Friday, August 8, 2008

13 Thursday # 5 'Lynsey Kirkland'

13 Thursday # 5 Lynsey Kirkland

13.) She does like herself a lot.

12.) She is a really good big sister, and she is a very thoughtful little sister.

11.) She has always been a Daddy’s girl. I know that she loves her Mom, but she has always had a special relationship with her Dad.

10.) She says she LETS Bethany sleep in her bed every night, but I know she WANTS Bethany in her bed every night.

9.) She can be very mean to her littlest brother when he doesn’t listen to her. So far this summer she has put Noah in the corner, washed Noah’s mouth out with soap, and hit Noah’s hand.

8.) Christopher does get on Lynsey’s nerves sometimes. BUT she always takes up for Christopher, and he would do anything she asked.

7.) Lynsey started taking dance last year when she moved in with us. She loves loves loves her dance class, dance studio, well she loves anything that has to do with dance. She is looking forward to this year’s dance classes.

6.) Lynsey always takes care of stuff at home while I am at work. She always does her chores and helps with whatever else needs done. Sometimes she gets fed up but for the most part she is a good helper.

5.) Lynsey says the first thing that pops into her head. This is not always a good thing. It has gotten her into trouble a couple of times. Now if she could just learn tact it would be great.

4.) Lynsey has standards. She lets people (boys) know what her standards are and if they don’t like it then Bye Bye.

3.) Lynsey and Kelsea have a special kind of relationship. I don’t think that they get along well at their Mom’s house and that is sad. I see the two of them together at our house and yes they have there moments like all sisters do but in the end they are each other’s friend.
(I could tell a gross story right now but I won’t)

2.) School is very important to Lynsey. She wants to do as well as she can.

1.) Lynsey and I have a special kind of bond. Ever since the day I met her I knew that we would have a special relationship. We just click. I get her, and she gets me with no real effort. My opinion matters to her, as does her to I. She excepts me for who I am.


Lynsey said...

haha this is verry nice but i do not see how the picture of me and alyssa was a part in this ?????

gigi said...

I love that girl and she was here the morning Harry's foot blew up. she was the one that said where is all that blood coming from?? And I don't know what we would have done with out her here. I actually had gotten her to help me because my back was out. She was wonderful with the girls and they ask when she can come back. I love her. When Christon and Harriosn got married she asked Christon was she a "Princess" it wa so sweet. She is a big blessing to a lot of us.

Christon said...

She is soooo sweet my girls love her! good job with her! she is so cute & sweet!