Monday, August 25, 2008

She wanted to be a Dancing Queen

We Bethany's 7th Birthday at Pat's house in her new room.

She had a Dancing Queen birthday. Now don't try to go down to Walmart, or google the theme because you will not find it. This creation was just Chris, and I brainstorming and asking Bethany what she wanted. She wanted to be a Dancing Queen so we helped make her dream come alive.
Grandma took her down to Claire's and bought her a crown. We sent out High School Musical invites. She created the menu. She wanted hamburgers and hotdogs grilled of course. She wanted fruit salad yummy yummy, and veggie trays with ranch. She also wanted a big chocolate cake. As for entertainment she just wanted to Dance, Dance. Let me just tell you when you have dancers in your family you just stand back and let them do what they do best. (see video)

Bethany enjoying a moment before the party with Christopher, Makenzie, Ethan, and Noah on the swing. (she is so happy)

Bethany loves that Mackenzie picks her over the other girls.

Victoria, Bethany, and Jaycee.

This is Shelby, Mackenzie, and Reagan. Shelby wouldn't smile for me. then I said 'Please I have prizes for later' so she smiled.

That smile is so cute. I am so sorry that I forgot to give out the prizes. I will need to make it up to Shelby.

I think Papa was glad we were all there, or maybe he was just glad to be in such a comfy chair.

Grandpa, and Uncle Ben

Lynsey, and Alyssa

Chris, and Lenee. I must give credit where credit is due. Chris was so wonderful the entire day. I really need to remember this the next time I am upset with him. He set up the D.J. stuff, played music, swept, mopped, grilled, cleaned up, packed car, swept and mopped again. I am sure I have left off some stuff. He was really great, and I don't think I realize or say it enough.

Christopher. Why does he have such a hard time looking into the camera?

This is my friend Karen. I always called her my Karen so people would know who I am talking about. She was a big wonderful help. She helped clean up, and pack up. She is such a wonderful supportive friend. Also, a side note Christopher really likes her older daughter Hope.

Echo (me), and Lenee. Earlier in the day I told Noah what my shirt said. He told me that he was the big dog.

Pat and Betty. Betty is Gavin's Grandma. Betty and Pat used to work at the phone company together years ago, and now their Grandchildren are friends.

This is Jaycee. Bethany met her in the 1st grade last year. They live the next street over. They are really good friends.

We did musical gifts when it was time for presents. All the children sat in a circle with their presents and Bethany danced around to the music. When I turned the music off she would stop. Whoever she was standing in front of she would open their gift. Good Times thanks Karen. I mean Bethany got to not only dance, she was the center of the world.

This was a very specail gift for Bethany. On top of this Kaboodle it said 'Courtney to Laura to Bethany'. The story is this, Courtney had a Kaboodle, when she out grew it she gave it to Laura, Laura always kept nail polish and such in it. Grandma clean it out and put new nail products in it and gave it to Bethany. She was so excited.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Birthday party. For those of you who didn't we really wished you could have been there, but we are really glad you didn't come and share your germs with us. I am sure that she will want to have a dance party again for the next birthday.


gigi said...

This is such a great post! I loved getting to see all the action! Loved the moves on the video.
Echo, you and Chris should be party planners. Yall always do such a great job!

Christon said...

We had a great time... thanks for such a good time!!!

Christon said...

THat Bethany sure can work it!

Amanda said...

What a great party. I am very sad that we had to miss it. I don't know if I'm sadder that I missed the girls dancing or Christopher dancing with Hope. How cute is that???