Thursday, November 20, 2008

13 Thursday Reasons we need to getaway

13 Thursday: Reasons we need to have a getaway weekend.






6.) Oh the bathroom project. Oh how I hate it. We need to step away from this for a few days before it ruins our marriage.

7.) Hopefully this little terror will be gone when I get home.

(no pictures of work)

9.)My High School reunion is this weekend.

10.) We have been married 8 years. Happy Anniversary. (love this clip)

11.)It is a chance to see this lovely lady on the right. (harmony my sister). Now don't get upset lady on the left (Becky) I hope to see you as well. But I really really miss my sister.

12.)Chrismas is a month away and I do not have really any ready. I have barely done any Christmas shopping, no decorations are up. I will not think about this over this weekend.

13.)Who the heck is this person? I need to go and find out. It has been to long since I have put any effort in our relationship. Since I want to stay married to this crazy looking person I better get to work.
When I first saw this photo of Chris I was thinking he was looking kind of cray like Jack Nicholson in 'The Shinning'. However all I could find is this photo. Do they both have that crazy look in their eyes?

I will have tons and tons to post when I get back.
love ya

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Ruth Ann said...

That photo is funny! He does remind me of Jack Nicholson from the shining! lol
Thanks for visiting my blog. As you know since you use to live here, we have no craft stores around! I happened to be in Monroeville and they have a Pat Catans! It was fun, I bought an organizer for my crafts and a three foot christmas tree to match the one I already have at my fireplace. I love that store! Have you ever gone there? Talk to you soon! And hope you plan to dress warmly if you are visiting this weekend! We're expected to have a little snowstorm here tonight! :)