Friday, October 8, 2010

We love the Fair!

Jackson & Madi on this dragon roller coaster. It was alittle jaring, but they loved it!

Emma Mae was alittle confused as to which side to climb up...
When Courtney was trying to help her this is the look we got....LOL

Madi & Bailey
Noah going around really fast...and look how excited Ethan, and Emma Mae are riding this.

I love this lemonade shake up drink they have at the Fair. No really. I'm thinking about going back to the fair just for this drink....LOL Maybe I can stand outside and someone alreadying paying to go in, will go in and bring me one out? Then again most likely not.
Amanda was waiting in line for the YO-YO ride. (the swings) Anyway, I asked her if she was enjoying herslef? She said yes, of course.
Now I ask you, does this look like someone enjoying the Fair?

If you weren't sure she is the one in the green jacket, with her hoodie up, and her arms pulled up in the sleeves. I guess she does have a giant smile on her face...LOL

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