Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A few things that happen this past week.

This past week has been alittle crazy. The School was closed on Friday because of Hurricane 'Fay'. One good thing was that the children cleaned up the house, and they did a pretty good job.

On Sunday the kids run in to tell me they discovered something wonderful in the driveway. Then they caught it and brought it into the house.

The turtle didn't seem happy so they tried to feed him lettuce.

When after 5 minutes he wouldn't eat they decided that he wanted to swim in the bathtub.

The children wanted to keep him so bad, but I just couldn't let them love him to death. So, when Daddy came home he took and put him in the pond. I hope that turtle doesn't come back to our house.

The Police

The other night Christopher asked if he could call his Grandmother in Waycross. Now I have given him several lessons on how to call, and I said yes go ahead. He came back and said he couldn't get through. I told him we would try after dinner. Then the Police showed up on my doorstep. Christopher dailed 911 instead of 1912, hung up the phone, and then walked away from the phone but didn't really hang up the phone. So, when 911 called back the phone was busy. When this happens the Police not only stop by your house to check on you, they want to see everyone in your house, and they want to walk through you house just to be sure everything is fine. I guess Christopher needs another phone lesson.

Last but not least. When I posted Bethany's party for some reason I couldn't load this picture. It was an error on my part, but I wanted everyone to see this cute girl. This is Hope, my Karen's daughter. This is the little girl that has stolen my Christopher's heart. He thinks she is so cool, and a good dancer. Lynsey was trying to teach them how to slow dance at Bethany's party, it was so cute. He does whatever she says. Then again he kind of does whatever anyone tells him to except for when his sisters tell him to do something. Anyway, back to Hope. She has a memory like an elephant. She has a really adorable sister named Hannah. Hannah couldn't make it to the party because she was sick.


gigi said...

Cute little girl.
That is a crazy week. I didn't know about the 911 and the police wanting to walk thru your house. That's crazy. I'm sorry!

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Echo, what an interesting life you live, from turles to police coming to visit to a great birthday party! Bethany is such a cute girl. It sounds like Christoper has added to your family. How is he doing? Hope to see you in October.

Amanda said...

Who tries to feed a turtle lettuce?