Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beyonce -bootilicious

While I was on vacation I played Karaoke Wheel of Fortune and this was the song I had to do.
It was fun times.

Friday, June 27, 2008

ABC - Wipeout (Teaser 2)

I missed the first show on June 24th. So, we went and watched the whole show online. About half way through Noah James says 'Mama can we watch this everyday.'
We laughed so hard.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance

Lynsey and Bethany had a Dance Recital on May 31st
They go to the Jessica Domeny School of Dance.

They love their dance classes.

Lynsey takes: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip-Hop
This was her first year of dance. She has always wanted this and I am glad that she is finally taking dance.

Bethany takes: Ballet, Tap, and Jazz
This was Bethany's third year of dance. She loves it.

I was in alot of pain because I had just had surgery. However we stayed almost to the end. I did miss the last two dances of Lynsey's but I bought the DVD so I can watch them again and again.

Here are some pictures of the nights events. Brought to you by Aunt Courtney, thanks Aunt Courtney.

This is Bethany and Aunt Amanda. The dance studio was having a special Mommy/Daughter dance. However, knew I would be in to much pain from the surgery to be able to do it. When I told Bethany she looked so sad. I said 'is there someone else you would like to do it with' and she said ' Aunt Amanda'. Aunt Amanda said 'Sure I can do it'. Thanks Aunt Amanda for doing such a great job.

This is Bethany's Best Friend Victoria. Victoria and her mom came to the recital to cheer the girls on. I know Bethany was very excited that they were able to make it.
This is Grandma Pat and Madi. Grandma Pat took such good care of me, and went with me to the recital. Thanks Grandma Pat for all your support.

This is Madi Girl. She is wearing Bethany's head piece for her mermaid outfit. She wants to be a dancer. I hope that she goes to the same dance studio so that when she gets older her and Bethany and maybe Lynsey could do a duet or trio. That would be Fabulous.

This is Lynsey right before she did her Hip Hop dance. She is trying to look ganster however to me she looks like a wanna be.

This is Lynsey before her Tap dance. It is such a cute dance outfit. On the other side of the skirt there is a poodle dog.

This Bethany before her Tap dance. She made the cutest facial expressions during the dance like shaking her head and winking at the crowd. She's a star.

This is Bethany and Lynsey right before their Duet Jazz dance.

This is the list of their dances and songs:
Ballet 'Home'
Tap 'More' from the Dick Tracy soundtrack the song was by Madonna
Jazz 'Hound Dog' a woman is singing it and it was very jazzy, and bluesy
Hip Hop 'Crank That Rockstar' it was a mixture of Crank That by Soulja Boy and Party Like a Rockstar
Ballet 'Part of Your World' from the little Mermaid
Tap 'Puttin On the Ritz'
Jazz 'Car Wash' a medely of songs Car Wash, Mustang Sally, Fun Fun Fun, and Goodbye baby
Then of course they had their Duet 'Sisters'

This is Kelsea on the day of the recital with the girls. She was such a big help at competition and recital. She helped with costumes, make-up, and she was a great supporter. She really loves her sisters and it shows in this picture. Thanks Kelsea for all you do.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Well, Friends


I know I have not been blogging lately, but I have been really busy. So much has been going on.

Well, I have Sleep Apnea and I have had a sleep study done and I have been trying to get used to all that air blowing up my nose while I sleep.

Also, I am tired of being fat. So, we decided that we would go into debt up to our eyeballs and I would have lap band surgery. My husband was really great about the thing. I said I wanted and he said I agree. However, when we discussed it later he said it will really benifit me. I said I know I will live alot longer. He got a really sneaky grin on and said that's not what I was talking about. Yes his mind is always in the gutter.

I had the surgery on May 30th. Then I stayed at Pat's and Farrel's for the weekend. Pat took really good care of me. Farrel was so sweet, he even let me sit in his chair all weekend. It was really nice to have a father and mother figure to take such good care of me, and love me so close. (I live 800 miles from my mom and dad)

The surgery was some kind of painful. I have to be careful about what I am eating and I think I have done really well.
I thought vacation would be really tough but I have been able to eat and not feel left out.

I will write more but for now I need to start the pasta salad. My Partner in Crime (Amanda) said she would like some so I will make it today.