Friday, June 5, 2009

Photostory Friday: Oh to turn Sweet Sixteen

PhotoStory Friday
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Well this Saturday is the Saturday. She actually turned 16 on Tuesday, and we went to dinner. Oh to be Sweet Sixteen again. It is such an exciting, and confusing time in your life.
Here are the things on her mind this week:

1.) Party Party Party!! The dress, the shoes, the hair, the place, the friends.........

2.) Learning to Drive Drive Drive! She has been in class this week.......3) Hanging out with friends, and relaxing. She has been spending alot of time with Erica. School is over for the year, her grades came in and they are good, so now she can chill......

4) Dustin Keyser. Her new 'boyfriend'. Hee Hee.

P.S. I wasn't really 'allowed' to put anything about Dustin on my blog per Lynsey. So, if you want to know about how he likes music, belongs on the school swim team, takes auto body, works at Winn Dixie, cleans boats, will do yard work, went to her recital with flowers, ect. you will have to ask her yourself. Hee Hee (I love you Lynsey)
P.S.S. I take that back I was allowed to say 1 thing and 1 thing only...... He is her 'Date' for her sweet sixteen party. Hee Hee (I do not feel I broke the pinky promise I just bent it)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer has arrived

Well this is the first week out of school. The children are bored out of their minds at home. Bethany called me several times yesterday to see what I was doing. Kelsea has been a big help this week with home. Lynsey has been a socail butterfly this whole week. Christopher has been going to summer school. And last, Noah has just been hanging out eating and watching TV.
Lynsey took this picture of them in the van the other day with Chris' cell phone.
this is a video of Bethany laughing very strangely. Hee Hee

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother/Daughter Dance, "Bringin Back the 80's" , Jessica Dominey school of Dance

This is it yall enjoy. Hee hee

Notice how she never says I should be in the adult class.... Hee Hee

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Series V on ABC

This fall this is coming to ABC. I remember it from the early 80's. I can't wait.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Weekend

Saturday May 30, 2009
We went to Madi's 4th Birthday. I didn't take any pictures of the party part, but I did ask Lynsey to run around with my camera at the pool. Thanks Lynz, and Happy Birthday Madi Girl.

I wanted my picture with Madi. She just wasn't feelin' it.

But givin' the chance to have a picture with Lynsey. Now that's another story. Hee hee. She is just a little cooler then me I guess.

Now for the other guests' at the pool.

We got Cooper a.k.a Shark boy. I loved his shark swimmy thing. very cute.

Bailey a.k.a frog princess. Her little swimmy thing was adorable. She also liked to play ball with me.

Christon and Reagan. I wish Christon would have swam with us.

Kelsea you can't really hide behind and inner tube.

This is the only picture I got of Amanda. She was really busy getting beat by Jonathon. Hee Hee. I love that even in the water Shelby has on her bow.

Sweet Katlyn. Oh how I never get tired of the counting 1 2 3 dance dance dance and jump. I could watch it all day.

Jackson. You are becoming a very strong little swimmer.

Little Corey. I am so glad you finally loved the water. And I loved it when you would say 'it's not so scary.'

Okay you know I love you Chris. but I think you need alittle sun. Hee Hee

Emma Mae. I love this picture of her.

Introducing the biggest Mama lover of all time Noah James.

Hey right back at ya Connie.

Sorry you were so uncomfortable Emma Mae. I will pay better attention next time.

I love these next three pictures together.


Pretty little Katlyn, and Big Corey.

Little Corey, and Karin.

Bethany, Ethan, McKenzie, and Chris

Shelby still swimming with her pink hair bow.

Saturday May 30, 2009 (morning)

Saturday morning we Christopher got baptized at the church. He was so excited.

This is Elder Potter, and Elder Stoker with Christopher. These are the Elders that taught Christopher the discussions. Elder Maxwell started with Elder Stoker but got moved to another area. Sorry Elder Maxwell. We loved both these Elders. They came over for dinner a bunch. The children thought Elder Potter was magical, and wanted to know where his wand was. Hee hee. Elder Stoker was personally my favorite. He had really great looking teeth. He is funny, and very musical. You boys will really be missed when you are gone.

Christopher, and his proud Daddy.

Me and Christopher have a great relationship. Sometimes he just gets me.

Bethany and Christopher can be close when Christopher lets Bethany boss him around. But when Christopher tries to boss Bethany they end up fighting.Hee Hee

Bubba and little bubba are there nicknames at home

The Dunn's came in from Waycross. They are not members of the Church but they are very supportive. We love them.

Christopher and Kelsea can be very tight at times. Then other times they can be fighting like cats and dogs. Today was a good day for them. She was so sweet with him, and helped him get ready. I will treasure this moment the next time they are not being sweet to each other.

Kelsea, Christopher, and Lynsey. Lynsey was happy for him even though she is dressed in all black.

Jonathon, and Christopher have a very blessed relationship. It's really great for your BFF to also be your cousin.

This is Christopher with his other family. Hee Hee. Aunt Amanda, and Uncle Josh. He spends alot of time at their house. I mean alot. He loves it there with them. Uncle Josh baptized Christopher, and Aunt Amanda gave a talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Grandma Pat was very supportive as well. Christopher was so thrilled when he tried on the suit she gave him.

Papa Farrell conducted, gave a talk on Baptism, and did Christopher's confirmation on Sunday morning. Christopher was so grateful.

Uncle Josh, and Christopher.
Right after the Baptism.

Christopher told the Bishop that this was one of the best days of his life. What a wonderful feeling.

Sunday May 31, 2009
We had a dance recital. I will post later this month with the girls in all of their outfits, and dances. However, for right now I am just going to show you the clothes for 'Back to the 80s' Mother Daughter Dance. The mix of music was Jam On It/Material Girl/PYT/Control. When I get the video up I will post it. Hee Hee. Bethany, Lynsey, and I were in the dance. Along with over ten other mother/daughter groups.

Do we look 80's enough for ya? Hee Hee.

Chris worked the light board for the dance school at the recital. I give him a big big thanks. The recital was very long. We got there at Noon and left at 8pm. His Mom came back and joined him and got some snuggle time with him. He's a Momma lover. Hmmmm I wondered where Noah got that from. He must take after his Dad. Hee hee

I am glad the weekend is over. I am so tired. Maybe this week will be slower now that the kids are out of school? Maybe.....