Monday, September 27, 2010

Pack Meeting 224

Noah, and Jackson had their first pack meeting for 224 tonight. They were really excited. They got up with their pack, and Ms. Kim introduced them all to the rest of the Dens.
Of course I don't have 1 picture of both boys looking at me, but I have 2 cute pictures of them each looking at me.
Jackson looks so happy in this picture. Noah on the other hand is to worried if he is going to get to talk into that microphone.
Noah looks so happy to be there. While Jackson trys to get the microphone. Ms. Kim didn't let any of the boys talk into the microphone. Sorry guys not this time, maybe next time.
I enjoyed the pack meeting. They did a cake raffle. We bought a ticket, and we didn't win. I was fine with it. I guess if you win not only do you win the cake, you win the chance to donate the cake the next month. Like I said I was fine with it. However, Noah was not so fine with it.
To make matters worse I tore the ticket in half after they gave the 2 cakes out. Then they drew for other prizes. Noah was really upset when he saw I tore the ticket in half. Then he was even more upset when we didn't win any other prizes either.
So take a good time with your Tiger Cub, mix it up with not winning, and what do you get....a crying Tiger Cub. What's a Mom to do?
Well I'll tell you what this Mom did. I looked in my Tiger Cub book and what did I see? An elective to visit a bakery. So, I say to Noah. 'How would you like to visit a bakery, and buy a cake?' He said while wiping his tears 'Yes'. So, we left the pack meeting and went to the bakery at the Winn Dixie. We talked with the Bakery employee, drooled over all the yummy cakes, and Noah picked out a double layer, chocolate fudge cake. Then Mommy signed off on the elective.

Was it the right thing to do? You will most likely say no.
Do I care? Nope
P.S. Well maybe I care more about what you think then I let on. Leave me a comment about my parenting, or leave me a comment about a similar situation you had as a kid, or with your kid, or just leave me a comment. I am very comment less....Are you listening? Is anybody out there?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hawaiian Luau

The Golden Isles Swim Team had a Hawaiian Luau on September 25, 2010. They are raising funds to be able to buy the equiptment to heat the pool for the winter. It was a really nice event. They had a silent auction, and they raffled some stuff off. More about that later. I want to show some pictures of us sitting around getting ready to eat.

Me & Chris. This is me in my new shirt. I felt much more sassier then I look in this picture...LOL

Amanda & Josh. I really like this picture of them. Her make-up always looks so good. Farrell & Courtney. Her little blue dress was very cute. Chrissy & her husband. I never really talked to Chrissy all that much. The first time she called me by name at the Christmas party it set me back. I don't ever remember meeting her, but she works for Josh so, she must have either met me, or Josh/Amanda have spoken of me. I'm sure they had nothing but really wonderful and great things to say about me....LOL Anyway, I really enjoyed their company. Mac & his wife were there as well, but I didn't get the chance to take their picture....I never really talked with them before tonight, and I must say they are very enjoyable people.

So, what do they serve at a Hawaiian Luau? Roasted pig of course....

See the bullet hole in his head?
See the roasted apple? Do you see the tounge hanging out?
Although it looked gross, it was really awesome. I meant it was super yummy. I wish I would have had a to go plate...LOL
We totally should do this for some holiday function or something....LOL
Now for the raffle tickets, and auction. I was outbid on everything I bid on in the silent auction. Which was okay. So, I bought a raffle ticket for the football tickets to the UGA vs. Auburn game on November 13th. You see Chris and I are going away that weekend for our 10 year anniversary. We haven't made any plans and we thought we were destined to win the tickets. How cool would it be to maybe spend a couple of days somewhere, and then on Saturday head over to Auburn for the game, and hang out with Jeff & Lisa....
Well only two tickets were sold to win the tickets. So, we were on the right track....Right?
Well we didn't win. DANG IT!! I guess we weren't meant to go....that is unless Jeff reads this and you know wants to hook us up.....LOL

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Today is the big Election at the elementary school. Bethany is running for student council treasurer. We made posters with some cute pictures that said Vote for Bethany. This is the picture I wanted to use for the poster. But it was shot down buy Bethany.....LOL

This is the picture she picked for the posters. She wanted to appear relaxed by the pool....She just doesn't understand the whole campaign trial...LOL

My second choice was this next photo....but she said no to this one too....

What do you think?
Maybe we should have taken one with her kissing a baby, or holding up a bunch of money, or petting a puppy?.....I said these ideas, and all I got in return was a giggle, and a no...she just doesn't get it...LOL

Friday, September 17, 2010

6th Grade Dance

Christopher's 6th grade after school dance was today. He couldn't wait. It was in the Jane Macon Cafeteria.
These are his friends that he was hanging out with.

This little girl has a great big crush on our Christopher.... Her name is Alex.

This is Dante, Christopher, and a boy I'm not sure of his name. Dante came home with us after the dance and spent the weekend. I'm so happy Christopher has a group of friends.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tiger Cub

Noah started Tiger Cubs tonight. He was so excited to finally be able to be a 'Boy Scout' was the cutest thing I ever saw.

This is Noah giving me his scout salute. To bad he did it with the wrong hand...LOL Look at his fingers on his other hand, just in case he had to hurry up and change hands...LOL...that's right he already understands the BSA motto 'Be prepared'...LOLThis is Chris in his uniform B helping Noah with his new uniform A. I love the way Noah is looking at Chris in this photo. This will go down as one of my favorite photos of all time. I wish I could bottle that look....
Chris was really excited, and thrilled to go to Tiger Cubs.
We are so excited for Christopher as well. He is a full fledged 'Boy Scout' now. He will be able to go on camp outs, and everything else the BSA Troop 224 does.
I am finally getting into this whole Boy Scout thing. It will be really good for both the boys, oh and let's not forget Chris. This will be really good for Chris too.
P.S. This will be really good for me as well. I finally have something to talk to the boys about that is boyish, or more manly or whatever....LOL

Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome Back Dance Party....

Tonight was the Back to School Dance Party at Glyndale Elementary. Chris, and I were the D.J.'s for this wonderful event. There are so many people that play such a huge roll in getting this thing done. However, I only have direct contact with Amanda, and she is fabulous at organizing this chaos.....LOL

I gave this some serious thought as to who could start the karaoke off this time? It wasn't hard to pick since Bethany really wanted to sing really bad....LOL She sang 'You Belong To Me' by Taylor Swift. She was awesome...LOL Lynsey crimped her hair for her before the dance, and she picked out her outfit herself....such style and sass in one little girl.
This is Bethany's biggest fan, next to me of course....LOL

Jonathon got up and sang Toby Keith 'I Wanna Talk About Me'. I love that he is comfortable getting up in front of everybody, and rockin' the school.

This is Hannah, and Jayce. They thought they were not going to get to sing, but they did at the last minute. These girls sang one of my favorite songs of all time 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'.
Bethany, and Ashely.
Jeffery, Jonathon, Bethany, Mary Ann, and Ashely. They all got their groove on at the dance.
This is Jayce's parents. April, and Jason Rowe. They always work the food booth. Her day job is at the court house, and his day job is a Police officer. So I will also think of them as our lead security people. You know how 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders can be....LOL
I was kidding about needing a cop on site, but come to think of it look at this mess. They were not allowed to be on the stage unless they were singing, and only two people could sing at a time. Then on the last song of the night 'I Gotta a Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas they just sort of stormed the stage....LOL They were out of control for a minute before I saw what was happening and chased them away....LOL
This is Bethany, and Shelby.
It was a good dance, and a good turn out. I totally prefer having the dance to having to sell cookie dough, or wrapping paper, or magazines, or anything else that is really crap marked up...LOL

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style

Well as you know Bethany as a great love for anything Harajuku. Remember this post? Or this one? I have more, but I think you get the idea....I just found out today that tomorrow Gwen Stefani will be in NYC showing off the new line of perfume bottles. I know as soon as Bethany sees these she will want one, and as soon as she finds out about NYC she will ask why we can't live there....LOL

Just in case you are wondering, they will all have a new look, and a new scent. Dang you Gwen are a smart smart women...LOL

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Such a pretty girl

Bethany performed for the people at 104.1 the wave...for a chance to perform at 'The Gong Show' at the fair in October....She was all ready to go when we got there. Isn't she pretty?

She was so excited about being there, she was ready to explode. Don't you just love this face? She calls it her camel tooth face...LOL
After we got home she took a know picture day is tomorrow....
What am I suppose to do with this mess???
Sidenote: After Bethany got done performing Joe Willie said 'Wow we are going to have some major talent'...then as we were leaving a lady came up to Bethany and said 'You should take my acting class in like 10 years'...I had a hard time getting her big fat head in the door of the car...LOL