Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Can't forget the last minute sparkles.
Bethany a.k.a. Frankie Stein, and Jacyee a.k.a. Penguin

Ethan, Christopher, Noah, Jackson, Jonathon, Cooper
Fireman, Scream, Mummy, King Linus, Spartan, Ninja

Back row: MacKenzie, Emma Mae, Bethany, Jacyee
Fairy, Witch,Frankie Stein, Penguin
Front Row: Klark, Bailey, Madi, Kennedy
Princess, Candy Corn Witch, Belle, Bumble Bee
We love the 80's
I played the 80's music while we walked after the kids. We had such a good time, singing, dancing.....I think we had more fun then the kids....Yes, people wanted to be us, or maybe they just wish they were in our group....LOL

Amanda is totally awesome...totally!

Material Girl by Madonna comes on I look over to my left, and just see
Connie's head just a bobbin to the music....she is so rad!

A mummy, and a Mommy....LOL

My annual picture with Madi....LOL

The mummy fell asleep on the hay ride...LOL

But when he woke up he started taking pictures of himself in the van...LOL

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk Or Treat

I was very lame with the camera, and only took a few pictures at Trunk Or Treat.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted Stables 2010

We went to the Haunted Stables in Darien. It was an awesome good time.This is Noah's scary face.

This is Madi's scared face.

Cooper was so scared waiting outside he kept hiding his face in his Mom's shirt. He wouldn't let go.

I would like to say Jonathon was so excited he jumped into his Mom's arms, but I think he was scared...LOL

This is a fun group.

Yes we are a fun group.

This is Emma Mae's scary face...LOL I'm so scared.

Noah said he wasn't going to be scared.

Jonathon was scared, and his siblings were trying to hide his eyes.

This is Jonathon being scary...Are you scared?

Cooper showing me what scary is...LOL

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Ball....2010

Jane Macon had a Costume Ball. It was for the whole school. Chris and I played the music. They did really well. They had a lot of kids there. This is a girl I don't know, Alex (Christopher's girlfriend), Christopher, and Dante (Christopher's Best Friend). I think all the kids had a good time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bethany Student Council

Do you remember Bethany running for Student Council?
She was installed at the school. It was a nice short ceremony, and here is some pictures.
I know it looks like the boy Lucas McCoy behind Bethany is giving the middle finger. However, upon closer look I see it is double peace signs...LOL

She was so excited, and nervous.

While we were there we learned about all the great stuff this wonderful group of kids are going to be doing. All the stuff is right up Bethany's alley. You know nursing homes, shopping with a cop, ect.....In other words kids saving the planet, and stuff.....she loves to be a busy body...LOL
This is Bethany, Savannah, and Ashely. Three of the cutest 4th graders in the whole school. If I do say so myself, and of course I do

This is Mrs. Boggs with Bethany. She is one of the student council advisors, 4th grade teachers, Ashely's Mom, and all around really nice woman from Ohio. When I'm around her I feel like I'm spending time with my family form Ohio. She talks, and acts just like them. Very uptown girl meets down to earth girl...LOL We love her.

Random Camera Phone Pictures...again...

I do love getting picture messages. I'm not sure why, but I save them all.
On with the show.....
This is a butter bread that MJ made. She really likes butter, and just a touch of cinnamon & sugar...Yummy! I can't wait for her to make me one.

This is Bethany ready for Church. She loves the sassy flower in her hair, and has asked Aunt Courtney for some for Christmas. She was sad when Aunt Courtney showed up at the house and wanted her flower back...LOL Bethany had already decided which outfits she needed to wear to school that week to match the flower...LOL

I just got this one from Harm. It is Braxton's school picture. I know the boys love mohawks, but this is just a half mohawk.

Braxton and his friend ready for school. I love the Steeler shirts.

MJ does cheerleading, and she is an awesome flyer. Go MJ. Just remember what goes up MUST come down....
MJ always likes to send me pictures of what she is wearing....
This is Bethany with a Harajuku shower cap on. We found this shower cap at Sephora's in Jacksonville. They had a nice collection of Harajuku stuff. Bethany was in love with the cap, but Mama wasn't paying $30.00 for it...LOL
I like posting the random pictures from my camera phone, don't you?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tiger Prowel 2010

2 excited Boys
1 excited Dad
1 excited Mom
Equals one great day at the Tiger Prowel.....

Noah, and Jackson loved all the activities at Camp Tolochee...

First up is Archery.

Noah loves bows and arrows...
Jackson was really good with the bow and arrows.
Jackson's target on the left. Noah's target on the right.
Way to go boys...
Next up is BB's. We love to be safe.

Jackson did really good at the BB range.

Can you see where he hit the center. The next time we went he hit the center so many times, so close together that it made a big whole. You are awesome Jackson.

Noah was having a hard time with Jackson doing so well. He was stomping, and fitting. So, Uncle Josh tried to throw him in the lake to cool him off. LOL

This is my target. Not bad for a girl.
Next up wall climbing.

The boys went again, and again, and again.

We were part of the Bee Group. We had to make puppets.

Jackson, and Noah's puppets were really good. However, I made the best bee. Josh wouldn't make a bee at all. Party pooper. Anyway, I enjoyed the craft but we really needed pipe cleaners.LOL

Noah taking picture of me.

Noah taking a picture of Jackson.

Noah taking a picture of his friend.

Noah taking a picture of himself.
Jackson taking a picture of Noah.

This is the boys playing Ultimate Frisbee. I have to say I think this game was alittle unfair. The target starting points were not marked very well, but the boys didn't care they liked it. It reminded me of miniature golf, but with Frisbees. I hate miniature golf.

Noah with the camera again.

Next time someone complains that I never put bad photos of myself on my blog please remember this one.

I think this guy loves his job at the BB range.
This father and son team loved the archery course.