Thursday, August 21, 2008

Always running around like my head is chopped off!

Things are so crazy at our house. We are always so busy. Our schedule is as follows:

Monday – Friday morning Lynsey has Seminary from 6-7am

Monday night- we are all just trying to get in the groove.

Tuesday night- Kelsea has karate from 6pm-8pm at the YWCA
Lynsey and Bethany have a tumbling class at Golden Isles from 7pm-8pm

Wednesday night- Lynsey has ballet from 4:30pm-5:30pm
Christopher has scouts from 6:30pm-7:30pm or 8pm (not really sure on time because it doesn’t start until September)
Lynsey and Kelsea have Young Womens from 6:30-8pm
Also, every other Wednesday Kelsea goes to her Mom’s at 5pm until Friday at 6pm.

Thursday night- Bethany has tap, jazz, and ballet from 4pm-6pm
Lynsey has tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop from 5-8:15pm
I am working at the dance school from 4pm-8:15pm
Kelsea has art from 4-6pm and karate from 6-8pm
Kelsea also goes to her Mom’s every other Thursday night at 6pm
(in short she is with her Mom every Thursday.)

Friday night- we are just trying to get over the busy week.

One last thing we signed Christopher up for Soccer. We did not get his schedule for this yet. It doesn’t start until September.

It is really busy. I have made a promise to myself to cook dinner every night, and to read stories to everyone every night. I guess the story will have to be shared by every one on Thursday night since I will not be there until 8:30pm. Just as long as make sure to have enough food cooked so Chris can serve leftovers. We are to busy, but who do I say no to? I want them to be active. They all know that bad grades mean no go for all activities. So, I guess when progress reports come out in a few weeks we will see how the schedule will change.

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gigi said...

Alright then!! You win the busiest mom award!!!
How do you do it???