Monday, February 7, 2011


We went to the Showstoppers Dance Competition this past weekend. 3 days of dance, dance, dance. We didn't stay in a hotel we just drove to Jacksonville everyday. Wow that is alot of being on the road, but the girls had a great time.
Friday night was Bethany's new solo. It is in the category Musical Theatre. It is called 'Little Known Facts' from the show 'You're A Good Man Charlie Brown'. She is playing Lucy VanPelt. This is a good picture of her in her new costume. All those little dots on the dress are 'rhinestones' that I added. So very cute. My really good, talented friend Lenee made this awesome bow, and I of course added rhinestones to it as well.....

Bethany wanted to SPARKLE....

We invited Bethany's friend Shelby along for the weekend to cheer Bethany on....

This is Tina Whaley, and Mia.....Tina's daughters Hootie, and Cheyanne go to the studio with the girls. Hootie, and Bethany are in the same dance class.....enough about them...I must tell you about my new little friend Mia who sat beside me for just about 2 days. She is the cutest little thing ever, and she was a big help rescuing me from bags of Cheetos...LOL

This was Sunday morning, all the girls were trying to get ready under the stairs. This is Katie, and Rachel.

Shelby, and Bethany. Bethany wanted to wear every pin, and metal she ever won....LOL

Ms.Krissi, and Cheyanne

Me having a ton of fun.....I know my hair is now dark, and I look pasty white..

It can be alot boring at times waiting for the girls to go on. I mean I love to watch the other dancers, and I do watch alot, but sometimes you just need a BREAK.....Here is Royal (Krissi's husband, and prop guy) playing around with Hootie..

Cheyanne getting her make-up done by her mom, Tina.

Hootie showing how flexible she is.

My new littlest friend Mia being cute as a button.
Royal, and one of the dance Dad's playing around....LOL

This is Lynsey right before she went on stage with her new solo 'Cinema Italiano' from the Musical 'Nine'. Yes we are a musical loving family....LOL
This is the only picture with awards I took the whole weekend....Lynsey was in the Advanced Division, Musical Theatre Category, and won Gold with 5th overall. There were 16 kids in the overalls for this division....coming in 5th is pretty darn good.

Bethany's solo was in the Competitive Division, Musical Theatre Category, and she won a Platinum award.
Lynsey and Bethany's tap duet was in the Competitive Division, Musical Theatre Category, and they won a Gold (It was 'I Can Do That' from the show Chorus Line)
Lynsey was in 2 group dances.
'Diamonds' was in the Competitive Division, Lyrical Small Group, and it won Double Platinum with a 4th overall.
'Strongest Suit' was in the Competitive Division, Musical Theatre Large Group, and it won Platinum with a 2nd overall.
I wish I would've taken more pictures. (don't I always)

We had a good time. We saw some schools from Miami, and Panama City, and they were AWESOME.....we also saw Studio 1014, it was there hometown, and they were all there in full force, they have some wonderful dancers, they are beautiful to watch.

As far as the two days are concerned I had the best time sitting with Tina Whaley, and Gayle Mosely. They are a bunch of very fun girls. I laughed, and laughed. I also liked that they think my off beat humor is funny....I will be sitting with them alot next time too!! If you want to sit with us let us know and we will take a vote to see if you are IN or OUT....LOL
Note to self: I had some of the best Egg Drop Soup and Seared Tuna from PF Chang's this weekend. I can't wait to go eat a whole meal there. You should try it if you ever get the chance.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recently Random Camera Phone Pictures....

I have really been so busy since last month. The last post I did was the fire, and since then we have had Christmas, and New Years. It seems like we just can't get this crazy life under control. However, I have still been getting picture texts, and so I thought I would share the best of what I got this month.

This is from Amanda. It is a picture of Jonathon's AR lunch at school. He was allowed to invite 2 friends. So, he invited Ashely Boggs (his lady friend), and Bethany Kirkland (his cousin). They totally enjoyed being served by the teachers, and filmed...LOL He had to get 125 AR points to have such a lunch. For anyone who knows anything about AR points you know that is alot of reading, and alot of test taking...
This is from Chris. Our supplies for the new fireplace has arrived. This calls for a happy dance...LOL

This is from Amanda. This is Noah with his other family, having some really good times.
This is from Jonathon. He sent me a picture of the new calf.

This is from Harmony. It is Remmie with his Christmas mowhawk...
This is from Harmony. This is what Braxton is Thankful this year. I have to agree. Don't you?

This is from Chris. Christopher was on a Scout trip, and got hit in the head. He had to spend the night in the hospital. It was pretty bad. Then when the black eye set in it was really nice looking. Now it is yellow and black. Poor Christopher...

This is from Lynsey. This is Lynsey, and Bethany's new duet costumes. They are tapping to 'I Can Do That' from Chorus Line...

This is from me. I wanted you to see we moved the doorway into the middle of the bay window. Farrell thought this was a mistake, but it turned out really good. He just couldn't see it when I was describing it. He likes it now...

This is from Harmony. For Brandon's 15th birthday they all went on a ski trip together.

This is from Jonathon. The is learning to take pictures with his ipod touch, and play with the features....he used baby David as his test subject...LOL

This is from Amanda. This is a picture of baby David sleeping with his new big brother Jackson. AWESOME!!
This is from Lenee. She made this great looking bow for Lynsey's production 'Strongest Suit'

I think this is from Jonathon? This is Bethany showing off her new Christmas hat, and Emma Mae being as cute as ever...
I hope you have enjoyed the ramdoness of all the pictures.....