Friday, August 15, 2008

The Fashionista aka. Lynsey Morgan

Lynsey Morgan was so excited about school starting. She has been adding to her new school clothes collection since vacation in June to the Outer Banks. I didn't get a picture of her on the first day of school, but I did take a picture of all of her school clothes. I am not really sure why I took a picture of each outfit but she just kept trying them on, and I had the camera. So on with the fashion show.

This is the outfit she wore on the first day of school. However, she did have her hair, and makeup all done up. She also had jewerly on. She looked very sweet. This dress was on the sale rack at the Body Shop. The shoes were from Payless.

This was the outfit she wore on the second day of school. The shirt is from a store in the Outer Banks, and the skirt is from the Gap outlet in the Outer Banks. The shoes were from Payless.

This is one of my favorite outfits. It is so Hip to me. We bought this at the Body Shop in the mall, and the shoes from Payless. The Body Shop was a really cute store, but you have to make sure it is not to clubbie. You know there are just so many clubs in Brunswick to wear that stuff too. LOL (for those of you who don't know we do not have a 'real' club here.)

As soon as I saw this shirt something in me just smiled. It reminds me of Rainbow Brite. I loved it. We got this from the Body Shop, and the shoes from Payless.

I don't remember where we got any of these pieces, but I know they were off the sales rack.

The only thing I remember about this outfit is the shoes. We bought them at Goody's. You cannot tell from the picture, but they have frogs on them. I take that back I got the polo at Areopostale for five bucks.

This top was from Goody's. I bought one for Kelsea but she hated it so we are taking it back.

This cute little dress is from the Body Shop. She wore this to Open House at the High School this past Sunday.

She didn't even want to try this top on, but I just knew it would look great. She told me that I have good taste sometimes. LOL. This was from the Body Shop.

These next couple of outfits I don't really remember alot about, except she liked them and they were on the sale rack, and they came from one of the following stores: American Eagle, Areopostale, the Body Shop, Limited Too, or Goody's. All the shoes came from Payless except the gray Nike which were from Payless.

This shirt I bought at Goody's. I loved it as soon as I saw it. I think it looks so good on Lynsey. It is so COOOOLLL!

What can I say she is a teen who likes what she likes and wears what she likes based on her mood. I love all the stuff we bought, and she was really happy with her finds.
Kelsea doesn't love clothes and shoes like Lynsey, But Bethany loves clothes and shoes more than Lynsey I think.


gigi said...

Wow! I would die to have such a cute figure and to have such cute clothes. Lindsey has the cutest personality to go with it all!

Amanda said...

Now, you know how I am but some of those were a little racey. But I loved all of the ones at the end. That girl is too cute. I wonder how it went with her whole new 'preppy' attitude she said she was going to have?