Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TMI Tuesday (Dear Santa)

Dear Santa,

Okay Santa I am sending you the annual report. I have sat down and talked to each of the children about their Christmas lists. I know you don’t have all day so let’s get started.

Lynsey wants nothing and everything at the same time. You know how teens can be. One minute all is right with the world and the next it is the end of the world. Like the other night when she was crying about her grades and I was singing ‘It’s my grades and I can cry if I want to’. Hee Hee Even though she has those moments of snootiness, and rudeness, and unhelpfulness she has more moments of helpfulness, kindness, and sweetness. With this in mind here is what she has dropped hints about for Christmas.
- a stereo that plays CD, Radio, and iPod
- two shelves for her room
- clothes from American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale
- a new cell phone (even though she just got a new cell phone in June)
- a car
- stuff from Victoria Secrets
- a Wii
- a dance mat for the PSP2
- a new dance game for the PSP2
- a itunes gift card
- gift cards for anywhere
- a credit card
- money
- her room extended to the end of the porch
- her very own dance studio built on to the side of the house
- to be an only child
- for the younger children to do what she says
- for her friends to live at our house

Kelsea wants only the best that life as to offer. She is a preteen and you know that she feels entitled to all the rights and privileges her older sister has. Even though she has her moments of blaming everyone else for everything, slacking off, and going head to head with me every chance she gets. Hee Hee. She has very sweet moments as well. I see her with Noah, and Aunt Amanda and she is a totally different person. She is confident, kind, and yielding. She has had a lot of break throughs this year. She takes responsibility for her school work. (no more excuses) She has been more helpful around the house, and more helpful with her younger siblings. With this in mind these are the things she has been talking about wanting.
- a new camera
- a lap top
- a hair straightener
- jewelry
- to be an only child
- to live in Pennsylvania
- to never to do homework
- to have her own room
- to have a skateboard ramp built
- to have power over Christopher, and Bethany
- to be able to have Lynsey listen to her
- to be able to feel like she can trust Lynsey
- to have Noah stop giving her the evil eye
- to be able to quit school
- to sleep in every morning
- to have clothes from only Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle
- a pool
- a Wii

Christopher doesn’t want a lot but what he does want costs a lot. As you know he has been through a lot of changes this year. He has moved in with us full time, and gone back to public school. Everyday is a new day. Also I hope everyday that he can remember something from the day before. We have been working really hard to stop bad behavior and sometimes we are successful, and sometimes we are not. However, he has not given up. He has moments that make me crazy, and other times we are so on the same page it is scary. Hee Hee. He can be so sweet to everyone. He doesn’t know a stranger in his life. He spends most of his time with Noah. They just seem to get each other. He also spends a great deal of time with Aunt Amanda. She seems to be someone he really listens to. He has asked for a few things this year.
- a PSP hand held
- a Wii
- games for both of them
- new games for his DS
- stuff to do with soccer
- his own room
- to see Sara
- to see his Mom in Atlanta
- to do better in school
- skates

Bethany wants everything she sees even junk. I call her my junkaholic. Hee Hee. A lot has gone on with her this year. All of her older siblings moving in has been a big adjustment for her. She is starting to not remember what life was like before. I don’t have to ever worry about her being put off because she demands her fair share of attention. She is spoiled by both of her older sisters, and Christopher does what she says most of the time. Now Noah and Bethany have a strange sort of love hate relationship. She becomes friends with everyone she comes in contact with. She loves the little babies in the family like Ethan, McKenzie, and Emma Mae. She reminds me of the days when Lynsey was 7 and Bethany was a baby. If I could just get her to clean up her room and keep it clean.
Here is what Bethany is asking for this year.
- a Wii
- games for her VSmile
- a DS
- Miley Cyrus Barbie
- Jake Barbie
- Oliver Barbie
- Lily Barbie
- The Ricco Shack
- Littlest pet shops anything
- Crafts
- Make up
- Music for her ipod
- A cell phone
- A radio that plays CDs, Radio, and iPod
- A DVD player for her room
- Money
- Gift cards
- Clothes with a lot of bling
- Jewelry
- Junk
- Anything sassy
- To go to Pennsylvania
- To have her own room
- To have her own dance studio built on to the house
- Solo lessons for dance
- A stage built in the back of the house were she can perform
- A room of mirrors so she can watch herself all the time

Noah James wants everything. What can I say he is 4 years old. Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he doesn’t listen on purpose. Kelsea is his favorite and he knows how to work her last nerve. Hee Hee. Actually he really knows how to get what he wants from each of his siblings. I refer to him as my mass manipulator. Hee Hee. He started PreK this year and that has been a little bit of an adjustment. You never know what Noah will say next. He does like to perform on demand, and sometimes without being asked. He wants to marry every girl and animal he comes into contact with. Hee Hee. He is still a work in progress. These are some of the things he wants for Christmas.
- a Wii
- a DS
- games for both
- to take dance classes
- to do soccer
- to have a pool
- to sleep on the floor every night
- to never clean up his room
- to be the boss of all his siblings
- to be the boss of the entire world
- to perform and get praise on demand
- to be the cutest, and most loveable
- to be the center of attention
- to live at Aunt Amanda’s when he wants and then come home
- to see Jackson Burke everyday
- a cell phone
- to wear make-up
- to have his nails painted red or black
- to have glasses
- to have a skateboard ramp built in the back yard
- a pool
- a cow, a pig, a horse, and some chickens (not the kind you eat but alive)
- to live in Pennsylvania with Aunt Harmony then come home
- to have a bigger bedroom to share with Bubba
- cable TV in his bedroom
- an iPod
- a motorcycle
- a four wheeler
- a bee bee gun
- a truck
- to be the oldest child but get treated like the baby
- to go back in Mommy’s tummy and come out when he wants too
(Noah’s list would never end so I must stop now)

Santa I explained to the children that they would be unable to get everything they are wishing for because 1 some of them are really blessings and 2 you can’t have everything. I also explained to the children that not everybody can have a Wii. I mean it is a hard thing to get, and only the best kids are getting one this year. I also have explained to the older children that the economy was not good and Christmas was going to reflect that this year. Oh Santa being a parent is a tough job. I know that you will be fair, kind, and generous.


P.S. I forgot to mention what Chris and I would like for Christmas this year. We would like a Nanny, a Chef, and a Housekeeper. We would of course share these items with the rest of the family. As individuals Chris would like a hunting cabin, and I would like more hours in the day. Hee Hee


gigi said...

WOW, what a list and all I have to say is POOR SANTA!!!!!!!!! Good luck with that. Sign me up to share the nanny, chef and housekeeper, please!

Amanda said...

That was the best thing you've ever written. I love it. I think you explained them all to a tee. Good luck with the wii!! And maybe you add on to Lynsey's room and make it a partial dance studio. But you only have 35 more days to get to work.

Amanda said...

Also, I forgot to mention that Bethany (junkieholic) told me how she got a run in her tights so rather than throw them away she cut them. Now, they are short tights. Which is an oxymoron, right? Hilarious. I get such a kick out of your kids.