Friday, October 17, 2008

13 Thursday '13 reasons crashing your new van stinks'

Okay so Wednesday morning I was rushing around trying to get out the door in time just like everyday. Kelsea and I jumped in the new van just like every morning. That's when the craziness started. I started the van, started backing up, and crashed right into the side of the old van.

Drama everyday!

1 I just bought that van at the end of July
2 Because it is new, and they changed the model for this year you cannot go to the junk yard
to get a replacement part.
3 Chris just fixed the dent in the gray van, and I hit the gray van in the same exact spot.
4 Yes I know I have a TV in the front and a camera off the back and yes it was right there on
the screen (wish I was looking at it)
5 No the mirrors were not blocked, and they were adjusted to my height (I didn’t look)
6 No the widows were not covered with anything (I didn't look)
7 No the censor in the back was working, and yes it was beeping (I was just tuning everything
8 No I wasn't concerned with the radio.
9 No Kelsea wasn't talking to me
10 No I wasn't concerning myself with my cell phone.
11 It's all my fault and I can't blame anyone else.
12 Instead of saying I am so mad I could curse I started swearing like a sailor. It just came out of
my mouth like it was my everyday speech.
13 The only good thing that has come of this is the following: At least I am the one who messed
up the brand new van. I don't want to be mad at anyone as mad as I was at myself.

I flattened the old van. I cracked the tail light on the new van. Chris thinks he might be able to hand buff out the rest. I mean I wasn't going fast.

If this was a Steven King novel it would have happened because the new van saw the old van, and the new van was teaching the old van a lesson. A lesson like get out of my driveway this is my family now.

But of course this is real life and what happened was 'I just wasn't paying attention.' I mean I could use alot of excuses like
I was running late
my mind was thinking about the million things a Mother's mind thinks of all the time
It just happened so fast.

Any stories you can share about hitting another car would help with my self esteem at this time.


gigi said...

All I have to offer is I'm sorry. That really sucks! Hope chris can fix things for ya. You need a ((hug))

Amanda said...

Did I ever tell you about the time that I was at a yeild sign and a man rearended me? I got out and immediately started apologizing. I had been in so many accidents that I was sure it was my fault. The man's car was a rental and he said it wasn't that bad and that as long as I wasn't worried about the mess my car was in that he was fine with the scratches on his car and that he didn't think he needed to tell anyone about it. It wasn't til a few months later that it occured to me that the accident was not my fault...