Thursday, October 23, 2008

13 things Thursday 'Dream Vacations'

13 Dream vacations

1 New York- (and no I am not trying to be like Amanda). I would love to go to New York City. It doesn’t have to be with anyone particular. However, who ever did go would have to agree with the following list of things I want to do. I want to go two a couple of Broadway shows like, but not limited to: Legally Blonde, Les Miserables, Wicked, Grease, Chicago, Gypsy, I want to go see the Soup Nazi, Parsons, Mood, ride in a taxi, see people stand in line to get muffins, the statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station (my mom used to call our house that when I was a kid), Ellis Island (my Grandfather’s family records are there somewhere),

2 St. Augustine- On this particular dream vacation I would have Me and my kids, Harmony and her kids, Amanda and her kids, and my Karen and her kids. We would just hang out all week and swim, and cook, and laugh, and watch movies, play cards, and sun bathe, and do a whole bunch of nothing. And that would be the best.

3 Vegas Baby- I would love to go to Vegas. It doesn’t have to be with anyone particular. However, who ever did go would have to agree with the following list of things I want to do. I want to go to see males impersonate women. I want to see some major concerts like Bette Midler, Celine, or Cher. I want to see Terry Fator’s show. I want to see big sand castles, and big colorful waterfalls. I want to go on a helicopter ride and see the Grand Canyon.

4 Niagara Falls- I would love to do this with anyone and my sister. I went to this years ago with my Grandma Leon, and my Mother. I would like to experience this again. I want to go on Maid of the Mist, and be like a tourist.

5 Boston- I want to go see Oprah. I am sure there is more to do but Oprah is who I really want to see. Also since this is my Dream I choose to see her show on ‘My favorite things’. I would also like all of my girlfriends to be with me.

6 Salt Lake City, Utah- I would like my husband and children to be with me on this vacation. I want to tour temple square.

7 Nashville/Memphis, TN- I want to go to Graceland. I want to see the Jungle Room. I want to sing karaoke at the biggest karaoke bar in Nashville, TN. I want to see a place like Tara from Gone with the Wind.

8 Branson, MO - I loved the movie Titanic and I want to see everything that has to do with Titanic. I wish there was an exact replica that I could actually sleep in, but this will do.

9 Pennsylvania - I think that this would be the most romantic trip ever. So, for that reason I choose my husband to go on this trip with me. I know that it would be very interesting and we could never discuss it with anyone. Hee hee

10 Hawaii - I know I want my husband to go there with me, but I would also like some friends. I would like to see a volcano, learn to hula dance, see a pig roasted in the sand, take a helicopter ride, and go snorkeling and find treasure.

11 Couples vacation – I would like to go on the perfect couples vacation. So in choosing this location I took my husband’s idea of a good time and my idea of a good time and mixed them together with couples who agreed. Ta Dah! I would invite us, Amanda and Josh, and Harmony and PJ. We would stay in a 3 bedroom cottage with a giant living room/ dinning room/kitchen. We would stay a couple of days. The guys during the day would hunt. I don’t care what they are hunting. I just know that they are hunting. We women will be scrapbooking, scrapbooking, scrapbooking. We women will be cooking only easy but nice meals. We will all eat dinner together each night and talk and hang out. There wouldn’t be any children. Adults only.

12 Girls weekend (scrapbook edition) - I would like to go on scrapbook vacation. I would need a really big house with a really big living room/dinning room that could fit me and all the girls I would invite. We will be cooking only easy but nice meals. I would invite me, my Karen, Amanda, Amanda’s Karen, Harmony, Beverly, Beverly’s Kathy, Jennifer, and Kathy Mills. This would totally be fun. No husbands and no children.

13 Girls Weekend – I would like to go on a vacation with just the girls. We would just hang out, eat, shop, play cards, and do nothing. There wouldn’t be any husbands, or children.
I would invite me, Toni, Harmony, Amanda, Courtney, Lisa, my Karen, Becky,….oh there is to many to name. Anyone can come as long as they don’t bring their husband or their children. Hee Hee.

What is your dream vacation?


Echo's Karen said...

I love this!! I love that I was included on so many!! yeah!!
My dream vacation is to go to Greece with my cousin, Angelo, (and all of my brothers and sisters)and go to Argos and Athens where my grandfather lived. My other dream vacation would be to go to Ireland. I would love to do this with my husband and I would love to go from one Irish pub to the next and soak up the culture. They seem like so much fun!
I would like to go to Amsterdam and maybe do something illegal that I never have NEVER done - but to quote Clinton...I wouldn't inhale. hehe
And with my Echo, I would love to go to Paris. I imagine that she would sing every love song at every turn - I think that would be the perfect backdrop to Paris.
I have no desire to go to China - too many people. I have no desire to go to Antarctica...just don't. Oh - I have another one that I think would be fun with my Echo, Austria. I have a friend that stayed at the actual house that the Sound of Music was filmed in - I would want to do that - ofcourse, when I imagine this, Echo is singing!!! It would be wonderful!!

Amanda said...

I love that I was included in so many, too. Unfortunately, touring the city where Michael Buble grew up was not on your list. Don't know how you missed it, but I forgive you. We can totally go do that and maybe he will be home for a visit. I want to go to an island somewhere. Not a real touristy one like Hawaii but a hidden one. Almost Survivorish but not really. I want to swim in water so clear I can see my feet.

And also, unless for some reason Oprah is visiting Boston you won't see her unless you go to Chicago where her show is taped. Love ya. And I totally go on any of these that you book. Thank you very much.

Ruth Ann said...

I've been to your #9 the Poconos, and it wasn't as great as you would think! Maybe it was because I was there with my first husband and we aren't married anymore! lol
I'd rather go to Niagara Falls! I've been there several times and it's definitely worth going there at least once!