Friday, August 8, 2008


This is the song that Lynsey has decided to use for her solo this year. Ms. Chrissy said that she would be honored to choreograph it for her. This song reminds Lynsey of Aunt Laura. It a beautiful song. Daddy helped pick it out, and I have always loved this song. (opinions are welcome)

I know that you
I know that you've gone away
Well don't you leave me now.

How can you say
How can you even take away
Well baby don't you know
You took my breath away.

Oh can't you see
Don't you know
you're a part of me
So don't start cryin' now
'Cause baby

Every day seems do long
Every day since you've been gone
On my own for a while at least
Well baby
You took my breath away.

How can I forget your sweetness
Your sweet embrace
How did I ever let you go
Now that you're gone
It's hard to think
It's hard to breathe sometimes
But that's the way it is


No matter how far it may seem
I'll always be there for you


gigi said...


Lynsey said...

ha yes i didnt know it had a slide thingy

Christon said...

i love it

Amanda said...

I love the song, too. Very pretty. That slide thingy is great. Congrats on the 24 lbs you have lost!! Good Job!