Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dance Troupe International

Dance Troupe International was in Savannah, Ga April 17-18, 2010.

Isn't he just so cute in his Austin Powers costume?
We had DTI over the weekend. This was Noah first dance competition ever, and he loved every single second of it. He did so good up on that stage. After is was over Lynsey took a picture of him and some of the girls from his class while they waited for them to announce the awards.
This is Noah, Kasey, and Brittin

Their song was called Swingin' Sixites. It was a mix of music. It started off with the Austin Powers theme music, then These Boots Were Made For Walkin', then ended with Do You Love Me? it was cuter then cute.

They won high gold. Which is pretty good.

He is trying to charm Kasey in this picture, but I don't think she is buying it.

Bethany won Judges Choice Gold for her Solo, and Judges Choice Gold/1st overall for her Class Tap. Don't get me wrong I love Competition, but this was the last of 4 and I'm burnt out. I can't remember everything else, but this......
Bethany won a specail award that the judges created called 'The Future Broadway Diva Award'. AND she also won the DTI Youth Dance Ambassador. I could barely fit Bethany's head in the car before we left....LOL

Bethany Loves Loves Loves all the girls in her dance class. But there is something specail between her and M.E. (emmy)

Can you see it? Well maybe you can't, but I can.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Noah turning 6

Well Chris took cup cakes to the school today for Noah's birthday. He was really excited. Mrs. Brantley gave him a cute crown to wear at school. I wanted to get a picture of him in the crown so I asked Noah to get my camera and to put the crown on. Then I got side tracked and forgot about taking a picture. Don't worry because Noah took care of it himself.....LOL

I thought maybe I'd have a talk with him about leaving my camera alone, but I did forget, and it is his birthday.....LOL