Thursday, August 14, 2008

The First Day Of School

I am so glad the first day of school is here. Yeah Baby!! The kids were so excited this morning. Last night we all talked about what we were going to wear. So, on with the fashion show.

First up we have Kelsea Alexis. She said she wasn't excited about the first day of school, BUT she was up at 5:45am getting ready. Normally I would have to beg her out of bed. She is wearing her new American Eagle shirt, with her jean capris. She is also sporting a new Nike bookbag.

I cannot forget the shoes. She begged for these shoes. Daddy and I said we would go half and she would have to earn the rest. She gladly earned the rest. For those of you who do not know (which I didn't know) these are Nike Shocks. Lookin' good Kelsea.

Next up we have Christopher Alexander. He has been home schooled by his Grandmother for the last two years. He will be going to the 4th grade this year. He loved this John Senna shirt the moment I pulled it out of the bag. He has on Old Navy Jeans, and a pair of Spiderman tennis shoes from Payless.

His Grandma Pat bought him this wonderful bookbag. He was really excited this morning. He was up before 6am. You look ready for school Christopher.

This is Noah James. He is going into the Pre-K this year at Public School. He is very very excited. He picked out this T-Shirt because he likes all these balls. He also has on his Transformer tennis shoes from Payless.

His Grandma Pat bought him this wonderful Cars backpack. He loves it.

I asked Noah why he put on the jacket. He said because it was raining outside. I told him to take it off and hang it back up. He was really excited. (I love his mouth, and his foot)Hee Hee

This is Bethany Corin. She got a new hair cut while she was in Pennsylvania with her Aunt Harmony. I thought it looked really good.

Bethany calls this her Rock N Roll outfit. She got it at Goody's. I bought her the High School Musical back pack at JC Penny's.

I bought her the Hannah Montanna tennish shoes from Payless. Bethany you are too cool for school.

I was feeling kind of blue that I didn't take the morning off to drive the kids to school. I was sitting at work doing my job feeling sorry for myself when I got a very wonderful email from Amanda. She went around and took a couple of pictures of Bethany, and Noah at school for me.

Doesn't Bethany look so happy at school?

This is Noah with his new teacher Mrs. Duke. He told me he loves her.

I have no worries he will be just fine. Look how happy he is.

I didn't get any pictures of Lynsey before school this morning. However, I did take a picture of most of her new school clothes. I will post them later. I will also update yall on the happens from school when I find them out tonight.


gigi said...

This was a great post! Shelby and I loved looking at all the kids ready for school! We love Bethany's new hair cut! And Noah looked real happy to be at school on his first day. Bless Amanda's heart, she is such a blessing to others!

Amanda said...

I am so glad the pictures made you happy, I was hoping they would. Bethany, I must say, looked the sassiest. When I walked up to her class she was the only one of them that turned and gave me the perfect pose.
I can't believe Kelsea got those crazy shoes but good for her. I'm glad y'all worked out a deal with her.
I love you and it looks like a great day was had by all.