Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getaway weekend

I am getting really excited about Chris and I's little trip out of town. We are leaving on a Thursday night and flying to my hometown. We are going there for my 15 year class reunion. It just so happens that it will also be our 8 year wedding anniversary. So, instead of staying at the 'Harmony Inn' or the 'Dad Express' I called my Aunt and asked if she could hook us up. She totally hooked us up. Thanks Aunt Rosa you are the best. We will be staying at Nemicoln Woodlands Resort and Spa. We will be staying at the Chateau LaFayette . Oh La La.

Designed to replicate the famous Ritz Paris in France, guestrooms in the Chateau LaFayette come with vaulted ceilings and crystal chandeliers.
I am so excited. I used to work at Nemicoln years ago. Well 8 years ago. I left Nemicoln, and moved to Georgia. I am very excited to be a guest.
I really want to go to the Toy Store. It really isn't a toy store it is a showroom for early 1900 cars. Chris is going to love love love it.
I really want to take the 45million dollar art tour.
I also want to surprise Chris with a couple of things. maybe a couples massage, and/or we could do the off road driving academy (Hummers and big mountains).


gigi said...

Wow what a fun and posh looking place! You are going to have such fun.

The Griffis 4 said...

looks jealous! have a great time!!!!

kathy said...

My only suggestion is that you not use plastic Walmart bags as luggage--or if you do, buy the recyclable bags for .99! Have fun!


Lynsey said...

thats not fair!!!!