Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Can't forget the last minute sparkles.
Bethany a.k.a. Frankie Stein, and Jacyee a.k.a. Penguin

Ethan, Christopher, Noah, Jackson, Jonathon, Cooper
Fireman, Scream, Mummy, King Linus, Spartan, Ninja

Back row: MacKenzie, Emma Mae, Bethany, Jacyee
Fairy, Witch,Frankie Stein, Penguin
Front Row: Klark, Bailey, Madi, Kennedy
Princess, Candy Corn Witch, Belle, Bumble Bee
We love the 80's
I played the 80's music while we walked after the kids. We had such a good time, singing, dancing.....I think we had more fun then the kids....Yes, people wanted to be us, or maybe they just wish they were in our group....LOL

Amanda is totally awesome...totally!

Material Girl by Madonna comes on I look over to my left, and just see
Connie's head just a bobbin to the music....she is so rad!

A mummy, and a Mommy....LOL

My annual picture with Madi....LOL

The mummy fell asleep on the hay ride...LOL

But when he woke up he started taking pictures of himself in the van...LOL

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Amanda said...

That shirt is only about 2 sizes to small. Awesome!! Love all of the rest of them. Great times.