Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Sister, My friend.

Where does Harmony's name come from? Elton John 'Harmony'(yellow brick road album)

When I was a kid I really thought Elton John was talking about me and Harmony. (like I was singing the song)I mean he did 'echo' hello hello, and me and Harmony were pretty good company, and Harmony gee I really love ya and I'm gonna love ya forever. (see my point)

Well as you know my Sister Harmony and I had a horrible fight last month while I was visiting in Pennsylvania. We spoke on Thanksgiving, and got into even a bigger fight over the phone.

For those of you who really truly know me I know this comes as a shock. I mean I have been telling people for years not to fight with their siblings or family. It's just not worth it. I always used my sister and I's relationship as the example. I know the people closest to me felt like 'shut up you and your sister's relationship is different' I heard that so much that I started to take a closer look at other women with their sisters. Yep we had a truly wonderful, exceptional relationship.

We have always been very close in age. I was born in July 1975, and she was born in January 1977. That is only 18 months apart. (Yes my parents were very busy. My brother came in Feb. 1979. That was only 25 months later.)
Being very close in age was not what made us so close. I mean I was the older sister, and everything I got to do she got to do. Anything that I had to wait to do like shave, date, ect. She got to do right after I did. That was a pain. Also, we shared a room the entire time we lived at home. I was always heavy, and she was always thin and beautiful. I hated that. When we would fight she would call me fat, and I would tell her that she didn't have any friends. We would always make up right away, and it would be like nothing ever happened.
As adults we always lived really close. We even lived together for awhile. Then I went to Georgia, and she and her husband worked things out. We have remained close. We talked everyday twice a day. She was my sister, and my best friend. I was very lucky.

As adults I only ever remember 2 big fights:
1- (1998) Was over seeing her at Easter. It was really a bad fight between us. Then my brother died and we just let it go. We both felt bad for fighting. Life is two short.
2- (2002) Was about the kids while we were camping. We said some really rotten things to each other that I will not repeat. But the next morning we said our I'm sorries let's never do that again and everything was fine.

Since then we have always been on the same side right wrong or indifferent. There has only been three women that I would 'hold hands into the sunset with no matter what' and my sister Harmony was the first.

Now it is 2008 and we are in our 3rd fight but it is the biggest fight of our life. Are we older and more stubborn? No I don't think thats what it is. You see during the other times we were thrown back together, just like when we were kids. You know right after the fight within a couple of days it was like hello here we are together so we need to make up. But this time is different because we are separated. I don't think anything worse happened here than happened before, I just think we are not together. If I lived there and our lives were intertwined then we would have made up by now. But that is not the case, and here we are.

My life just hasn't been the same since I left Pennsylvania this last time.
I am going to leave you with a wonderful Elton John Song 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word'

Harmony I love you, I miss you, and I am really sorry.

Gifts, Gifts, Memories, and Gifts!

Christmas is here. I love and hate this time of year. I love to watch my family get all excited. I love the hussle and bussle of the season. Most of all I love the wonderful gift that Heavenly Father gave to us when Jesus came to earth. I love the story of baby Jesus being born, and I love to think about how Joseph must have felt. I think Joseph really had a great love for Heavenly Father, Mary, and Jesus. He was a true example to me in my life as how to be a step parent.

Now for what I hate. I hate the feelings that come with gift giving. I hate thinking that my presents are not good enough, which leads to thoughts of I'm not good enough. Did I buy the right presents? Will my children feel like it is a great Christmas? Will the adults in my life really know how much they mean to me?

Over the years I have been given some really wonderful gifts, and some not so wonderful gifts. I am always truly grateful for all the gifts wanted or unwanted. I know that it really is the thought that counts. I would like to think back on some really great and not so great presents that I have recieved in my lifetime. (if you didn't make the list I'm sorry, If you made the not great list I'm sorry and I love you)

When I was a kid there were some toys that I got as a kid that I really remeber:

a troll that had on pink pjs that glow in the dark from my Dad (or that was what mom said)
a stuffed ant with a bonnet (I called her auntie, and I remember pulling her out of the bag at Grandma's house but I think she was from Santa)
a cabbage patch doll (the year they were really a hot item)
a Annie doll (barbie sized), Daddy Warbucks, and a car (Grandma Leon gave them to me I think)
I have a picture somewhere of me hugging an electric banket on Christmas morning.(from Mom)
Grandma Leon was always the best at buying us what we wanted like one year she bought the family an Atari. That was so great. We played that thing for hours. Then on a different year she bought us a nintendo. Oh we loved that thing to. My Dad loved both of those things. I remember Pappy Leon used to say 'I could drive that plane for real.' We believed him. ( I miss him)

As an adult:
Grandma bought me the comforter set I wanted with colorful fish all over. (I really loved that set)
Grandma also bought me a great set of pots one year.
Grandma would also buy me an angel every year for my collection. (I miss that)
Grandma always sends money now and Mom says I should go and buy my own angel and I do but it is not the same.
The Christmas after my brother died Harmony gave me an incense burner. It totally made me think of him. She is such a thoughtful gift giver.
The next wasn't a Christmas gift but it was a gift. Amanda bought me a pin that had Minnie and Daisy on it with the letters BFF on it. The day she gave it to me truly touched my heart. It was the day I knew she really meant all the times she called me her BFF.
My Mother In Law Pat gets the family a great present. For the last three years she has rented a house at a vacation location, and the whole family (all 20 something of us) goes and stays together for a whole week. I love love love this gift. This has really helped bring our family together.

Some of the gifts that were not quite right: (remember it's the thought that counts)
Chris bought me a really pretty necklace. However, it was a chocker and it didn't fit.
Andrew bought me a silk like night gown when he was like 10 and it was way way to small. I opened it and said 'I love it thank you so much' Chris said 'That is not going to fit on your leg' I said 'Shut up it is to I love it. The color is wonderful.' andrew was just beaming. The night gown wouldn't have fit on my thigh but that is not the point.
Andrew bought me and angel. It was the first black angel I ever had. (I still have it and love it)
The kids buy me things like back scratchers, pot holders, and dish towels.

All I asked this year for Christmas was for my children to clean the house on Christmas Eve. I hope they come through for me. It would take away so much pressure.

To all of you out there from all of us at my house have a safe and happy holiday season. I hope that Heavenly Father will bless you this year, and that you will all love one another.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Harajuku Lovers

This is the new perfume line by Gwen Stefani. She is also a very popular Pop singer. She started out as the lead vocal in the rock band No Doubt. Anyway, these little gems are the cutest things ever. I saw them at Belks a few weeks ago, and bought myself the little blonde one in front. Her name is 'G' and she smells like vanillia.

All the dolls have a different scent. 'Baby' reminds me of baby soft. They all smell good. The other names are 'Love', 'Music', and 'Lil Angel'.

I thought about buying them for the girls for Christmas, but then I decided against it because I felt like they wouldn't know what it was, and then they would just throw it to the side. They don't always love the stuff I love. The older ones are very 'Brandish' you know Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister.... My luck is I would buy them this and they would be like I just wanted some other crappy perfume that doesn't even cost as much but carries some 'brand' name.

However, my littlest one Bethany who is 7 is head over heels in love with these little gems. She saw mine and thought it was cute. She even would visit her in my room, and sometimes sneak alittle. Well we were at Belks last Saturday and I showed her the display. She smelled all of them and was in love. The perfume lady gave her a sample card with all the scents in it. She carries this little sample paper around in her bag. She peels just enough back to get a good smell, and then tapes the samples back shut as to not waste it.

Last night we went to Belks again looking for teen gifts for friends. Bethany says 'Can we go see the Harajukus.' I say 'Yes let's go visit them.' She then showed the perfume lady that she still had her little sample card and didn't need another. Then she looked at all the bottles and asked me how much are they. I tell her the little bottles with the doll on top like mine is $25.00, and the heads with the solid are $65.00 for all 5.
As we are walking around in Belks Bethany is searching through her purse and counting her money. She says 'Mommy I have $17.00 and it's not enough. Can we count all my change?' I say 'Bethany it is really close to Christmas and you are not buying the perfume today.' She is very sad about this and is silently crying with big tears sliding down her face. When we get out of the store we sit down for a minute. I say 'Bethany you never know maybe you will get it for Christmas?' Bethany says crying 'No I won't I didn't even know about the Harajuku dolls and I didn't tell anyone that I wanted them for Christmas.' I say 'Well maybe you can talk to Daddy.' She says crying 'Daddy never listens to me like when I told him I wanted to go to Pennsylvania he just said UhUh.' It was very funny. She didn't think it was very funny at all. She cried all the way home while I laughed and called Aunt Amanda, and Grandma on the phone and told them the story. Hee Hee
She told her Dad about it that night, and he really listened to her. She was very excited about it and showed him her samples, and even peeled the tape back so he can smell. hee hee
She tells me right before bed 'I wish I never knew about the Harajuku dolls' hee hee (I guess if she never knew about them she wouldn't want them so bad. hee hee)

This the picture from the sample card. Some how this girl has the little heads with the solid perfume tied in her hair.
Listen, I think it is really cute that Bethany wanted to actually spend her money on something that wasn't dollar junk. She doesn't get an allowance so she hoards her money when she does come into some. I mean some of that was left from her Birthday back in August. If those little dolls were not on top she won't care a bit about that perfume. But right now she is attracted to the stuff.
How did Chris feel about the Harajuku perfume?
Will we get them for her? I don't know, and I can't tell even if I did know. You will have to find out after Christmas to find out just what the kids got, and what Chris thought about the perfume. Hee Hee
Happy Holidays

Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Story Friday (Last Christmas)

It has been one crazy year, but what a difference a year can make. Lynsey and Kelsea had moved in with us last year. Christopher still lived with his Grandmother. Bethany and Noah were adjusting to everything, and loving every minute of it. Here are some photos from last Christmas that I thought were worth a look.

Yes, Lynsey loved to pose even then. I think with her eyes like that she looks just a little scary, and with her body posed like that she looks a little to grown.

Kelsea didn't really want to have photos taken by the tree, but she did it for me anyway.

This is my baby buritto Noah.

Bethany posing with her favorite ornament of the year.

She loved this so much that the next time I checked the pictures in my camera I saw she had taken 15 pictures of that little solider.

These next photos are of Christmas Eve. These are also my thoughts on these photos.

This is Grandpa. This is his favorite chair. I really think that he loves to watch all of us run around him. When asked what he is truly thankful for he will say something like 'I am just glad I maried into this family, that I have a testimony in the gospel, and the garden did really well this year.' He makes life sound so simple. Maybe life is simple.

All Bethany wanted was her two front teeth for Christmas, and all Madi wanted was for people to see that she is a big girl and not a baby anymore.

With no toys at Nanny's all the boys had to play with was each other. Every year they start wrestling around. Every year someone says 'Hey stop that'. Don't try this at home.

I think Jackson, and Noah have always been the best of friends. I am so glad that they have each other.

Madi, Noah, and Jackson showing each other how important they are to one another.

When I see this picture I really think what a differnce a year makes. Last year Bethany wanted Emma Mae to call her Mama so bad. Bethany loved to hold her and try to rock her, and for the most part Emma Mae would let her. Now Emma Mae is on the go and to big to hold and rock. Bethany will always remember.

Amanda was feeling really stressed I think. All I remember was I was sitting on the fireplace, and Amanda went to the bathroom. When she came out she had her hair all teased and wild looking. Not really sure what was going on, but I wanted to remember it forever. Hee hee.

This Christmas Eve will be really different. We won't be at Nanny's we are all going to Pat's. It's sad to see that the tradition of going to Nanny's is now gone. We had no idea at that moment that it would be the last Christmas Eve there. Sometimes you just don't know.

PhotoStory Friday
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Rocket Man and Piano Man

John and Joel first toured together in 1994, and their most recent Face 2 Face outing was a sold-out, 24-date trek in 2003.
"I love touring with Billy," John said in a statement. "I have the greatest respect for him and we're such good friends."
Added Joel: "The great thing about performing with Elton is that he is such a good piano player and that makes me have to dig deep to keep up with him. Not to mention, I've got the best seat in the house--only one piano away from Elton John!"
According to promoters, John and Joel plan to open on twin pianos and trade vocals on a series of duets. A headlining set by each artist with his own band will follow. The shows will end with an encore featuring both headliners and their backing bands.

I am very excited because these two wonderful people are touring together again, and they are coming to our area. Yeah Baby! The tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning. I am totally going to be sitting at the computer ready to push the button. I hope to get really great seats. However, it is all luck, and I have not been feeling lucky lately.

I asked Amanda to go to this concert and she said yes. Then I called Gigi and she said no. Then Amanda asked Courtney and she said no.

Then last night I said to my husband 'Amanda and I are going to try and get tickets to see Elton John, and Billy Joel.' He says 'Hey I want to see them.' He sucks the fun right from me. I say 'You can be the third wheel.' He is totally okay with that. However, now Amanda has backed out. Oh well. This will not ruin my fun. All I know is I am going to see them even if I have to go alone. Amanda and I will always have Michael Buble.

Does anyone else want to go?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Specail Thanks

The getaway weekend has been brought to you by:

Aunt Rosa. Thanks for hooking us up with nothing but the best.

Amanda Kirkland was nice enough to take Christopher, Bethany, and Noah for Thursday night, and get them to and from school on Friday. Thanks Amanda our BFF/GFF (just so you know Chris and I now have to argue about who is the BFF and who is the GFF. hee hee)

Pat Kirkland aka Grandma Pat aka Verla Louise. Thank you for keeping Bethany and Noah on Friday night, Saturday night. And for keeping Christopher, Bethany, and Noah on Sunday night, and getting them to school on Monday morning.

Harmony. Thanks for hanging out with us at the hotel, and pulling strings to get us treats, and stuff.

I would also like to say thank you to my Mom Luann for lending us her car for the weekend. Also, thanks to Dad for entertaining Chris on Friday.

I am sure I should be thanking a ton more, but I just can't think. If I left you out Sorry and Thanks.

One last thing about the getaway weekend we had before I lay it to rest.

Before we went on our getaway weekend I really didn't want to except to much and be let down. So, all I really wanted was one moment were I thought my husband and I were on the same page. You know how much I love Michael Buble's music. Well he sings a song called 'Lost'. I love this song and I was feeling like our marriage was the beginning of this song. All I wanted out of this trip was to have the feeling like I wasn't alone, and that Chris was lost with me. I must say I got that times 10. He really is a keeper, and this weekend reminded me once again why I love him, and why God brought us together.

Can't believe it's over

I watched the whole thing fall

And I never saw the writing that was on the wall

If I'd only knew

The days were slipping past

That the good things never last

That you were crying

Summer turned to winter

And the snow it turned to rain

Then the rain turned into tears upon your face

I hardly recognize the girl you are today

And God I hope it's not too late

It's not too late

'Cause you are not alone

I'm always there with you

And we'll get lost together

'Till the light comes pouring through

'Cause when you feel like you're done

And the darkness has won

Babe, you're not lost

When your world's crashing down

And you can't bear the thought

I said, babe, you're not lost

Life can show no mercy

It can tear your soul apart

It can make you feel like you've gone crazy

But you're not

Things have seemed to change

There's one thing that's still the same

In my heart you have remained

And we can fly fly fly away

'Cause you are not alone

And I am there with you

And we'll get lost together

'Till the light comes pouring through

'Cause when you feel like you're done

And the darkness has won

Babe, you're not lost

When the world's crashing down

And you can not bear to crawl

I said, baby, you're not lost

I said, baby, you're not lost

I said, baby, you're not lost

Now I am done and my posting can go back to normal. Was it ever normal?