house....

When all was clear they let Chris and I come back in......

The fireman was explaining how the fire went up the wall, and into the attic. I look at the floor and see my netflex return envelopes all around mixed in with the plaster from the ceiling. I say 'I guess my netflex movies are under there somewhere?'....another fireman says 'no mamam I saw them on the floor I picked them up and put them on your kitchen table, I also moved your snowmen over here by the wall'....'But we couldn't get the T.V. down so I'm sure it will still work'...
If you ever wondered how firefighters find their way around your house....don't worry, they will make holes if they have to.....
This is up in the attic where the roof was on fire............
This is outside looking in through the chimney...While we were standing in the living room, the firemen realized that underneath the house where we were standing was on fire. They had to use a chainsaw to cut the floor to get to it....their chainsaw was dull, so Chris gave them his to use....
See how from outside you can see in....

I had a few really crazy thoughts during this whole thing that I want to share with you. As I was throwing the pots of water on the firey wall I thought 'Where is my camera'....just for a second....
What made us think standing on the ground that we could throw water as high as the house?
Lynsey called her Mom and she came with Kelsea. They got together some stuff for the kids, and took them out to Pat's house. The girls have been with their Mom all weekend, and the younger kids have been with Amanda....
Before the kids left with Debi I kissed each one. Bethany wanted to know what burned up in fire, while Noah cried. What does a parent say to their kids at that moment?.....I don't know but here is what I said......Bethany are you alive? she said yes...I said Am I alive? she said yes....I said Are we all safe now? she said yes.....I said we can go buy the other stuff, but we can replace each other.....
Chris, and I wanted to stay at the house. We worked on getting the living room closed off until we can get everyone to come look at it and start working on it.....I'm sure it will be a long process.

We have had alot of phone calls, emails, facebook comments, visits, ect....We could never thank everyone enough for being so supportive....
I will write another post about this later.....I have some other thoughts I need to get in order, but I know everyone wants to see the photos, and read the post....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PTA Christmas Celebration at the School!

We went to the School's Christmas Celebration. All the kids were going to sing a song, and we were going to have a snack.
Emma Mae was really excited....

The 4th graders sang 'Jingle Bell Rock'. Bethany was very excited about being on stage.

(to the left of Bethany is Seth, and to the right is Ashely)

Jonathon wasn't sure of the words, so he read them from the paper. Mr. Lawson said they learned 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' but the teachers changed the song at the last minute. He really told us that over the mic at the end....LOL
(in the front left is Jaycee)

This is were Jonathon really starts to get into the song...LOL

The first graders sang 'Must Be Santa'. This was very good, they had arm movements and everything...LOL

I feel like we are playing 'Where's Jackson?' Do you see him?
There he is!

Now we are playing 'Where's Madi?' do you see her?
Silly she's the cutest reindeer on the stage!!

When I got to Madi's room to pick her up I said 'I'm here to pick up the cutest reindeer.' The teacher said 'Saying the cutest reindeer could be a problem.' I said 'It isn't if it's true.'....LOL
I mean really look at her, it doesn't get any cuter...LOL
We had to get a picture with our favorite Kindergarten teacher, who happens to be Avery's Mom...LOL
When I got to the 1st grade to pick up Noah he was upset that I picked him up last....LOL
This is one upset Santa...
Jackson was glad to see us. He was getting worried that I wasn't going to come and get him.....LOL
These are some happy kids.
We all went to the cafeteria for a snack.
Emma Mae can't wait until she can be in a Christmas program.
Now Santa is happy!
I think they should always have the kids do a presentation. There was a really good turn out. It was the most people I have ever seen at the school.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

PTA Movie Night at the School!

The PTA sponsored Movie Night at the school. It was open to Kindergarten through the 2nd grades. We watched a bunch of Christmas movies, and sold snacks.

As you can see the children were really really excited.

This is Melissa May our PTA leader. She was busy popping popcorn all night. We just could never have enough. Also, on the table beside her was some other things we were selling at the concession stand.

This is Jonathon donating his time, and energy to this wonderful cause....LOL

Kids love the idea of hanging with their friends in the cafeteria, watching movies, being able to sit where they want, and they can also talk to each other....good times.

Noah just had to have these fun glasses.

"Give Me A Kiss"....LOL
All Madi wanted to do is have a snack and sit by Avery.

But this little boy was sitting by Avery....LOL
Noah found another little person that loved the glasses as much as he did.

This cute little one fell asleep at the very beginning, and slept through snacks, and movies....He was so upset when it was time to go...he felt like he missed everything.
Madi thought the glasses were great too!

The three of them just couldn't get enough....LOL

I give this wonderful event 2 thumbs up....LOL

Friday, December 3, 2010

Camera Phone pics.....yes again

Some of these pictures are old, and some are new. I don't think I have ever put any of these on my blog....enjoy!!
I think what ever these little toys are called are for little girls. Not medium sized girls...LOL I asked Bethany why she would stick it in her ear? She told me she didn't Aunt Courtney put it in her ear?.....I don't know? This is a little outfit Bethany threw together one morning.....she is so sassy!
My Dad sent this to me....however, he gave me no information. So, I don't know who it is? or where it was? or if that small boy killed that very large bear?
This is my new wedding band. Chris got it for me while we were on our trip. The old band was to large, and fell off my hand. It is really 5 bands together. You can look at it as 1 band for each of the kids, or 1 band for every 2 years we were to which answer is correct.....well that depends on who I am happiest with at the moment ....LOL
Christopher likes to take pictures of himself with my cell phone to send them to Alex....

Once he has sent the picture she lets him know if it is good enough, or if he needs to send another....LOL
This is Alex..a.k.a. Baby Girl....anything she sends has to be beautiful, or else!! LOL
Harmony sent me this picture of Braxton's art work for Thanksgiving. Can you see me?
M.J. just got this jacket with Lil' Angel on it. Bethany is green over it....LOL
Harmony also sent this to me to brag about only paying $5.00 for it on ebay.....I'm green over it too!
Shelby sent this to Bethany to show her candy stash she got from trick or treating....LOL
Harmony looked out her window one afternoon and saw a wolf wearing flip flops crawling through her yard...she was so scared, and sent me a picture....I was scared for her too!!
Harmony got a double dose of fright when a wondering vampire kitty showed up too!!
Jonathon came to play a while back, and I don't really know how Bethany talked him into wearing this mermaid outfit? He sure does love him some Bethany.
This picture happened so long ago that I don't really remember anything about it (maybe Amanda knows?). All I know is this is Emma Mae, and I love this picture...LOL

If you didn't make it in my camera phone pic post this time, all I can say is maybe next time. Send me a pic, or remind me to take one of you the next time around...LOL

I can't wait to hear some comments....if you know any back stories on any of these, please feel free to make a comment....LOL