Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Bethany

We got Bethany an iPod for her Birthday. She was so excited. First she said I just want to see my present and you can wait to give it to me at my birthday party. I said Bethnay you realize your birthday party isn't until next Saturday. She said yes but I can wait.

She wanted an iPod so bad, but we told her there was no way she was getting one. Then we talked about it and decided that she was touching my iPod all the time, and if she wanted some video game system we would do it. So, we got her what she wanted.

She was so happy. She ran to me and hugged me around the neck, I stood up and she was still hanging from my neck. She told us that we were the best, and then she fake fainted. After that Daddy put the iPod back. She danced around the living room like she was on a cloud. I was so great to see her like that and I hope that I will remember it always.

That night on my way home from work she called my cell phone four times right in a row. I didn't answer at first because I was talking to my sister Harmony. She just won't stop so I clicked over. She said Mommy do I really have to wait until my party to get my iPod. I said no Bethany, when I get home I will load it with music. She said can I open it now. I said Bethany there isn't any music on it. She said I don't care I just want to hold it. LOL

That night we loaded music, then we went to eat at New Hong Kong. She loves their Wonton soup (she picked the place)

When we got home she was listening to her iPod dancing in the living room and watching herself in the mirror. LOL
I had to video it.


She is singing 'I Kissed A Girl'

In this video she is singing 'Low' but she calls it the Applebottom Jeans song. LOL


gigi said...

Now she is good! That was so cute! You are the best mom. Happy birthday Bethany!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Bethy!! Those are some awesome dance moves. I love how seriously she takes it. I'm so excited for her.

Anonymous said...

THis is my Fav!! Love to see little one having such fun!! She is very cute. Rhonda Scott