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Reconnecting with the class of 1993 (part 2)

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My back never did feel better. I did walk outside in the freezing cold and across the property in just my robe. No one saw me naked. (thank goodness) Chris did love the spa. He wants to go to the spa again asap. (I still think is very manly) Yes we went to the reunion.

We clean up pretty good don't we. We were on our way to the Uniontown High School class of 1993 reunion at the Holiday Inn. Go RED RAIDERS. Hee hee

So they gave me a name tag that said Echo Uphold Kirkland and they gave my husband a tag that said Chris Kirkland. I kept teasing him saying it should say Echo's husband. Hee hee or maybe Urban Cowboy. Hee Hee.

This is a picture of Amanda and John Marrietta, and me. I went to school with John. I think he was the one who had changed the most. I mean I remember a boy who was tall thin and had blonde hair. He looks really great, and he couldn't have been nicer to me. I would love to have more time to talk to him, and I hope we can keep in touch.

This is me Karen Miller's husband Ed, Moreen, and Lisa. I remember Mo and Lisa from high school. I remember thinking that they were really cute, and always seemed to have themselves together. They have turned out to be very nice women. (I am only looking at Ed like this because he wasn't there a second ago.)

This is Carrie Lawson, me, Bobby Jo Snyder, and Holly Murphy's husband Phil. I hadn't seen Carrie Lawson for over 10 years. The last time I saw her she was working at the Doctor's office. She now lives out of state, and I think she said she is still a nurse. When I saw Bobby Jo come in it took everything I had not to start yelling her name. We used to do that all the time walking up and down the hallways. The memory came flooding back like it was yesterday. It seems like I remember Phil from school as well. I think he was an upperclassmen, but I don't remember? anyone else remember?

This is me, Karen Miller's husband Ed, and Jennifer Havonic. Jen married her High School Sweetheart Ben Kern. (he is in a later photo) She was pretty much running the show. She had alot of help of course, but in the end she was the go to gal. Thanks Jen.

This is Bobby Delansky, me and Heather Spa. Bobby was real nice he came over and we talked for a few minutes. He still looks the same, but he was so different. Thanks Bobby. Heather is married to Rob. Rob was an upperclassmen. She still looks just as pretty as she did in high school.

This is Keith Jefferies, and me. I was standing next to him and he said 'hey Echo do you remember me', and I must say my mind just went totally blank. I mean the face I knew the name I couldn't remember. I said 'yes but you lost alot of weight since high school'. (i'm a jerk) but in my defense he has lost the weight and he looks really good. Anyway after finding out that he is a teacher at our old school I understood. You see I never do well when teachers put me on the spot. Hee hee Seriously, I did talk to Keith about his programs at the High School. Anyway, Keith married an upper classwomen. She was a Senior when we were fresheman. The name as escaped me, and I blame it all on Keith being a teacher. Hee Hee

This is Marsha Gotez, and me. Marsha is now in the Airforce. She believes that it is her true calling in life, and she loves it. I am happy for her. She really looks alot like she did in school. She looks really good.

This is me, and Bruce Kern (Jennifer Havonic's husband). He works for Verizon now. He and Jen have recently vacationed at Disney in Fl. I was really glad to see him and spend a few minutes with him. I hope to keep in touch with both of them.

This is Lisa Shiffbauer, and Ed (Karen Miller's husband). (lisa I know I butchered your name I am sorry. I hope I don't butcher the rest) Anyway, Lisa used to take karate classes from Ed. Lisa is married to a man named Greg, and they live out of state.

This is me, Rachel Lyndsey, Holly Murphy, Karen Miller, and Bobby Jo Snyder.

This is Jennifer Hager, and Karen Miller. Jennifer is married to Michael Glisan. Michael was an upperclassmen. Jennifer has a son and a set of twins. I got to know more of Jenn after high school. I really enjoy her when I have the chance to hang out with her.

On to the dancing. We loved dancing to songs like:
Pour Some Sugar On Me, Bust A Move, End of the Road, actually anything from high school.

This is Stephanie Petrucci and Jessica Speden (sorry if I messed the spelling up girls) Anyway except for Jessica having short hair now they look almost the same. Now they are beautiful women instead of pretty girls.

I am not sure who the first two women are (sorry), but I know who the blonde is. That is Jen she is married to Mike Shiffbauer (sorry if I butchered the name.) I only meet her briefly but I thought she totally fit in and was really fun.

Me, Karen Miller, Holly Murphy, and Bobby Jo Snyder

This is Bobbi Anderson, and Karen Miller

This is Bernice Middleton(Carl Middleton's wife) Bobbi Anderson, I am not sure, Jen Shiffbauer (Mike Shiffbauer's wife), I am not sure, Holly Murphy, Karen Miller, Me, and Bobby Jo Snyder

Carl Middleton and his wife Bernice sat at my table. Carl is a doctor and lives in Texas. Bobbi Anderson sat at our table as well. She is a teacher and lives in Virginia.

We took a class photo. (in advance, I didn't know all the names. I really did know all the faces I just couldn't remember all the names. Sorry. Also, I know that some of the spelling is bad, but I really did my best.)
First Row all men: Not Sure, Ben Caldwell, Butchie Teets, Bobby Delansky, Will something, not sure, Brian Thomas, Michael VanSickle, Scott Lambie, John Marietta, not sure, not sure, Carl Middleton
Second row all women: Jennifer Havanic, Nonny Price, Stephanie Petrucci, not sure, Jessica Speden, not sure, Jennifer Freestone, not sure, Bobbi Anderson, Me, Sharon Dugan, Beth something, not sure, not sure, not sure
Third row all women: Lisa Shiffbauer, Karen Miller, Carrie Lawson, Marsha Gotez, Holly Murphy, Jennifer Hager, Heather Spa, Rachel Lyndsey, Bobbi Jo Snyder, Kathryn Risha
Fourth row men sitting on floor: Bruce Kern, Larry Swagger, Brad White, Michael Shiffbauer, not sure, not sure

Now for what I remember of everyone else.
Butchie is married and has a son. His wife's family calls him Charlie. Yes I asked him 'when did you grow up.' (I'm always going to be the same.)
I got a hug from Scott Lambie but I didn't get to talk to him really. He had a pretty women with him, but I don't know who she is?
Michael VanSickle had a pretty women with him as well. I think they are married.
Larry Swagger had a women with him and I think they are married and have a child.
Brad White brought his wife. He and his brothers have a company that deals with gas of some kind.
Jennifer Freestone lives in Uniontown and just bought a house. She traveled alot before she finally settled here.
They had some triva about some people and here is what I learned.
Nonny Price was on the Price is Right and won a car and some cash.
Lisa Shiffbauer has been in 6 car accidents and she says none of them are her fault.
Brian Thomas just got married to his girlfriend after dating for 9 years.
Other than that there wasn't any really good gossip. It was just really great to see everyone.
One last thing. If you look in the picture at me look right behind me. That is Brian Thomas. He was my High School sweetheart. Isn't it funny that he was right behind me. After the picture I told him that. He said yeah it is funny. However, I don't think he thought it was as funny or as ironic as I thought it was. Chris (my husband) thought it was really funny.
P.S. my husband Chris couldn't have been greater. He was wonderful. I could never thank him enough.

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