Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Puppy!!

Isn't he the cutest thing ever? I always wanted a tiny moppy dog. My Mom's Peke-A-Poo Lucy had puppies with Harmony's Shih Tzu Remmi. He is so cute. I can bring him home with me in July. Now what does one call a cute little male dog? Even though he is male I'm totally dressing him with frilly bows, and costumes....LOL I need a name that can be a girl or a boy....LOL

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dance Into Summer Recital 2010

Recital on Jekyll Island was so nice this year. Madi, and Emma Mae went with me early to get ready. So much fun. They watched me do Bethany's hair and make-up on the edge of their seats. They couldn't wait until it was there turn. They just kept asking me if they were going to get sparkles to....LOL

Madi took this picture of me.

Emma Mae being sweet.

Madi wasn't feeling good, but she totally hung in there.

Noah had a really hard time with all the attention that the girls got during the hair and make-up session...So I spiked his hair. Even though he doesn't like his hair spiked...LOL

Madi took alittle nap before the show started.

This is what Bethany wore for her Beethoven Ballet number.

Bethany, & M.E.

You can tell that he was already pushing the spiky hair down.

This is Amy. She is such a good dancer. I really love this costume.

Bethany's friend Jayce came to watch her dance.

Bethany's friend Victoria came to watch Bethany dance.

Bethany wanted to give Stephanie Peeples flowers at the end of the Sr. tribute in the worst way.

Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Krissi let her give Stephanie flowers.

Ashely Boggs came to watch the recital.

Daddy really enjoyed recital this year.

Lynsey has been with the dance studio 3 years.

Bethany has been with the studio for 6 years. This is not a mistake. Bethany took dance 3 years before Lynsey started.

This is Lynsey in her Beat It tap costume. Daddy gave her flowers.

Since the girls were getting trophies this year we bought Noah one too. Daddy bought Noah some candy, and a balloon.
Daddy got Bethany some flowers. This is her Hit The Road Jack tap costume

All in all it was a really good dance recital. It did go about 2 hours over, but what are you going to do. We all went and ate dinner at Spanky's marsh side afterwards. I got up and sang karaoke 'I Will Survive'...a bunch of families from dance were there, and it was so fun. It makes me want to have a party at my house with the pool, and karaoke. Maybe at the end of summer. Right now I need a break!! I will have to make another post about dance after I get their pictures back this year. Oh that will be fun. There was a couple of things I wish I could rewind and do:
I wish I would have took a picture of Josh, Emma Mae, and Madi together.
I wish I would have taken a picture of McKenzie at some point.
I wish I would have taken pictures of some of the other who came like Grandparents, and Connie, Cooper, and Bailey.
I wish I would have taken an up close picture of Madi with my cell phone.
Maybe I will learn from these mistakes, but I seriously doubt it....LOL

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dance Into Summer 2010

Dance Into Summer 2010

This weekend is the Jessica Dominey School of Dance Recital. It is going to be AWESOME. This is Lynsey's 3rd year of dance, Bethany's 6th year of dance, Noah's 1st year of dance, Madi's 2nd year of dance, Emma Mae's 1st year of dance, and Mackenzie's 1st year of dance. We are one big happy dancing family. If you would like to come and check check check it out we will be on Jekyll Island Convention Center on Saturday May 22, 2010. It starts at 4:30 p.m. Don't be late because Bethany is in the first dance called 'Dolls' (lyrical)

Isn't this shirt so funny. This is Noah's costume for 'Cuban Pete'. You know he's the king of the conga beat....LOL

Lynsye's Dances
'Roomies' Duet with Erica Gantt (What Is This Feeling from Wicked musical)
'Let Go' (lyrical)
'Don't Tell Mama' (jazz)
Cha Cha Heels (production0
Can't remember the name of the ballet
'Beat It' (Tap)
'Let's Dance' Duet with Bethany Kirkland (jazz)
'Boom Boom Pow' (hip hop)
'Blue Jeans' (adult tap)

Bethany' Dances
'My New Philosophy' Solo (musical theatre)
'Dolls' Lyrical (When Somebody Loved Me)
'Hit The Road Jack' Tap
'Funky Diva Babes' Jazz
'Aye Carumba' Production
'Let's Dance' Duet with Lynsey Kirkland (jazz)
'Boom Boom Pow' (hip hop)
'Beethoven' Ballet

Noah's Dances
'Cuban Pete' class dance with Madi Kirkland
'Boy From NYC' Tap
'Under the Sea' Class Ballet with Madi Kirkland
'Swingin' 60's' Jazz
'Rainbow Connection' Ballet

Madi's Dances
'Cuban Pete' class dance with Noah Kirkland
'Under the Sea' Class Ballet with Noah Kirkland

Emma Mae & Mackenzie's Dances
'Me & My Teddy Bear' Baby Ballet
'Poodles' Baby Jazz

Can you tell I'm just alittle excited. This is the most excited I think I have ever been for recital. I promise to take lots of pictures, and have a really good post when it's all over.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Cabbage

There was alot of cabbage in the garden awhile back, and I made up my own sweet cabbage recipe. I made it again the other night since one of the kids requested it. Can you believe it one of the kids requested cabbage for dinner. YUMMY! I don't have the ham broth so I'm going to sub it with some other kind of broth...It was fine, but I need to remember if I don't have the honey glazed ham broth I need to had alittle more sugar, but all in all it was YUMMY!

1 red onion sliced

garlic (I use the already chopped in the fridge kind)

1 stick of butter

Honey glazed ham broth 3 large ladles (Chris had made a honey glazed ham that day)

1 large head of cabbage cored, and chopped into bite sized pieces

1 tablespoon of salt

2 tablespoons of sugar

In my large pressure cooker I melted the butter. I sauted the garlic, and onions. Then I put all the cabbage in the cooker. It filled the cooker. Then I put in the 3 ladles of Honey glazed ham broth, salt, and sugar. Then I stirred it all up really good. Then I put the pressure cooker lid on and brought it to full pressure, and cooked it for about 5 minutes.

I made this note to myself the last time I cooked it...LOL But last time I had a HUGE cabbage from the garden instead of a tiny cabbage from the store...LOL
Notes to self: We loved this stuff. We ate it for two nights. We could have used just alittle more the second night. Not to worry, I saved the broth, and I am going to cook another head of cabbage this way. I could have used any kind of broth, and I could have used less liquid at that. I'm still playing around with this. All I know is that it was sweet cabbage, and everyone ate it. In the end that's all that matters.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Bethany over sensitive?

I don't really have a picture to go with these two little stories about Bethany because they are just random thoughts. BUT I really liked these two pictures I've taken with my cell phone. My friend Lenee made these cute little hats for Bethany. She loves them. She asked me to go to the yarn store and let her buy more yarn to match all of her clothes....What I like about these hats is that her hair is out of her face. I may have to take her to that yarn store...LOL I think Lenee should sell these cute little hats...LOL

1.) On the night of prom Chris and I took Lynsey and her friend to dinner. I was finished getting ready, and decided to check in on what each of the kids were doing before we left. Noah was watching T.V. in the living room, Christopher was playing on the PS2 in his room, and Bethany was in her room with the door closed. So, I opened the door and Bethany was sitting on the floor with her barbies all spread out. When I looked at her she wiped her eyes really quick. I said 'Bethany what are you doing?' She said 'Playing with my barbies.' She looked so sad. I said 'What's a matter?'. She said 'Well this barbie (the one in her hand) just met these two barbies (they were each in their own cars) and they became friends. Then on the way home these two barbies were in a really bad car accident and this barbie is really sad because they were such good friends.' I said 'Oh Bethany that does sound really sad, but remember it's only pretend.' She said 'I know.' Then I smiled and shut the door.

2.) I rented the movie 'The Blind Side' I didn't ask anyone to watch it I just put it on and they all sort of just joined me. It was a really great movie, and it felt really great to know that we could all watch something and think it was really great and it wasn't really a kid movie, or a cartoon. Anyway, the next night Bethany comes to me and says 'Are you going to watch a movie tonight?' I said 'Yes' She said 'I hope it's not that movie the blind side that we watched last night'. I asked 'Why? Didn't you like it?' She said 'I've been thinking about that movie all day, I can't get it out of my head........(pause a few seconds) then she looks at me and says 'It really effected me.'

Sunday, May 16, 2010

BHS prom 2010

Prom was May 15, 2010 at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Lynsey was very excited about Prom this year. She didn't have a date, and neither did her friend Kelsea so they went together, and had a blast. Here are a bunch of pictures.

Her Dress is so sparkly.

Kelsea, and Lynsey on our swing.

Kelsea, Lynsey, and Debi

Kelsea, and Lynsey

The back of Lynsey's head.

Bethany, and Lynsey

Lynsey, and Noah

Lynsey, and Christopher

Noah, Bethany, Lynsey, and Christopher

Chris went and got Lynsey a corsage.

We took Lynsey and her friend Kelsea out to dinner before prom. We ate at the Coastal Kitchen at the marina on St. Simons Island. It was really nice. People kept stopping at our table to tell the girls how pretty they were.

After dinner we walked outside for some pictures. It was a really nice location.

This is picture of the view. Awesome!!

I'm glad she had a really good time!