Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The Kirkland Family 2004

Row one: Christopher, Kelsea, Noah, Jackson, Bethany, Jonathon

Row two:Chris, Courtney, Nanny, Kayla, Andrew

Row three: Chris, Lynsey, Echo, Farrell, Grandpa, Pat, Amanda, Josh

Row four: Ben, Laura

I love this picture. When I look at this picture I can see two wonderful things:

1.) How much the Kirkland family has changed physically.

2.) How much the Kirkland family has changed emotionally.

Some for the good, and some for the bad.

Some we changed ourselves, and somethings were out of our control.

But in the end we are still an eternal family.


Ruth Ann said...

I love this photo! I love whenever families wear matching shirts, especially white shirts! That's a great photo that you'll cherish forever!

Amanda said...

That's my baby on the ground and I was pregnant again with Madi by that point, I think. We need to do another pic soon. Even if it's just of the grandkids. They are just growing so fast and I would like to have Mackenzie and Ethan in one.

gigi said...

Love it!