Friday, November 28, 2008

Reconnecting part 3 the after party

After the reunion was over we went back up to the mountains to a place called 'The Pit Stop'
Its just a small country bar. It was fun, until it wasn't..........

What would an after party be without dancing.

This is my 'I'm Hot and Your Not' (I look stupid so I will not be doing this ever again)
Chris thinks he's a cowboy.
Canya loved the hat
P.J. was tired, and Angie said she had a pillow. Hee Hee
I love to sing Karaoke. I am singing 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'

This is Treasa. I have been friends with her for years.

This is Treasa's Daughter Amber. I haven't seen them for years. There was a time in my life when I thought we would've been family. Oh well. Miss you girls.

After this was when I decided to try to take some self portraits. Now remember I am not really good at this.
This is Dianna Rhoades, and me.

Me and Casey Martin.

Angie Kasouff, and me.

Mindy Anderson, and Me.

Me and Ashely.

The night was going pretty well until this cowboy. (Chris)

And this guy. (Mark)

got into an almost fight. Things went bad really fast. Chris and I found ourselves in a place filled with people who were close, and we were outsiders. It didn't matter that I had lived there and knew most of them. It also didn't matter that Mark was saying some pretty bad stuff about me to Chris. Chris and I left. Then I went back inside and yelled at everyone, and said some really awful, and unforgiveable things to my sister. So, now we are not talking. It was a sad night. It has been a sad week.
When we got back to the hotel it was like 2 in the morning. We packed.
We got up early and left Nemicoln. We ate at Bob Evans on the way to my Mother's.
We got back to the house after 10:30pm.
All in all I think the trip was pretty good. We got to leave the drama behind, but we found new drama when we got there. I hate that.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I had hoped it would be a good day, but it wasn't. We woke up and realized that Christopher had pink eye. So Chris took Bethany, and Noah to Pat's for dinner. I stayed home with Christopher. I finally talked to Harmony in the morning, but we got into a giant fight. I ate, took a nap, and played PSP2 with Christopher. Happy Thanksgiving.

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gigi said...

Family fights are the worse. I'm sorry about that and I really missed you and lil Chris yesterday.