Friday, August 27, 2010

School has started...week wrap up...

Well today I don't really have pictures...just stories..and let me just say they are pretty good...LOL

Best story for Noah this week....

I have decided to get up earlier then everyone else, and cook breakfast. May family has really enjoyed this. Anyway, every morning Noah comes out and says...Are we having pancakes today?...I say No we are having eggs....He says okay...he gets alittle more deflated everyday... It's really quite cute..I mean he loves eggs, but only after his love affair with pancakes.
So today I got up and decided to make my youngest son's dreams come true, and made pancakes. He was over excited, but wanted to know if he could have some scrambled eggs with them...LOL of course I said yes, I mean I got a whole bunch from Amanda...So he ate 3 pancakes, and 2 scrambled eggs...He always eats best at breakfast....

Best story for Christopher this week....(I have 2)
First story...
So Christopher comes home after the first day of school, and I ask him...How was school?
He says...Meme it was good, but I don't know about the bus in the afternoon?
(reminder: Christopher hasn't been on a bus since he was really young, and I'm not sure he has ever been on a school bus as a matter of fact?)
I say....what happen?
He says....Well the driver didn't know where I lived. I kept telling her I live at 247 knight road, but she couldn't find it. She just drove around for like an hour, and couldn't find our house. So, she gave me this card for you to fill out so she will know where I live.
I say...Well how did you finally find the house?
He says....Denny took care of it.
(Denny is the next door neighbor)
I must say I was concerned, but I didn't know what to do. So I took the card, and off he went.
The next morning I tell Chris, and he says What? So I have another conversation with Christopher....
I say....Christopher was Denny on the bus the whole time?
He said....yes she was. Meme I kept telling the bus driver where I lived. She just kept going down the wrong roads.
I say...Christopher were people getting off the bus.
He said...yes but I kept telling her that it wasn't my house, or street.
I laugh....I tried not to but couldn't help myself. Chris says what's going on?
I say....Christopher can't understand why when he gets on the bus at the school it doesn't bring him straight home...So, every time the bus driver would stop he would say this isn't my stop, I live at 247 knight road....
Christopher interrupts and says...I was sitting in the back of the bus, so when she would stop I would walk up to the front and let her know this wasn't the right place. Then I would go sit down.
I laughed...I tried not too...
I sat Christopher down and explained to him how the bus works. Then everyone packed up their stuff, and set off for the day. 15 minutes later Christopher turn to me and says I hope the bus driver can find our house this afternoon. I'll give her the address card...Please say a small prayer for Christopher today....LOL

Second story....
Christopher tells me Wednesday night that some girl comes up to his desk and starts talking to him. While she is talking to him, she is asking all these questions, and twirling her hair. Then after she sits down she just kept staring at him.
I ask him...What's her name?
He said...I don't know?
I say....Is she cute?
He said...Yes.
I you want to talk to her again?
He said ....yes.
So, I give him alittle lesson on what to say to her. On Thursday night he comes to me and says...She kissed me...
I say...What happened?
He says...I went over to her and said what you told me too. I said I've been thinking of you since yesterday. Could you please write your name, and number down for me so I can call you this afternoon. And guess what Meme she didn't give me her number, but her name is Rebecca, and she gave me a kiss when we were done talking.
He didn't really say to much else about this, but you know this weekend we will have to have a talk.....LOL

Best story about Kelsea....
She started a new diet this week. You do it 3 days in a row, and they break 1 day, and back on for 3....She has totally stuck with it..Way to go. Also, she had her first Hip Hop, Tap, and Jazz dance class this week. I think she really liked it. Good for her. She didn't really do anything weird...maybe next week...LOL

Best story about Lynsey (I have 2)
The first is about 'the man'...I know you have heard the term before. I mean everyone answers to 'The Man'...Well Lysney comes to me and asks if she can go to the football game Friday night.
I say...yes
She says...What's my curfew?
I say...11:45, but if you are going to be late call, but you don't have much of a window because you can't drive after midnight.
She says..Meme we really wanted to go to midnight bowling at the strike zone. It's over at 1
I say...I'm sorry 'the man' says you can't drive after midnight.
She says...I don't want to listen to 'the man'
I say...listen I don't want to listen to 'the man' either, but we all do. I mean everyday I drive on the causeway, and 'the man' says I can only go 50 but I'd like to go's just life
She says...I hate Obama
I say....When I say 'the man' I'm not always talking about Obama, sometimes its the law, or Daddy, or....whoever we have to answer to, or is in charge....
She says...I hate 'the man'
I say....get used to it...LOL

Second story...
We go to the church to pick up Christopher, and she referred to one of the boys as 'There's my tall, dark, and handsome'....LOL (I can't tell you who she said that about, but I will say this, you would agree with the description) I'm trying to get her to ask him to homecoming...what could it hurt?

Last but not least Bethany.....
I wish I had something really cute and funny, oh I do I do....
So as you know Bethany loves Andy Warhol. Well we made a deal. At night after she reads, I read to her from the Biography on Andy Warhol. She says when I read to her from this book she sees it like a movie in her head. Any way we get to a part where we find out that Andy Warhol is a homosexual...yes folks I said homosexual to my 9 year old. Then it says that it was during a time when it was difficult to be openly gay. That's when she understood what I was saying.
She said....I thought that the word homo whatever was going to be gay.
I said...yes homosexual means that you want to be with someone of the same sex...Guys love Guys, and Girls love Girls.
She said...So Andy Warhol loved boys, and he was a boy.
I said...Yes
She didn't really say to much else, we talked about some other stuff we learned.
Then she said...I wanted him to have kids.
I say...I don't know maybe he adopts later?
Then she went to bed....
At breakfast before everyone comes out she says...Meme I'm alittle upset about what we learned about Andy Warhol.
I said...You mean that he's gay.
She said...yes
I said...Bethany we saw pictures of him dressed as a woman, he said he never wanted to be an artist he wanted to be a tap dancer, he said his idol was Shirley Temple...
She said...I know I just don't know.
I said...Well some people are gay, and we just have to deal with it. Not everyone lives their life how we want them to, but that doesn't mean we can't love them, and appreciate their work.
She said...okay
I said...I don't want the fact that Andy Warhol is gay to change how much you love his work, and how much you enjoy knowing about him, and learning about him.
She said...okay
I said...We all make choices how to live our lives, and he choose to live his life differently then we do, but I still like to learn about his life, and his art, and I love to read his quotes. I think he was fantastic.
She too.
I will have to have another talk with her about this over the weekend. Do you have any words of wisdom I can pass to Bethany?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zac Brown Band - "Whatever It Is"

Zac Brown Band - "Whatever It Is": "The Foundation"

I just really love this song. I am falling in love with this band. You really should check it out.

Now let me tell you why I love this song. I would love for my husband to learn this song and sing it to me...LOL
Read the lyrics and you'll want your husband to sing it to you too....

Fun fact about this song: This song was written 10 years ago in the year 2000...which I would like to remind everyone that's when Chris and I met....So as you can see this song was written about us of course...LOL

She's got eyes that cut you like a knife and
her lips that taste like sweet red wine
and her pretty legs go to heaven every time
She got a gentle way that puts me at ease
When she walks in the room I can hardly breathe
Got a devastating smile knock a grown man to his knees

She's got whatever it is
It blows me away
She's everything I want to say to a woman
but couldn't find the words to say
She's got whatever it is
I don't know what to do
And every time I try and tell her how I feel
it comes out 'I Love You'
You got whatever it is

You know I've never been the type that would ever want to stay
Bring'em home at night and they're gone the next day
But that all changed when she walked into my life
And people ask me what it is
I tell them I don't know
There's just something about the woman makes my heart go haywire
And she's gonna be my wife

She's got whatever it is
It blows me away
She's everything I want to say to a woman
but couldn't find the words to say
She's got whatever it is
I don't know what to do
And every time I try and tell her how I feel
it comes out 'I Love You'
You got whatever it is

Now when you love me
Girl that's how I fell
When you love me I'm on top of the world
When you love me I can live forever
When you love me I am untouchable

You got whatever it is
It blows me away
Your everything I want to say to a woman
But couldn't find the words to say
You got whatever it is
I don't know what to do
Every time I try and tell her how I feel
it comes out 'I Love You'
I do
You got whatever it is....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Say hello to my little friend...

I woke up this morning and decided to get in gear. I went into the laundry room and was taking stuff out of the dryer, when something caught my eye. This little guy was standing in the middle of the dryer, and I was eye level with him. He was standing on his hind legs waving his front legs in the air at me, opening and closing his mouth.
I jumped back and started screaming. Which made him fall onto all fours, and scoot backwards to this position in the picture.
I called the kids in to see, and took this picture, and then shut the door.
When Chris got home are little friend was gone. We set a trap for him, but he didn't fall for it.
Chris said he has rabies. I think Chris is crazy. If this little thing has rabies he would have been jumping at me.
However, what does scare me is that this thing is a baby possum, and where ever there is a baby there is a the Mama will make me have a stroke...LOL

I will use this as my excuse to not do laundry today, but tomorrow possum or no possum I have to go into the laundry room.
I'm really afraid that I will be going through the laundry, and there the little one will be, or the big one for that matter....I'll keep you posted...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunshine Cutie Birthday Party!!

Bethany had a Sunshine Cutie Harajuku Birthday Party today!
Happy 9th Birthday baby girl!
Can you tell how much she is loving this birthday party...

I got these little cardboard displays off ebay. They were a huge hit. I want to put them up for the next party.
We had walking tacos for lunch, and a great cake from Holloways. We also swam, and sang karaoke inside. Tons of fun!! The rain stayed away until later. Bethany said that it didn't rain because she had a private conversation with Mother Nature...LOL

Lucas, Jeffery, and Jonathon

Shelby, and Bethany

Noah, and Kelsea

My cousin Stacey is in the Navy, and she is stationed down in Jacksonville. So, they came up for the party. It was really nice to see her, and I look forward to spending more time with her and her family. This is her and her daughter Ellie.

The birthday girl Bethany...

The cutest Sunshine Cutie cake ever..

Group Picture regular
Group picture peace style
On to the presents...she really got some really great gifts this year.
Baby ZuZu

Beannie hats from Victoria, made by her Mom Lenee. If you are interested she can make them any style and any color.

This came from Aunt Amanda and her crew....Bethany is in love with this Monster High doll....I know she wants to go see the rest...just great a new something for her to obsess over...LOL
Crazy these
Thanks Aunt Amanda now she thinks she needs a cupcake to be calm...LOL
A keychain that looks like a Harajuku..She really loved this...Thanks Jonathon...
A rockstar Zuzu pet...
Her friend Jayce got her this cute peace bag...
Lucas got her this great $10.00 bill ring. He is such a rockstar...LOL

Aunt Harmony sent a package, and it arrived this morning just in time. It had cheer socks, which now she thinks she needs to be a cheerleader...LOL It also had a Dreamie sheet set. Which is silkie sheets...I know she will love them.
This is Cousin Stacey's other daughter Aspen. She is a nice girl. I look forward to getting to know more about her.
Madi loves the pool.
Bethany, and Ashely.

Jackson, Hannah, Jayce, and Jonathon

Bethany, and Victoria...I was so glad Victoria could come. She has been coming to Bethany's birthday parties since Bethany was 2 I think...How sweet. They have known each other for 7 years....

Jeffery, Katlyn, Bethany, and Christopher

Katlyn and Bethany

Bethany and Shelby

Bethany, and Kelsea

The little Neighbor girl Cricket
Jackson, Bethany, Christopher, Madi, and Tiffany

Bethany, and Emily
Now on to the Karaoke....

Jeffery thought he was a rockstar

Leah dropped by and sang. I missed her songs because I was a little busy, but I'm sure she rocked it. Doesn't she look great!!

Kelsea, and Ashley

Amanda, and Andrew

Madi loved to sing, but Amanda really wanted to sing this Taylor Swift song....LOL

So Madi got the mic, and Amanda sang as loud as she could...I loved it..

Bethany, and Ashely singing

Katlyn, and Ashely singing
All in all I think it was a great party. Bethany had a really good time with all her little friends. We really should have fun like that more often..Although I did fall asleep sitting straight up in the chair at 7:30pm that night...LOL I was just so tired I couldn't stand myself....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Does this look like someone who is really excited about the new school year? Actually I told her she looks like her idol Andy Warhol...LOL
On with the regularly scheduled program....

First ready this morning was Lynsey Kirkland...Yes can you believe it the Senior was ready first. She picked this outfit out herself. She spent a good deal of her back to school money on this one outfit, and bargain shopped for the rest. I love this outfit. The color is great, and Leah did her hair last night. I think it looks Lynsey would say 'Holler at a girl when she looks good'....
I don't think that key really goes to anything....
She got this back pack at K K's....

Next up and ready was Kelsea Kirkland. One of the newest editions to BHS. She hates to be referred to as Fresh we will just call her the Freshmen....LOL. She picked out the top half of the outfit from Rue 21, and got the pants from I don't know where? I think she looks super great, and super sassy....She was nervous this morning, but uber excited...

Love love love the necklace.....
She got her back pack from K K's as well....I think the reason that they have their names put on them is so that while they are at school everyone will know who they are? Or maybe they need reminding of who they are?....Just Kidding....However, at a certain age you don't want your name on stuff, then all of a sudden you want it again? Sometimes I can't kept up....LOL
They were going to Seminary this morning. They called me after it was over, and said they loved it and it was fun. They also said they might like to do it again. I hope they choose yes... Look how happy and close they look together here in this picture.. They were getting along so well last night and this morning. They even slept together last night, by choice....I love that...How long do you think the nicey nice will last? Boys are crazy, I mean you would think they would have to beating them back with a big stick wouldn't you?

After the big girls were done the younger ones got up, and they were ready to go go go.....
Noah got his mow hawk trimmed to a fohawk last night. I love his new hair. Of course we had to have an orange outfit for the first day. (it's Noah's favorite color)
He tried to have a sweet innocent face for this next picture, but the eyes give him away...He wanted a big boy book bag this year..
He really is excited about having Mrs. Chapman this year. He says she is really nice, and that she gives good treats...LOL
Okay this is fashionista Bethany...she is totally ready for the 4th grade this year. She told me it's going to be a very hard, but great year. She said she was going to really try to do better at school this year....She choose this shirt because for one it says how great she is, and also because Jayce is going to wear the same one today...LOL Leah did her hair last night, yes I know she is 9, yes it is alot old for her, no it wasn't on purpose, yes I think it looks good, yes we will do something different when the roots come in....Now that those answers are out there, if you have any other questions let me know....LOL
I think she is beautiful.....she really looks like the sun....I think in her heart this turned out exactly the way she wanted it....LOL I mean doesn't everyone want to look like a sunshine cutie?
She got this book bag for her birthday. It is a Harajuku Lovers book bag. She was thrilled.
Christopher get to go to middle school this year. Today he is officially a 6th grader. He is so looking forward to being a teenager, but will settle with the title of pre-teen for now. He was really excited about fitting into aeropostale, and american eagle clothes this year. I didn't get him alot of that stuff, but I did find some really good deals in those stores. To good to pass up...
Leah cut his hair last night. He is not a fan of spikey, but this morning he told me the look really suits him....I love him....
He picked out this book bag from Element. You can hook a skateboard on the front. That's the part he loves the best, but I informed his he will not be taking a skateboard to school ever. He said he knows he just likes the options...LOL
There is some major love between these to boys...I'm so glad that they have each other....
I got up and made yummy eggs/sausage/cheese biscuits for breakfast. I really need to do breakfast for them in the mornings, they do love to eat before school....Maybe I will commit to it...LOL
I think it's going to be 1 great year this year....