Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy weekend

Chris and Corey have been really busy this week trying to get things done at the house. They tore out the hallway and replaced the floor. Chris is going to put town press tile. Then they fixed the fireplace. Chris and Corey also finished up the lights in the kitchen. I can really see and the lights look great.

Nancy is coming to clean tomorrow. I will take pictures after she leaves. Hee Hee.

I wonder why Leah who was the winner of the 100th post contest never posted what she won. I sent her sunflowers. The arrangement was beautiful. It should have looked like this.

I sent her my favorite flowers. Maybe she isn't into sunflowers?

Friday night I went to Karen's and we stayed up really late and scrapbooked. It was fun. I love spending time with her. We had breakfast for dinner.
Saturday I took the girls for pedi's. Lynsey got her hair done for homecoming.
She was beautiful for homecoming. I will post pictures soon. Sunday I didn't do much of anything. I cooked chili, and made beans. Yummy.
I worked on the kids school pictures which are very cute. I want to hang all of them above the fire place.


Leah said...

I am truly sorry. I did in fact get the flowers and I was very excited. I was just commenting how I had never been sent flowers and then here they come. Thank you so much. I still plan on posting about them. Sorry for the delay.

gigi said...

Sounds like a productive weekend to me. At least you weren't hacking up a lung like we were doing at this house!