Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bethany's Delemma

Bethany Ah! Bethany what a pretty little girl. You see she is very prissy. Well maybe not all that. She can get down and dirty just as good as her brothers and boy cousins. BUT she sure does look like she could be prissy.

Although she is very pretty and likes girly things she has a big secret. I will expose this secret, and hope that she will not hate me forever. You see under all that prettiness there is something lurking that she is very embarrassed by, and I shall share it with all my blogging friends. Most of you are girls and will understand her shame.

(please click on the picture to enlarge to get the full effect)

I don'think this is the best picture to show my daugthers delemia, but I think it is good enough for you to see. She really hates her dark hairy legs. Poor thing. She wore a dress yesterday to school and wore her thick tan dance tights so you couldn't see her hairy legs. Now that autum has come is seems the hair is getting darker and she is really bothered by it. She said something to Lynsey the other day, and Lynsey agreed that they were getting worse. So they came to me and asked if she could shave which I said no. BUT after looking my heart wants to say yes.
I said Bethany I just think you are to young to shave, it could be dangerous. Lynsey said Meme I will help her keep her legs shaved. I said Lynsey stay out of it. Oh! I know she will be fine. I know the dark hairy legs won't kill her. We let Lynsey shave at 12, and Kelsea started shaving before 11. Oh the drama.

When I was a little girl I used to sneak my Mom's razor. I know that was before we moved into the log house. We moved into the log house before the 5th grade. So, it was before then. I used to pretend that my Mom didn't know, but how could she not? I just don't remember her ever saying anything. I guess I will have to ask her if she remembers?

When did your Mom start letting you shave? Did you have dark long hairy legs in the second grade?


Amanda said...

It will only get worse after she starts shaving and then she will have to work harder to keep it up. I didn't start shaving until I was in the 7th grade. She will have 70 years to shave her legs, I would make her wait. Good luck.

Keep her a baby as long as you can.

Echo's Karen said...

I am of Greek ancestry and did/do have dark hairy legs (loving the cooler weather lets me wear long pants). I don't love shaving and wasn't allowed to shave until I was in 6th grade. It was a long time to wait in my little unknowing world. But now that I know...I would recommend she just bleach the hair. There is hair bleaching cream (for facial hair) that I am sure could be used on her legs. Try a little spot first to make sure she isn't allergic ofcourse. I would go that route before actually shaving it off. Once you shave, there is no going back. It's darker and grows so fast. She really is so young and if Bethany shaves in 2nd grade, then I have to be ready to face that with Hope next year...I am SO NOT ready. As always, I have somehow made it about me....sorry!!!

gigi said...

My mama let us shave when we turned 12. We got to choose if we wanted our ears pierced then too. It's a hard one but she is so little.

shaddygal said...

I'm a blog stalker but can't keep my mouth shut on this issue. I don't think Bethany can hold a candle to my hairiness. Even at my age I am still very self conscious about my hairy arms and legs. I got the hairy genes from my father's side of the family. I don't remember when I first became so self conscious but it was probably later than Bethany but then I didn't dance or do those activities that required you to show so much of your body. I used to dye the hair on my arms and boy wasn't that funny looking when it started growing out. Looking back on my experience, I would probably make her wait until she was at least 10. Once you start, you can never stop. Good luck, it's up to you and your daughter.