Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tiger Prowel 2010

2 excited Boys
1 excited Dad
1 excited Mom
Equals one great day at the Tiger Prowel.....

Noah, and Jackson loved all the activities at Camp Tolochee...

First up is Archery.

Noah loves bows and arrows...
Jackson was really good with the bow and arrows.
Jackson's target on the left. Noah's target on the right.
Way to go boys...
Next up is BB's. We love to be safe.

Jackson did really good at the BB range.

Can you see where he hit the center. The next time we went he hit the center so many times, so close together that it made a big whole. You are awesome Jackson.

Noah was having a hard time with Jackson doing so well. He was stomping, and fitting. So, Uncle Josh tried to throw him in the lake to cool him off. LOL

This is my target. Not bad for a girl.
Next up wall climbing.

The boys went again, and again, and again.

We were part of the Bee Group. We had to make puppets.

Jackson, and Noah's puppets were really good. However, I made the best bee. Josh wouldn't make a bee at all. Party pooper. Anyway, I enjoyed the craft but we really needed pipe cleaners.LOL

Noah taking picture of me.

Noah taking a picture of Jackson.

Noah taking a picture of his friend.

Noah taking a picture of himself.
Jackson taking a picture of Noah.

This is the boys playing Ultimate Frisbee. I have to say I think this game was alittle unfair. The target starting points were not marked very well, but the boys didn't care they liked it. It reminded me of miniature golf, but with Frisbees. I hate miniature golf.

Noah with the camera again.

Next time someone complains that I never put bad photos of myself on my blog please remember this one.

I think this guy loves his job at the BB range.
This father and son team loved the archery course.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Doke does LOVE his job....he is Christopher's boy scout leader at 224!! He is great... Miranda