Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bethany Student Council

Do you remember Bethany running for Student Council?
She was installed at the school. It was a nice short ceremony, and here is some pictures.
I know it looks like the boy Lucas McCoy behind Bethany is giving the middle finger. However, upon closer look I see it is double peace signs...LOL

She was so excited, and nervous.

While we were there we learned about all the great stuff this wonderful group of kids are going to be doing. All the stuff is right up Bethany's alley. You know nursing homes, shopping with a cop, ect.....In other words kids saving the planet, and stuff.....she loves to be a busy body...LOL
This is Bethany, Savannah, and Ashely. Three of the cutest 4th graders in the whole school. If I do say so myself, and of course I do

This is Mrs. Boggs with Bethany. She is one of the student council advisors, 4th grade teachers, Ashely's Mom, and all around really nice woman from Ohio. When I'm around her I feel like I'm spending time with my family form Ohio. She talks, and acts just like them. Very uptown girl meets down to earth girl...LOL We love her.

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