Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are the Kirklands and we are winners....

This a beautiful drawing by Madigan Kirkand. She is in Kindergarten, and she is my niece. Mrs. Cravey, the art teacher, had all the Kindergarten students draw pictures of hot air balloons. Then a panel of teachers looked at the drawings, and help decide whose was best to enter in the fair. Then once the drawings are entered a panel of judges pick from all the Pre-K through Kindergarten classes for the winners. Isn't this a great drawing for someone who is in Kindergarten? Guess what place she won in the fair?
1st place, and a check for $5.00! I am so happy for her.
Bethany's class didn't have enough time to create stuff to enter. So, at home Bethany created this Picasso inspired pastel. What you can't tell from the picture, or maybe you can, she didn't draw on the hair she engraved it with her fingernail. She has become such a good artist. We entered her in the 12 & under amateur artist division. Guess what she won?
3rd place, and a $10.00 check! Go Bethie!!

I also entered some stuff in the fair this year. I entered 3 canned items. In the fruit section I entered my sliced peaches in medium syrup. I won 2 place ribbon, and a check for $7.00!
Then I entered the 'Kirkland Family Sweet Relish'. I called it just plain sweet relish because they said I couldn't have a name on the jar..LOL
Anyway, it won a 1st place blue ribbon, and a $10.00 check!!
Last but not least. I entered my 'Carrot Cake Jam'. It has pecans in it, and it is YUMMY! Anyway I won a 1st place blue ribbon, and a $10.00 check!!

I did enter the Blueberry Blackberry Jam with Amanda's name on it. It was the only unopened jar of jam I had from her. It didn't place. Next time I will enter her Muscadine Grape Jelly, now that stuff will be a contender I'm sure!!LOL Or maybe she can pick something an enter it. Now, that would make my day...LOL

All in all I think we Kirklands really racked up this year at the fair. I love that you can enter, and go and see it, and possibly win. It's showy in a low key kind of way. Well, it won't be that low key with me running around saying things like 'this is our blue ribbon winning sweet relish', or 'have you tried my blue ribbon 'carrot cake jam' it is awesome....LOL

Maybe you would like to enter something in your local fair next year? Or maybe you have entered before? Either way leave me a comment.....


gigi said...

I loved your carrot cake jam! Way to go kirklands and congrats to all the winners!

Larry said...

Carrot cake jam- I want. How much and how much shipping?

Congrats on the winnings.


GoodyGang said...

Carrot cake Jam? Ooooo. please share the recipe.:)