Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 Thursday - My favorite Children's Books

I have been sitting down with each one of my littlest children (Christopher, Bethany, and Noah) each night and reading. We call it Meme time. I spend 15 minutes with each child in the living room, and while I am with that child the other children are not to come in. So, if two children want the same book I read it twice. It really makes me feel like I am getting that one on one with each, and it really makes me feel like I am a good Meme. So, I guess I will try to continue to do this. It makes the bedtime routine so much better. So, for all of you I love please do not call after 8pm. Hee Hee

This week am going to talk about my 13 favorite children’s books for 13 Thursday. These books are not in any sort of order, I love them all the same. I have different memories for each.

13.) Walter the Farting Dog

Yes I know it sounds gross, and you are right it is gross. BUT boys love this stuff. The story is really cute. Also, believe it or not they have two more the series.

12.)Take me out of the Bathtub and other silly dilly songs

This book makes up new lyrics to all sorts of old songs. Like Take Me Out Of The Bathtub is sung to Take Me Out To The Ball Game. My favorite is to the tune of My Country Tis Of Thee and it is called 'My Siter's Mean to Me'
My Sister's Mean To Me
we always disagree
and it's her fault
she breaks my favorite stuff
she treats me mean and rough
You get the picture. Now I always try to sing the songs and my kids love it. They also have a series of books with these silly dilly songs. One is for Potty Training and it is so funny.

11.)There's A Nightmare In My Closet

My sister and I had this book when we where kids. It is a lesson of the monster in your closet is not scary. It is very sweet.

10.) The Monster At the End Of This Book

This is also from my childhood. We loved this story over and over. We really loved it when it was read dramatically.

9.) How I Became A Pirate

Need I say more than Pirate. My boys love pirate books and I didn't buy this for a long time, But now that I finally got it I love the story. The boy's name is Jeremy Jacob, but when I read it to Noah I change the name to Noah James. He loves it.

8.) Gigi God's Little Princess The Royal Tea Party

I was at my friend’s house this weekend. (Karen) And we were discussing one of my favorite things in life ‘children’s books’. That is when she introduced me to Gigi God’s Little Princess. I ran right out to the bookstore and bought ‘The Royal Tea Pary’. This is a truly fabulous book. You see Gigi is a ‘Princess’ in the same way we are all ‘Princess’ of our true ‘King’ Heavenly Father. She always learns a very wonderful lesson and the story line is very amusing. If you are looking for a great book for your little ‘Princess’ this series is truly a gem. You should add it to you Christmas list for the little girls in your life. ( she also makes a great book for boys called Will the Warrior)

7.) Good Boy Fergus

I love books by David Shannon. I actually have two books by him on my list. This one is a favorite of Noah's. I have read this book more than I ever wanted too. It got so bad I had to hide it. I need to get it back out. The pictures are great, and the story is short and sweet. Just right for Noah James.

6.) Fancy Nancy

This is a favorite of mine and Bethany's. This girl is so lavish. She likes to use big words and then tells you its a fancy word for what it means. We love everything about Fancy Nancy. She has several books.

5.) That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown

For awhile I was reading this book everynight to Bethany. When I would read it I would say Bethany Corin instead of Emily Brown, and I would call the rabbit Emma. (she has a bunny she snuggles with named Emma) This book is really wonderful. It teaches a lesson is ownership, and how to be loyal. It is a good read.
4.) The Cat Who Wore A Pot On Her Head
This book first came out in hardback in 1967. However, mine was a paper back, and I had mine in the 80's. They don't publish this book anymore, so I had to go to ebay to get it. I loved this story. It is a lot of fun to read. I am sure that my sister will remember our Mother reading this to us. The story is that the cat Bedomalina put this pot on her head because it was always so noise on Cat Street. She goes to visit a sick friend with her Mother. While they are there Mother sends her back to tell the brother and sisters what needs done.
Mother says 'Tell the brother and sisters to put the fish on to bake.'
Bedomalina is confused mish on to take, pish on to sake, Oh Momma wants them to put soap in the cake.
Well they wanted to please Mother so they put soap in the cake. By the time Mother got home they had chairs on the walls, a horse in the sink, a dress on the clock, and on and on.
It is a really great story.
3.) Biscuit
All the kids love stories about animals. Biscuit is always doing the cutest things.
2.) Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing
I do not own this book now. I used to have it when I was little. I really want to but it. The story is cute, but the pictures are the best.

1.) Alice the Fairy
This is the second book by David Shannon that I love love love. It is such a sweet story about a little girl named Alice. She wants to be a fairy so bad. She calls her mom the dutchess. You really should take time to read it.
Now if you don't want to but any of these books you could always go to your local library, or if you live close and you would like to borrow it just give me a call.
Happy reading.
In the comments I hope you will tell me about your favorite books, or you could write about it on your blog and I will promise to comment you.


gigi said...

I love childrens books! I have Walter the Farting Dog! and Christon bought me the "Gigi God's Little Princess The Royal Tea Party" I didn't realize there were more in that group. I love the book "Llam llama red pajama!" and " Harry and the Lady next door" The Harry books were first printed in the 50's and there are 4 Harry books and Shelby loves them all.

Leah said...

I have an obsession with childrens books. Have you read Olivia? I love that book it makes me laugh.

Christon said...

Love BOOKS! Hey, what does Bethany want for her Bday????? Ideas PLEASE>>>> Thanks.

Christon said...

Love BOOKS! Hey, what does Bethany want for her Bday????? Ideas PLEASE>>>> Thanks.