Sunday, October 3, 2010

Random Camera Phone Pictures

Pictures from the camera phone really aren't good for anything except the blog. I get a lot of pictures via text messaging. I really should start posting them here. So here is my first installment. If you didn't make this round just hold will at some point...LOL

This is McKayla Jade...she is totally sassy...

This is Mckayla & Braxton ready for school. I love MJ's harajuku back pack. Yes yall she is in love with the harajuku dolls as well....LOL I love MJ's head band.

This is Lynsey's solo costume. She is doing a solo this year to a musical theatre number called 'Cinema Italiano' from the show 'Nine'. If you haven't seen it either wait until I have a chance to post a link, or search on you tube for Kate Hudson Cinema Italiano......If you have seen it, I know it's for older girls....try to remember that Lynsey is a Senior in high school this year....

This is the dress that Kelsea picked out for homecoming. It's cute isn't it.....

That's a good start...stay tuned folks...I will try to post more camera phone pictures...LOL

Now that doesn't mean that yall should over load me with picture messages...LOL

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