Friday, April 25, 2008

Hula hoops are round, they're staying round, and they'll be around forever

Fun Fabulous Friday!
Hula Hooping 101

Many people try to move their hips in a circle with the hoop. This actually makes hooping much harder.
Try this: put one foot in front of the other and just shift your weight back and forth from foot to foot. It's less of a circular hip motion and more of just a rocking or pumping motion.
In terms of which direction to hoop in, try 'em both! You'll know right away which one is right for you. I've found that right handed people generally hoop counter-clockwise, while lefties go clockwise, but many people are exceptions to this rule.

Most of all: be patient! It can take a while to get the hang of it — don't give up! If you get frustrated trying to get the hoop going around your waist, try hooping with your hands!"

Bethany says: Hey Christopher can you do this?

Christopher says: Yes Bethany I can Hula Hoop!

Christopher and Bethany say: Hey Aunt Amanda can you Hula Hoop?

Go Aunt Amanda Go!

You are the best Amanda for doing this with the kids! One day I will be thin enough to hula hoop again. However, I know 2 things: 1.) I will not be good at it. and 2.) I will make sure there are no cameras around. Hee Hee

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I just can't make up my mind!

Well we are almost done with the kitchen. We got new cabinets, new floors, and new walls. The color is called Virginia Vine however it looks like a Tuscany Green color to me. So, I would like to have new dishes. I have never had new dishes. The first set of dishes we had were from Chris' first marriage and the second set was given to us by Pat because she got new dishes. I have always wanted square plates but it doesn't matter. These are the choices I am crazy about. Any feed back would be sweet. Now that doesn't mean I will use your advice but I would like to hear your advice. (Did I mention that I really love sunflowers.) No matter what I purchase my children will still get to keep their plastic stuff so they cannot distroy my new dishes! LOL

Either way I would love to have these to hang on the wall. I could use them as trays if I needed, or they could be decoration.

These are the glasses that I LOVE. I would like to update my drinkware, and my flatware. I love the bubble glasses.

Thirteen Things # 3 Kelsea Kirkland

Thirteen Things # 3 Kelsea Kirkland

13.) This is Kelsea Alexis Kirkland. She was born on December 21, 1995. Her parents are Debi Staton, and Chris Kirkland. Her Step parents are Charles Staton, and Echo Kirkland (Meme)

12.) Kelsea loves to go to Zeig's on Saturday morning for breakfast. I really believe all Kirkland's do like to go there. I am sure when I took this picture Kelsea was complaining about her little brothers and sisters getting on her nerves.

11.) Kelsea has many brothers and sisters. Here's a run down. She has an older brother named Andrew, an older sister named Lynsey, a little brother named Christopher, a little sister named Bethany, and a littlest brother named Noah. At her mother's she is the baby of the family. At her father's she is a middle daughter.

10.) Kelsea has always had an interest in Art. She was always drawing something. I found some of her earlier drawings and she loved them. Chris and I signed Kelsea up for a painting class. This was her first painting. She won an award at the fair for this painting.

9.) When I found this picture of Kelsea it reminded me of a not so good side of Kelsea. The not so good thing is she can be lazy. I mean LAZY. (can't we all) She always looks for the easy way out of homework, chores, painting, exercise...... If she can get away with it she will. If she is doing it it's because she tried to get away with not doing it and couldn't. (sorry Kelsea I still love you)

8.) When I found this picture it reminded me how much Kelsea says she hates pink. However, we just bought her some new shirts and they all have pink on them. Which proves my theroy she doesn't really hate pink, she is just a hater. She tells me all the time that she hates this or that, she just complains to hear herself complain.

7.) This picture reminds me that Kelsea has a real soft side to her. When Kelsea loves someone or something it is her favorite someone or something. This is Kelsea loving on McKayla in Pennsylvania. Kelsea is so good to my family in Pennsylvania, she considers them her family. (this makes me very happy)

6.) Kelsea is working on getting the self portrait just right. She sneaks my camera whenever she gets a chance and takes pictures of herself. She trys all kinds of different faces. What does this face say to you?

5.) Kelsea really loves to skateboard. She as loved this sport for some time now. We have a cousin named Will who said he would come and show her some moves this summer. When her dad took her to the skate park last summer she was a little afraid of falling, but she had a good time.

4.) Kelsea's newest sport is karate. She started taking classes at the YWCA. She loves it. She will be earning a new belt with yellow on it. Go Kelsea. Just don't use your moves at home.

3.) Kelsea has been living with me and her dad since September. She really misses living full time with her mom But she is doing really well living with us.

2.) When Kelsea was doing poorly in school we thought she had a learning disability. However, after having some meetings with her teacher we realized that Kelsea was not LD she was Lazy. I was really upset about this situation so Amanda stepped in to help. Kelsea went Aunt Amanda Boot Camp everyday after school. Aunt Amanda did a great job with Kelsea she really helped her get on track. I think Kelsea really loved the one on one time with Aunt Amanda and I think Kelsea misses talking to her as much.

1.) These last pictures should show that even though Kelsea says she hates her big crazy family she secretly in her heart loves them all. Well maybe Christopher really get on her nerves.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Christopher and Noah

Christopher and Noah had a birthday. Christopher was born on April 18th and Noah was born on April 19th. We had a birthday party for them at the Jekyll Island Pier. The weather wasn't so great however, we had a good time.

Noah turned 4 years old.

Christopher turned 10 years old.

All the party children with their cool sunglasses on.

The biggest beach ball ever.

Kelsea was showing off her hula hooping moves.

Aunt Amanda bought Noah a kite. He really loved the kite, and can't wait to go back to fly it.

We played in the sand in the cold rain.

I almost didn't post this picture because it is such a horrible picture of me. But since I will be doing something about all this unwanted weight what the heck.(more about that another day)

This is me blowing up the biggest beach ball ever. While I was blowing it up my husband says 'I don't know why you are doing that I have an air compresser.' However, never once did he walk over and get the ball.

I just want to say thank you to all who came out dispite the bad weather. That was some true love you showed the boys and we shall never forget it.
Karen: I am sorry that you were wondering around on Jekyll and never found us. Next year I shall have real invites, with real directions. I just wanted to say thanks for giving it a shot.
As for Gigi, and Karen P I am so sorry that I didn't even call yall to come out for the party. I will not ever forget again. I shall have a real party list, with real invites, and it will be wonderful. Until then just forgive me please.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TMI Tuesday # 3 The Story of Kayla

When I did my first TMI Tuesday I wrote 'Where Did All These kids Come From?'. I talked about each one of the children who live in our house. Then Amanda asked what about Kayla? So today I shall address the Kayla issuse. (Kayla you are not an issuse.)
I was not around in the days of Christi. I have seen pictures of how young Christi and Chris were. Oh so very young and foolish.

** I was not around for the days of Christi. Do not hold me to the correctness of the Christi and Chris romance. I am only going on what I have gathered and what my opinion is and I am not always right. However, I do believe this to be close enough.

Anyway, I think Chris started dating Christi before he graduated high school. Sometime not long after he was out of high school Christi got pregnant. Christi was a senior in high school. One can only imagine the drama that this brought to both families. Chris really loved Christi, and I believe Christi really loved Chris. They talked about getting married but neither sets of parents wanted them to rush I guess.
Anyway, Chris and Christi were together not married having a baby. Christi had the baby. She was a beautiful baby girl which they name Kayla. They were both so young to be parents but they really loved this little baby. You could imagine that by this time Pat was totally in love with this little baby. Chris and Christi were together after the baby was born for a little while. Then Frank came home from basic training. Frank and Christi had always been like best friends. Chris and Christi broke up. Frank and Christi got married. Frank wanted to adopt Kayla. Kayla was about a year old. Pat didn't want this to happen. Nanny thought it was for the best. Chris was still upset about not being with Christi. Chris signed the papers to let Frank adopt Kayla.

***end of what I was guessing at.

Chris and I have talked about this at different times during our marriage. This is what I gathered. He was young. He was foolish. He was hurt. Frank and Christi were talking about leaving town. Frank could offer Kayla insurance through the service if he adopted her. I am sure there are more reasons but in the end it doesn't matter.

What does matter is he just didn't realize how horrible this would make him feel for years to come. I know that if he could take it all back he would.

We still see Kayla occasionally.

I met Kayla first at baton. We had signed the girls up for baton lessons and Kayla was there.

I really met Kayla and Christi for the first time when Courtney got married. I have to say I was really nervous about being around Kayla and Christi, but they are both really great people. I sat with Christi for the rehearsal dinner, and Christi sat with me at the wedding reception. You know she was a big help to me on the day Courtney got married. I remember thinking 'I know why Chris was in love with her.' At this point in our marriage I really couldn't understand why he loved any of his ex's.

Then one day me and the girls went to Taco Bell. We ordered all this food and who was in the window when we drove around? Kayla. Lynsey sees her and starts yelling hey that's my sister, and Bethany says is she my sister, and Lynsey says yes she's our sister. I was uncomfortable not for the reasons you would think. I mean I love that the girls acknowledge Kayla, love Kayla, want to see Kayla, ect. However, I just don't want it to make Kayla uncomfortable.

Then when Laura died I just knew that I had to get in touch with Kayla. So, I called Taco Bell and asked them to contact her and for her to call her Grandma Pat's right away. Christi and Kayla came to the house as soon as they heard. I talked with them alot over those couple of days.
I don't think that me or the girls make Kayla uncomfortable. I mean even though we started going to Taco Bell more often and we try to see her through the window like a bunch of stalkers. I don't think that makes her uncomfortable. I also don't think the love that is beaming of the girls faces when they are around her makes her uncomfortable. I think she really enjoys the entire family and I think she would really like a more firm place in our big crazy family it's just.......

I think Chris makes her uncomfortable. But he makes everyone uncomfortable at some point in there lives.

He just doesn't know what to say.

He doesn't want to offend,

he doesn't want to intrude,

I just think he doesn't know what to say or do so he just doesn't do anything.

He just acts like she's not there. Which that has to make Kayla uncomfortable.

If it were me I would want to run up to her, throw my arm around her and say 'I am sorry, you are beautiful, I only wanted what was best, I have always had love in my heart for you' BUT this isn't a hallmark movie this is life, he is not a woman he is a man, and I have learned that men just aren't built that way.

However let me tell you what he has said:
'I have always had a special part of my heart for her.'
'I just really want her to be happy.'
'She sure is a beautiful girl.'
'I just don't know what to do.'

When Courtney got married Chris danced with each of his daughters. He really wanted to dance with Kayla but didn't know what to do. So, I talked with Christi because I didn't want her to be upset. Christi said I won't be upset, he just need to ask Kayla to dance. So, he held his breathe and asked her to dance. She said yes. While they were dancing I sent the photographer over to take a picture.
It was a beautiful moment. He told me thank you later.
My husband doesn't see that it would be that easy.

Custody of Lynsey and Kelsea

Well Chris and I recieved our letter from our attorney about the new court date.

As you know Lynsey and Kelsea came to live with us at the end of August. Well we were awarded Temporary Custody at that time. When we go back to court at the end of May we will find out if it will be permanent. I hope all goes well.
I try to go over in my mind the reasons the girls ended up with us in the first place. Then I try to see what Debi has done to change these things. After looking at this I really believe that we will be able to keep the girls.

Before I started this blog every once in awhile I would sent out an email with detailed information in it. Well I found my email about the custody and here is what it said: ( I swear I could write a book)

Yesterday was the day of the court hearing.
We showed up for our pretrial meeting at 8am on Thursday morning. That meeting didn’t go so well. Chris just couldn’t concentrate. The lawyer was getting very upset with him. He was having a hard time following the questions. Well, he pulled himself together on the way to the court house. I didn’t get to stay in the court room when they questioned him. I had to go in the hallway. I was out there with the ex-wife’s husband, and the girls.
We were all to testify.
I was called into the courtroom. I have to say when I walked into the room it was like this calmness just came over me. When I stood there to take the oath I looked the woman right in the eye and as she said ‘do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ I was thinking good or bad I am going to tell the truth. So, our lawyer started questioning me about how Chris was as a father, and husband. Then she started questions about if they lived with us where would they go to school, help with homework, extra activities, the school bus, our support system, our hours of work, and on and on. The questions that were strange to me at the time were.
Echo has your husband ever hit you? I said no Echo has your husband ever abused the children? I said no Echo is there any reason at this time for you to be afraid? I said no (and had to hold in a chuckle) (me afraid of my husband yeah right I would totally take him.)
The last question she asked me was
Echo do you think your husband has issues with anger? (Had to hold in a chuckle) I said its all bark.
The lawyer said excuse me what did you say? I said it is just all bark.
The other side didn’t have any questions for me.
Then Debi the girl’s mom took the stand.
She lied to make herself look better. She tried to say bad things about Chris but really couldn’t. He has really changed over the years and she just doesn’t talk to him at all so she had nothing.
Then Charles Debi’s husband took the stand.
He ended up contradicting some of what Debi had said.
Then the judge took each of the girls into chambers to speak with them privately.
He talked to the 14 year old the longest.
Then the judge came in and asked the lawyers if they had anything to say in closing.
Our lawyer said ‘Well I just think the evidence speaks for itself’
Her lawyer said ‘We just want you to know that our concerns are about Mr. Kirkland’s anger. You saw today that he started to talk back to me.’
When we left the judge said he would make his decision and conference call the lawyers that afternoon.
So we went home to wait…..
My husband paid me a very nice complement when we got home. He said that when I walked into the courtroom he thought I looked confidant. He said that when I was taking the oath he just couldn’t see me anymore. He couldn’t believe how humble I was. How the humbleness was just radiating off of me. He said that is why the other side didn’t ask any questions of me. He said they knew my answers would only hurt them.
He asked my honest opinion about what I thought. I flat out said the girls are coming to live with us.
He said he just didn’t know.
About 4:00 he got the call.
Ms. Harrison said well John congratulations you have won custody of both girls.
You will transition them this weekend, enroll them in school, and get medical insurance for them. You must call Debi and arrange the transition.
He called me, his mother beeped in, I told his mom, and then the race was on to see who could call who first with the wonderful news. Well it was a race for them. For me I knew no one would call my sister so I didn’t have to call her first. I called my sister in law Amanda first. She started screaming with delight. I started crying and laughing. It was truly a wonderful moment in my life and I am so grateful that I could share it with her.

So the girls move in today. They will have regular visits with their Mom on weekends and holidays. The girls are really excited but upset at the same time. It is really hard for them to see their mom so upset. Kelsea said that Mama was setting in the middle of the bed just squalling. I haven’t been able to shake this image, and I don’t think the girls will be able to either. Debi told Lynsey to just go pack.
How sad.
I just want to say that I really do think that this is the best thing for the girls.
To everyone that wanted to stay out of the custody thing let me just say we didn’t go into this lightly. We really believe that we could raise them better.
I think when it comes to custody people already have an opinion before they even hear the facts. They base their opinion on what their history dictates and not the circumstances of each individual case.

This is what I told the girls in the hallway-- Listen, I know that both of you are really nervous about what is going to happen today. However, I want you to know that I really believe that God has a plan for each person. I believe that whichever house you are suppose to be in that Heavenly Father will make sure that you are in that house. I grew up in Pennsylvania and Georgia was a place I never thought about. However, as I am setting here talking to you I know that I am exactly where Heavenly Father wants me to be. I don’t know what the judge will decide today, but I do know that Heavenly Father will take care of each of us. I love you both.
That was all I said to them. The rest of the time we talked about Bethany and Noah and what was going on the last couple of days with them. We talked about skateboarding, and dance. And we laughed. I really wanted to keep it light. They are so stressed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Harmony's Kids

Mckayla, Brandin, and Braxton
This is all of my nephews and nieces I have in Pennsylvania. They are part of one big Steelers loving family. These are Harmony (my sister) and P.J.’s children. I have the most stories about Brandin. Oh and I intend on telling some of them because one they are funny and two because he will love to hate it. I am going to give some thoughts on each one today.

Brandin and my Mom Luann

Brandin – He has always been a very smart guy. When he was younger we were closer and he thought I was the greatest. He was my first nephew. He is really into Motorcross, Four Wheelers, Fishing,…..anything that is very boyish. He also has a really sweet side to him as well. I remember when I took Bethany to Pennsylvania for the first time. He held her, and cuddled her, and fed her. I have pictures to prove it. Sometimes he can seem beyond his years. This can be good and this can be frustrating. I love to hear that he is helping at home, and doing well in school.

Brandin with a big fish.
Brandin and McKayla ready for ball.

McKayla, and Grandma Leon at the Out Banks.

MaKayla Jade- Well Uncle Chris loves everything about your name. For one the Kayla is in it which is the first daughter he ever had, and second he really wanted Jade to be Bethany’s middle name. MaKayla is a very sweet girl. She loves loves loves her some Bethany, and Bethany loves loves loves her some MaKayla. Sometimes I just can’t get over how much they act a like even though they are 800 miles away. For some reason Harmony and I love to relive our childhood when they are together by dressing them alike. I mean I think last year they had not only day outfits that matched they had night clothes that were the same as well.

McKayla and Braxton

Braxton James- He has the same middle name as Noah. Noah and Braxton were named after our brother Jimmy. Braxton is full throttle boy all the time. Dirt is his best friend as you can see from the picture. He has a condition with his leg were the ball of the leg is like a square fitting in a circle hole. However, this does not slow the boy down. I do have some trouble understanding him. BUT I can get the good stuff like – I love you, Noah, Echo, and he doesn’t even have to say it but he wants to know when we are coming.

I know what you are thinking and you would be correct.
Braxton James is the dirtiest, happiest kid on earth.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

national high five day

Love this video.
Happy National High Five Day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sisters go to Dance Troupe

Lynsey and Bethany won Gold at Dance Troupe.


This is right before their ending pose. Lynsey pretending to use face powder and Bethany making fun.

I love their costumes. However, I will be adding more sparkle before the next competition.

Bethany didn't like the fake eyelashes. BUT she was a real trooper and kept them on the entire day. She looks to much older in this picture.

Lynsey and Bethany have a specail bond. They just are so much alike that they just click. They just get each other.

TMI Tuesday #2 This is my brother Jimmy.

He was who he was.

Okay so lets see were do I begin??

My mom had three children.

Me - Echo born in 1975

My sister - Harmony born in 1977

My brother - James III born in 1979

My mom was a good mom. My dad was a good dad. I really believe they did the best they knew how to do at the time they did it. My brother died April 15, 1998. That was 10 years ago. He was 19 years old. I will leave the actual account of the moments before he died for Lisa to tell. Even though I think I could relay it word for word. I am going to talk about all the other things that bring us to Lisa's point. I do not know if anyone will read this and I don't care either way. I am writing this for selfish reasons.My brother really had a hard life. I think for the most part the things that made my brothers life so hard were his own fault. Isn't that the way with everyone. I mean look at me and my weight. My weight makes things in my life hard but my weight is my own fault.

Anyway, my brother was kind of the black sheep of the family. My brother did a lot of things in his life that my family did not approve of.

However, my brother also did a lot of things that I am very proud of. My brother would never rat anyone out. Even if it meant he was accused, and/or punished. That showed great loyalty and great strength.

Lets see were do I begin.

Well Jimmy turned 18 in Feb. 1997. He was already dating Lisa. He dropped out of school I think he was 16 when he dropped out. My brother was never good at the whole studying and book thing. He had aproblem with rules and regulations. He had a lot of on again off again jobs. You know the jack of all trades master of none. He also grew, did, and sold drugs. He had quite the green thumb. Anyway, my brother told the family he had a lump on his privates around Thanksgiving 1997. At this time he knew about it for awhile. We tried to pressure him to go to the Doctors and have it looked at, but he didn't want anyone messing around down there.To be so young and so stupid. By New Years it had swollen and was causing discomfort. He finally agreed to have someone look at it. He went to the doctor on a Monday in Jan. and by that same Thursday they removed it. It was testicular cancer. They thought they had it all but couldn't be sure because they had seen a blood line. My brother was to have more tests in 3 months to see.

At the end of three months they told him he still had cancer and they wanted to start him on Chemo right away. At this point he had a largelump behind his stomach and they feared it was spreading to his lymphoid(sp?).

So, that day he went to the doctors with Lisa and got the news...That weekend before this I went and stayed with my boyfriend. I really believe everything happens for a reason. I would have never left if the following didn't happen.

I drive down to thevideo store. When I get back he says 'your mom called' I say 'so' Hesays 'you need to call your mom' I said 'I don't care what she has tosay' He says 'I didn't want to be the one to tell you but your brother was at the doctors and the cancer is back'. I got up packed my clothes as quickly as I could and went home.I knew my family would not be able to handle it. When I got home they told me Jimmy would go to the hospital the next day and start treatment. I started calling the rest of the family which at the time my mom says was stupid. A couple of the Aunts and Uncles came by to visit. Then at about midnight I drove Jimmy to the hospital and stayed until 4:30am and then went home. Looking back I guess it was weird that I was the one that took him but then again I guess it wasn't.

So for the next week I got up in the morning got to the hospital after breakfast and left when he went to sleep for the night. We took stickers so he could pass them out to the nurses. (So when wearrived at the hospital we would know which one was his nurse) We bought him some really cool underwear with different designs like faces and stuff on them. We also bought him really cool bandanas for when he lost his hair.We hung a poster in his room of an alien with tye dyed clothes on holding up to fingers making the peace sign. Everyone that came to visit signed the poster. The idea was that every time he went into the hospital we would hang a new poster to be signed along with the old ones so by the end of the treatments he could feel the love coming off the walls.

My brother left the hospital at the end of the week to start the out patient chemo. He was so sick. I wasn't working at the time so I stayed home with him. I took him to his appointments and talked to him about things no one else wanted to face. Like 50% chance of having kids...ect.

I remember trying to explain to him how to use a suppository. He was sick so much so the doctor gave a prescription for them for the sickness. He would try so hard to keep the food down so not to have asuppository.Any way, Wednesday morning.....He woke up and told my mom that he was hungry. My mom was going to be late but she made him some eggs. When I got up he told me he ate breakfast and was able to keep it down. I was going to go to town and fight with the medical assistance people about his medication so Lisa came up to be with him. So, I left....The day went well. The medical assistance people were sorry and they were also going to give Jimmy money and food stamps while he was sick. I was so glad that he ate his breakfast that I went to Wal-Mart and bought him a bunch of his favorite drinks, and snacks thinking that he would eat junk if nothing else. When I was driving down the street to our house I saw an ambulance with the lights off driving crazy but didn't pay it any mind.When I got home Lisa's car was in the drive way. When I got to the backdoor it was wide open and the chest from the hallway was in the kitchen.I started yelling what are you kids doing? Then I walked down the hall and something wasn't right there was all this sunlight coming from the living room, and we always kept the blinds closed? I walk into the living room and I see all these EMT wrappers everywhere and I start yelling what is going on? The phone rings....My uncle says come down here to the shop and pick up your dad. They just took Jimmy to the hospital. The shop is at the bottom of the driveway. I pick up dad and we do not say a word. I drive us to the hospital as fast as my car will take us. (Looking back why didn't my dad drive?)As we are driving to the hospital my sister flys by us in her car so I drive right behind her passing everything in sight. We end up passing Grandma and Pap who do not know what is going on but they get behind us. Then we all pass my Aunt Julie who was on her way to the kids school but she ends up following right behind us as well. So here we are 5 cars driving crazy to get to the hospital. When we get to the hospital my mom and Lisa were already there and in alittle room. They ask all of us to wait in this little room.

The doctor comes in and says Blah Blah Blah we did all we could dobut he didn't make it.

My mother throws herself onto her back and starts kicking her feet in the air and screaming. I can still hear those screams as I am writing this.

My sister is crying and repeating I didn't see him for Easter.

I got up walked to the pay phone and made a collect call to my grandma 2 hours away.

I said 'Grandma I need you to sit down'

Grandma said 'what's wrong'

I said 'Grandma are you sitting?'

She said 'yes'

Then I told her.

She starts crying saying 'My Jimmy my Jimmy he's gone'

I can still hear that in my head as I write this.

I miss you Jimmy. I miss playing video games all night even though you would only let me be the map reader. I miss all the other memories I have from when we were kids like, camping at Tub Run, Camping at Lake Erie, sled riding, kick ball in the front yard, card games (Hearts, Spades, Phase 10), I miss watching you and mom playing Chess.

I hate to say this but I miss the fighting. We were the worst. We fought like cats and dogs. The slaps, the kicks, the punches, and the punishments.

I miss the chores we did and hated like, cutting the grass, taking out the garbage, picking rock, and bringing in the fire wood.

I am so sad that you were gone before you could be in my wedding, gone before you could hold my children, gone before Harmony started the family reunions,

There is so much that we didn't do that we should have when we had the chance.

I am thinking of you today.

I celebrate you today.

I say a prayer today that God will keep you until we meet again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15th Tax Day.

Well you know you have from Jan 1 - April 15th to file your taxes. So, you know we ran down last night to take care of this. I don't know why I waited. I mean we don't have to pay, we get a rebate. That's okay. Now that its done I wonder how long it will take for us to get our rebate.

To all my american friends Don't let the man get you down.

To my non american friends what does your country do, I mean do you have taxes?

I will be posting my TMI Tuesday after work today.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thirteen Thursday # 2 Things About My Name You May Or May Not Know

Thursday Thirteen #2
Here are 13 things about my name that you may or may not know:

13.) The dictionary says:
Echo - A repetition of sound produced by the reflection of soundwaves from a wall,mountain, or other obstructing surface.
Eve - evening or day preceding a special day, such as a holiday.

12.) Greek Mythology says:
Echo was a mountain nymph who loved her own voice. Zeus, the King of Olympians was known for his many love affairs. Sometimes the young and beautiful Nymph Echo would distract and amuse his wife Hera with long entertaining stories, while Zeus took advantage of the moment to ravish the other mountain nymphs. When Hera discovered the trickery she punished the talkative Echo by taking away her voice, except in foolish repetition of another's words. Thus, all Echo could do was repeat the voice of another.

11.) Mythology also says:
Echo was a nymph who was a great singer and dancer and scorned the love of any man. This angered Pan, a lecherous god, and he instructed his followers to kill her. Echo was torn to pieces and spread all over theEarth. The Titan goddess of the earth, Gaia, received the pieces of Echo, whose voice remains repeating the last words of others.

10.) When I was a little girl I hated the name Echo. People would yell ECHOOOOOO ECHOOOOOOO. I used to cry about this. I mean really cry with real tears and all.

9.) When I was in High School and in my early 20's I hated my name because I could never get away with anything. I mean I have never met another person named Echo. So, anytime anyone was talking about Echo there was no mistake that they were talking about me. In High School I never really did anything for anyone to talk about. However, in my early 20's I did lots of stupid things to get gossiped about.

8.) When I tell people my name they usually think it is a nick name or they don't believe it is my real name. I have had the following conversations to many times in my life.
Me - 'Hi my name is Echo'
Person - 'Hi my name is whatever'
Person - 'How did you get the nickname Echo'
Me- 'Oh it's not a nickname it is really my name'
Person - 'You mean Echo is really your name, name?'
Me - 'Yes Echo is really my name. It is on my birth certificate and everything.'

7.) The other thing that gets old is that when people meet me they just can't help themselves they start repeating my name again and again. They also try to make it sound like they are in a cave with an echo. When they do this I really think they think they are the first ones to have ever done this. I just want to smack them.

6.) Sometimes I get this. So were your parents Hippies? Why not just come right and say it your parents were on drugs when they decided to name you weren't they.

5.) They story I have always told about myself goes like this:
(not really sure about how accurate it is but anyway I've been telling in for 30 some years)
You know I was born in 1975. My parents were the last of the hippies.You know peace love and all that stuff. Anyway, I was supposed to be a son. They were supposed to name me James III. They had no name picked out for a girl. My Mother had done a crossword puzzle and Echo was a nymph in this crossword puzzle. The name Echo just sort of stuck with her. So, when I turned out to be a girl Dad didn't really care what name Mom picked. She said I really like Echo. Dad said whatever Echo it is. I sure am glad Goat, or Hera, or Lynx wasn't one of the names that just stuck with here.

4.) I use Echoeve for everything that has to do with the computer. Anytime I create an account of any kind they ask for a username and I always choose echoeve. Sometimes I am surprised that it may have already been used. However, in these cases I usually find out after I put my email address in it tells me that I already have an account with them.Da!

3.) When I was naming my children I wanted them to have nice normal everyday names. I really think Bethany, and Noah cannot get anymore normal. The only regret I have in naming my children is I wish I would have named Bethany Corin, Bethany Elizabeth. Get it my name is Echo and my first born would have been BETHany elizaBETH. Hee Hee. Beth Beth. Now I am starting to sound like those stupid people I wanted to smack.

2.) Echo Star Helstrom was a girlfriend to Bob Dylan in High School. She was his inspiration for a song called 'Girl of North County'. Anyway, Mom told me just a few and I mean few years ago that she read a bookabout Bob Dylan before I was born and that's were she first heard the name Echo. She said she just loved the name right away and that it always stuck with her. So when the crossword puzzle came she just knew that was going to be my name. I totally wish I would've know about that years ago. With my love of music to have been able to say something like 'well my Mom read a book about Bob Dylan and he had a girlfriend named Echo. Blah, blah, blah.

1) Now that I am a grown up I must say I absolutely without a doubt love my name. I think it totally fits me to a tee. I totally hope that it will be used again down the line somewhere. Maybe someone someday will say how did you get that name and they will say well 'my Mom's favorite aunt was' or 'My Dad's favorite Grandmother was' or 'I have a Great Aunt who lives in Georgia and she's the best.' Now that's what I call legacy.

Some of my creations

I really wanted to post this last night but for once I took the night off. I came home and slept in my chair from 5-6:30. Then Chris brought in dinner. We went to bed about 10pm and I got up this morning at 5:30am and I feel great. I highly recommend a night off once in awhile.

Now here are some of my creations that I am very pleased with.

Bethany Corin Kirkland School Picture 2006-2007

Lynsey Morgan Kirkland

Ethan Christopher Rauscher with his parents(courtney and chris)

Madi Leigh Kirkland (I still don't know how to spell Madi?)

Jonathon, Madi, and Jackson on Nanny's Farm.

Emma Mae Kirkland (Bethany thinks that this is her special baby)