Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was a ton of fun this year.

This is Christopher dressed as Commandar Cody from Star Wars. He was so excited.

Because Christopher was Commandar Cody, Noah wanted to know what his name was. When I told him he was a Clone he asked No Mama what is my Name? I said you are Clone Noah. He thought that was GREAT! We called him Clone Noah all night.

Commandar Cody and Clone Noah's battle look.

Commandar Cody and Clone Noah's I'm Hot and You're Not look.

Bethany wanted to be Barbie Fairytopia. She only complained once about being cold and that was after dark. I am glad we took her Hello Kitty jacket. She even carried that little doll and called her Bobble (from the movie) until Emma Mae fell in love with it. Thank for sharing Bethany.

Princess Emma Mae

Princess Madi Leigh

Once we got over to Josh and Amanda's annual hay ride Commandar Cody (Christopher) and Darth Vader (Jonathon) had to have an important meeting about how to lead the people in the Kirkland Kingdom. Hee Hee

After they had their meeting they got their clones in order. The Blue Power Ranger (Cooper) decided to join forces with Clone Noah and Clone Jackson.

The Clones were getting restless, and wanted to get started.

Emma Mae found a new friend.

While we were riding around on the hayride I decided to take some pictures of myself. Here we go. **I am still learning.**

Clone Noah, and Me

Me hiding behind Clone Noah. He is protecting me.

I don't like any pictures of me. But if I had to pick one at my current weight this would be the one I would pick. (Yes I took it myself)

This was right before Amanda annouced to the children for the final time that we were not going to say 'Trick or Treat smell my feet'. Hee Hee.

This is Clone Meme. Hee Hee

You know I was worried that no little princesses would ever love me. I guess I was just crazy. This little princess loves me lots and lots. Thank you Madi for all the snuggles on the hayride. (I took both of these pictures too.)


Ruth of Allover Art said...

How cute! Everyone looked great. :)

gigi said...

These are really great pictures and It looks like all of yall had a great time, smelly feet or not...

Amanda said...

You love that last pic because she's all snuggled on you and because you love that you're letting her suck her thumb, too, right? You should have shared how Bethany brought back candy for Madi everytime.

Love the pics you got, you little photographer you.

Echo's Karen said...

I love the last pic too...my favorite of both of you. You are nurturing by nature and you can tell by the look on your face. I love that about you!!! I have finally caught up on all the blogs!! I have missed you so much! BTW - Terrific Three sounds great!! I love it!!