Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Family,

I found these pictures in with some other old pictures of Chris'. Can someone please tell me who these people are?





I found these pictures as well, and scanned them with my computer. Hee Hee. Any great stories about these pictures would be fun. I am making copies of them to put in the scrapbook and would love to have stories to go with them. For this first picture I am looking for any stories that you can remember about when Pat and Farrell first brought the boys home. For the second picture I am looking for any stories about the wedding.


kathy said...

Okay, I know something about both of those pictures of Chris. When Farrel and Pat first gotk Chris and Ben, my parents owned Kwik Stop on the Old Jesup Road, where my office is now. I remember the day that they brought them home, seems like it was fairly late, at least it was already dark outside, they came by the our little Mom and Pop grocery store, so I think we were some of the first people to see them! Pat and Farrel were so excited! We had a little wall that had some inexpensive toys and I remember the boys each got a toy--can't remember whether Daddy gave it to them of if Pat and Farrel paid! Knowing Brother Mills, it could have gone either way! I think Chris had on a little belt and Pat was asking him who else wears a belt? She wanted him to say "Daddy" but I think the kids were probably so wound up they didn't know what was going on! They sure did turn out to win the jackpot in the family department, didn't they? And, I remember we had a shower for them shortly after they got here.

kathy said...

And the other picture is Chris with Heather Flanagan being the flower girl and ringbearer at Sharon Mills and Mike Pittman's wedding back in 1978. That's Brother Joe Brown who performed the wedding. I, naturally was gorgeous as the only attendant and Mike's brother David was the best man. Benjy got mad and wouldn't talk to Sharon or Mike because he was jealous that he wasn't the ringbearer, but I think they bought him a toy and then he was okay with it. And,by the way, this was at the old chapel on the southend of town. If you enlarge the picture, you can see my Dad's bald head in the front row, that's my brother Steve right behind him, and I think that's my Granddaddy Bray behind him. If you enlarge, you can also see me right behind Chris, I had on a yellow hat and a yellow dress with a yellow lace cape that my mother made. Man, that was along time ago, and doesn't Christoper look just like Chris!

echoeve said...

Pat called and said that picture one was Nanny's dad Claude Griffis, and picture two was Nanny's Dad and Mom, Claude and Beadie Griffis.

gigi said...

Claude Griffis

Claude and Beadie Griffis

Harry's grandpa and grandma. Harry was named after him, Claude Harry Griffis.

Actually, they carried the Initials over hence:

Charles Hamilton Griffis

Claude Hulbert Griffis

Clemon Hershel Griffis

Claude Harry Griffis

Carlos Harrison Griffis

When I told Christon that Harrison's first son had to be named with the initial's C.H. She wasn't so happy but really did look for names for a son. I think she was really happy she had girls. I did tell her before she married Harrison just like I was told the same thing before I married Harry. I didn't want to name Harrison, Carlos, I wanted to name him Chad. Harry named him Carlos after my Grandpa, Carlos Lincoln.
I know that this was way to much information. But you asked :)

UtahGma&Gpa said...

You know most of the story, #1 picture of grandpa Claude Hulbert Griffis, ask Nanny when it was taken. #2 picture of Claude & Beadie Kirkland Griffis was taken on their wedding day. They were married on Sept. 19, (I think the year was 1924. (Again, ask Nanny about the year)

Farrel & Pat had Chris & Benji for a short time. We drove to Georgia with 5 children, to see the family. We took the kids to the beach & Ken was not too crazy about the beach. We were there for July 4th, Ken loved the fireworks & the matches!! Sometime remind me & I'll tell you some private memories. Farrel & Pat really loved & love those boys.

Amanda said...

I'll bet that dress Kathy had on was lovely. Wish I could see it better.

Glad your scanner is working so well for you!!

And that pic of Chris and Ben is too cute.