Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thirteen Thursday (Random Thoughts)

1.) Well we found out the DNA test results today. Benji is a Father. His son was born in October 2008. The baby's name is David Matthew Kirkland. Congrats. (I wish I had room for one more?)

2.) They are building a master bathroom at my house. It is a mess. I am excited about this bathroom. You could totally put a blow up mattress in there for company. Whenever you want to stay come on over.

3.) I am getting very excited about my 15 year class reunion. But even more so I am excited about flying home with just my husband for a getaway weekend.

4.) Chris and I will have been married for 8 years on Nov. 18. The Kirkland's had been praying for me for a long time before I came. They just didn't know I had arrived when I got here. I love this family.

5.) I am very unhappy about the closeness my sister has with the Fab 5 in Pennsylvania. Don't get me wrong I am very thankful that she has good friends, but it still makes me sad. Maybe my Karin and Amanda want to be the terrific 3? (if more people want in I am sure I can come up with more adjectives)

6.) Michael Buble will not be releasing another CD until 2009. Which mean he won't be on tour until the end of 2009 or 2010. I am very sad. I mean how am I suppose to stalk him if he is not around?

7.) I want to scrapbook, and play with my printer.

8.) I wish my house was clean.

9.) I wish my van was clean.

10.) I wish this weight would come off faster.

11.) I don't want to start to think about Christmas presents yet, but I will have to.

12.) The girl's Mom (Debbi) will be moving to Pennsylvania in December. The girls will stay with Chris and I. I think that this will be a tough for the girls, but I think we will make it work.

13.) I feel like there should be more.

1 comment:

gigi said...

That's a post load!


Master bathroom?

15 years?

8 years?

I'll join and we could be the 'fantastic 4'

Michael Buble? I'm so sad, does he have a Christmas CD? I would love to have it if he does, would you buy it for me, Please, with a cherry on top!

Christmas, oh my! I hate the reminder on your side layout. It makes me sweat and I don't sweat purty.

And Debbie moving.

What could you possibly add the this post! No wait, please no more my heart can't take it!!!