Thursday, August 13, 2009

Move over Michael Flatley here comes Noah Kirkland

Who is Michael Flatley? Well, he is the Lord of the Dance.......Noah started his first dance class yesterday. He also got his first pair of tap shoes yesterday. He was so excited about his first day of dance that he slept with his tap shoes on last night. I didn't realize until I went in to wake him up this morning. He also put his dance clothes on top of his dresser so he would be ready for next week.

Chris isn't really thrilled about Noah taking dance, but Noah wanted to do it so badly, and I thought it was a great idea. A compromise was made 'Noah could take dance until Noah didn't want to.' I think it is so sweet that Chris is so supporting about this. I know there is a big part of him that just wants to say no no no. But when he sees Noah love it like he does he just can't tell him no.
I will take some video really soon of Noah 'practicing' so yall can see.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update: June 2009

Well it is official I have become one of those bloggers I hate. I never post anymore...I do love to blog, I just haven't. I am busy, but thats really not the reason...I don't have a reason really I just haven't. So today I shall give an update about this summer, and start anew. I want to at least blog once a week. Let's see how long that lasts...LOL

My last post was on June 5th. Which means I have almost 3 months of stuff to write about.
Let's see June....
Well Lynsey turned 16 and we had a big party for her, and gave her a car. That was very stressful. The party turned out great and we had a really good time.

Then we went on the annual Kirkland Vacation. This year we stayed in a really big house in the Blue Ridge Mountains located in North Georgia. It was a really really big house.

This was Movie night. We went to see 'Up' with the kids, Lynsey and Andrew went and saw 'Land of the Lost'. Amanda got the kids the little matching wilderness badge shirts, and matching Minnie Mouse shirts. Very cute!

Once the pool was up and running we had tons of fun swimming. These were taken the night we went night swimming. Good form Amanda....

We were not the only creatures that thought night swimming was a good idea. This is Jackson trying to grab our new friend...

A group went white water rafting. It was very dangerous....Andrew lost his glasses, some fell out of the boat, and some were soar for a couple of days....

These were some of my favorite shots of the kids waiting to swim......

Emma Mae


Noah with his favorite color....

Bethany in her P.J.s with her goggles....
This was one of my favorite days on vacation. We went to Babyland, the cabbage patch kids hospital. It was like a little doll baby world.
On the way to Babyland Hospital we came across this little store. It was the funniest thing ever.
When we stopped I asked the guy why it was called Booger Hollow. I mean that has to be a funny story right. Well, he had no idea. Since he works there he must live near there, or I'm sure I'm not the only one to ask, right? He should have googled it like me.
Booger Hollow
Christopher, Lynsey, and Kelsea all left at the end of June, beginning of July to spend time with their Moms.

Next post will be about July......