Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Years and counting.......

Well who knew that Chris and I would make it 10 years? Not to many I'm sure, but here we are 10 years together and counting......

I didn't think we were really going to get to do anything for our anniversary. I mean we talked about doing all kinds of things, but everything just sort of kept falling through. So, what we ended up doing was more perfect for us then anything else.
Chris had really no idea what any of the plans were. It was a surprise. I booked us a room in Jacksonville, Florida with a heart jacuzzi tub. We checked in on Wednesday night, and went to the Kennel Club to play poker in the Rookie tournament. Here is how the tournament works. You show up, sign up, and they give you the same amount of chips as everyone else. (free) The chips are free, but can only be used for this tournament. Anyway, everyone plays, and at the end you count your chips. If you have only been to the Poker Room 5 times or less you are considered a Rookie. You see others who aren't rookies like to play for other prizes like trophies, shirts, or cds...Anyway Chris always wanted to play real poker, and I love cards so we played against 27 other people. It was alot of fun. Guess who won the Rookie tournament?......

Me! Can you believe it? I won the first hand at our table, some in between, and the biggest pot for the last hand at our table. I had 131 chips. That's when I realized that I just won $40.00
Now once you win these chips you can either cash them out, or go to the main floor, and play. What do you think we did? We totally played poker until we took a break to eat the best sushi I ever had. They had this sushi bar there, and I now want it just thinking about it....LOL

Don't start worrying we are not going to become obsessed with poker, or gambling, but I do have to say I would like to go back....LOL I think Chris was happy that I won, but alittle sad that he didn't. In the end we cashed in all the chips, but I kept one....LOL

This is me with Aaron from Rock 105.
The next day we got up, and we went to the mall to get a new tire for the van. We did alittle shopping, and then headed across town to get me a new wedding band. The old one is to big now.

Then I had one more surprise for Chris. I took him to the Gun Gallery to rent handguns, and shoot at the shooting range.

I picked out this Smith & Wesson with .38 special.

It looks dangerous doesn't it?

I have to say I look good in the eye glasses, and head gear....
Chris isn't looking to bad himself...LOL

I think he had some kind of 45 Glock....

Are you scared yet? When I first went to shoot the gun I thought I might puke. I was so scared, and I really was chickening out. Then I thought 'Echo snap out of it. If you don't do this Chris will never let you live it down. Now put your big girl pants on and squeeze the trigger.'.....LOL

My little pep talk totally worked. I shoot three rounds, and had quite a rush.

I may look sassy in my pop art shirt, but I am dangerous!!

Here is my target's head....It's nice to know if I had to shoot something I could most likely hit the target.

Here is my target's body.....

Here is Chris' target....

Then we went back to the room, and relaxed. Then we headed over for dinner at the Olive Garden. Then we were off to Crackers for karaoke.

The locals told us it was a biker bar. I love biker bars. However, I was disappointed that this was the only biker looking guy in the whole place, and I don't think he really rode a bike to the bar?

Some cowboy came up and asked Chris if he could stare at me from across the bar...LOL Chris is like 'No that's my wife, and we have been married 10 years' I said 'Chris he can stare at me if he wants too....LOL' So he did stare at me...LOL Chris found it all really funny. Then the cowboy danced with a couple of different women before he came up to Chris and said 'Can I ask your wife to dance?' Chris said 'sure'....LOL So the guy asked me and I said 'yes'.....Chris thought the whole thing was so funny. We were having a good time...when we meet these people....

They were our biggest fans for the evening.

We were really having a good time when the DJ came and told us that the karaoke stopped at 11:30...we were confused because the hotel called earlier in the day to see what the time for karaoke was, and they were told it was from 9pm to close. However, come to find out the day shift person was wrong. We asked if we could pay a fee to have him stay. He informed it that the owner wouldn't allow it. Don't you find this just strange. We like your karaoke anyway stranger.

One last thing before I go. So, when I told Bethany we were going to the dog track to play poker she asked if we would bet on a dog. I said I just might pick out the best name and make a bet. She said if there is a dog named Orlando pick that one it will win, or just call me and tell me the names and I will tell you which one is the winner, you know I'm psychic.....LOL

So, I buy the dog racing book, and look it over. There wasn't any Orlando's, and we were busy so we didn't bet. However, I really like the dog named Cheeky Puppy. So at the end of the night I went to see if Cheeky Puppy won. Nope he didn't, but I do remember which number did. So, when I get home I ask Bethany to read over this race and tell me what you think. She reads them all out loud and then says 'I would pick number 3' (the name escapes my mind right now) I said are you sure? She said yes. I was floored she totally picked the winner.....maybe she is psychic....LOL

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lock-In 2010

We had lock-in at Glyndale Elementary School on November 12, 2010. It was for the 2nd-5th graders. It went really well. Everyone really had a good time. Here are some pictures of the event.
We started things off with pizza, and a movie. You were allowed to sit with anyone you wanted, and you were allowed to talk.

5th grade girls in the gym.
The 5th graders tried to make a didn't work so well...LOL
Then the 2nd through 4th grade went to the gym.

They did a raffle to see who got to put a pie in the Coach's face.

See the pie pan on the floor right there? Well everyone thought it was gross when one of the kids picked it up, and started eating the crust out of the pie dish. Others thought it was gross when the first kid swiped his finger across the Coach's face and ate it. Me, I thought the grossest thing ever was when one of the kids swiped the wall behind the Coach and ate it.....YUCK!!
They had assigned 2nd/3rd grade boys to one pod, 4th/5th grade boys to one pod, 2nd/3rd grade girls to one pod, and 4th/5th grade girls to one pod. Each pod had it's own chaperons.
I was one of two chaperons for the 4th/5th grade girls pod. We stayed up all night in our pod. We were the only pod that stayed up all night. The boys pods were the first ones asleep, then the other girl pod. Not everyone in the boys pod went to sleep. They had a small group of 4 boys that lasted almost all night, and then they had 2 that was up all night...You go boys....of course they totally want me to be the leader of their room next time, but Bethany already told me 'no way Jose'....LOL The girls in my pod really tried to stay up all night. Most made it to the wee small hours of the morning, but then fell right over where they were sitting...LOL
Shelby fell asleep 30 minutes before it was time to get up. Savannah, and Hannah made it all night long. One of my favorite things about this lock-in was meeting the other chaperon in my room. Her name was Judy Benner. She is the funniest person ever. We laughed all night long, and the girls really enjoyed us. I made the fortune tellers, and the girls used them on her. By the morning she was going to gain weight, fall in love, cry all day, go to college, get an A, see a unicorn, and have funny!!
When I made the fortune tellers for the girls I would write good fortunes, and then one bad one. Except for Savannah she wanted all bad fortunes...LOL
I wrote you will have B.O. on Shelby's but when she read it to someone she said you will have Bo...'what does that mean? who's Bo?'....I laughed and explained it was B.O. which is short for body odor....LOL
For next time, I will have more to do in my host pod. I will also have candy, and snacks to sell in my host pod. I will also see if Judy wants to be my Co-hoster...LOL I am also going to give my girls some awards at the end....oh I have pod will R-O-C-K!!
Amanda did such a good job organizing this thing. The teachers played guest appearance all night switching out....LOL Amanda made a really good breakfast for everyone....All in all I think it went well. We learned alot, and the kids had a GREAT time. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Well Bethany went to get her hair cut last week. Emma's Mom cut it. Noah was so happy to get Emma's phone number. He really misses her since she switched schools. We invited her over for dinner, and to play the Wii. Noah requested hot dogs, and mac&cheese. He said that's what ladies like. So, after dinner they all went back to play the Wii. Bethany and Emma played the Wii while Noah played with my guitar trying to write a song for Emma....LOL
She really was shy around Noah, and really played with Bethany....until it was time to leave. She was walking out the door, turned around and said 'Noah if you want to say good-bye you have to catch me'....LOL I never saw him jump up so fast in all my life...LOL he caught up with her, and of course bear hugged her, and picked her up off the ground...LOL....She knew he was going to do that. Chris said he thought he saw him give her a kiss on the cheek, but it was dark and I couldn't tell. Emma's Mom just laughed and said we will have to get together again....
Emma was the little girl that came to Noah's Birthday party. There is also a really cute story, and picture with Noah holding hands with Emma on the bus in Pre-K. This is where he tells me he would like to marry Emma....LOL

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 Cute Stories....

Who is this handsome young boy?
He thinks he looks like Jack Dawson from Titanic.....LOL
Or Scott Disick from 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'....LOL
It doesn't say much for me as a parent that my 6 year old knows about either.....LOL I wish I could say that I was letting his hair grow out on purpose, but it really is growing out because I am to lazy, and busy to get him to the barber....The other morning for school he wanted it to look like 'Jack Dawson' as I was doing it he had a big smile on his face. I said 'Bubba like it now because this week I'm taking you to the barber for a buzz.' He went from Happy Face to very Sad Face. Maybe I should let him grow it out? Maybe I'll tell him he can after the family picture....LOL

Did you ever find meaning on a carton of milk?
Well Bethany says to me and Jonathon 'If you point the arrow on the top of your milk carton to someone it means that you love them.'......Then all of a sudden she says 'One day Justin pointed his milk carton at me.' I say to Jonathon 'Did she just tell us that story so she could tell us that Justin is in love with her?'...we both laughed...
I looked closer at the milk carton and said 'Maybe where it says TO OPEN really means point this at a person TO OPEN their heart.'......LOL
Jonathon thinks I'm really funny....Bethany not so much...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Senior Photo Clothes Choices.....

We went and picked up some clothes for Lynsey's Senior Picture sessions this weekend. We are really looking forward to them.
Here is some ideas. Please comment on what you like, and what you don't. I have labled each with a number.....She will be doing a studio session, and a session at Nanny's farm....

1.) Pink formal dress

2.) black, and silver semi-formal

3.)black and white
4.)All black
5.)Grey, and white dress
6.)Bubble dress without jacket

7.) Bubble dress with jacket
8.)Navy blue, and white...for Family picture
9.)Zebra shirt, and black jeans
10.) Red outfit, black jeans
11.) Cream outfit, with boots
12.)Light pink, with jeans
13.) light pink with skirt
14.) Purple with black skirt
15.) Navy and black dress, with zebra heels
Noah had to get into the grove. He picked this outfit out himself. He looks so preppy. I love it.
There are alot of choices. So many that I just need some opinions. Really.