Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TMI Tuesday #1

I am going to call today TMI Tuesday. (Too Much Information Tuesday)It is sort of borrowed and created by me at the same time. There is another TMI Tuesday however, I will not be posting on my blog the kinds of things they want to know about a person. I will be taking this opportunity to tell a story of my past. Some of you will like this while other will think it is TMI and won't care. Either way this is my blog and what I say goes. I need a place were I can write down my memories from my life story. My sister and I always joke about the fact that we are writing a book. Well here's one for the book.

(Kelsea, Lynsey,Pooh, Bethany, Echo, Noah, Christopher, and Chris. Disney July 2005)

Title: Where Did All Those Children Come From?

Chris and Debbie got married really quickly. She already had a son named Andrew. They had two daughters together really fast, Lynsey and Kelsea. Their marriage was not a good marriage. My husband then was not a good husband or a good father. In the end they divorced and things got really bad for Chris. He did not fight in court for his girls, instead they had a no contest divorce and in the decree it only gave him visitation to his daughters. That was another really big mistake in his life. He just wouldn't ask for advice and he wouldn't take any. So the next couple of years he paid his child support but he didn't really see his kids. When he was suppose to have them they went with his mother, Pat. So, Grandma played a big part in the kid's life. These next couple of years were really rocky. My husband began to smoke and drink. He was in and out of jail for DUI's and driving without insurance. The drinking got really bad. He ran around with a lot of woman. Then he met up with, Patricia. Anyway, he ended up having a son with her, Christopher. When he wouldn't marry her she had the son and did not put his name on the birth certificate. She did sue him for child support and then after she won she told him that they were a package deal. So, my husband walked away. This was one of the biggest mistakes my husband ever made. So, he started living with a woman who beat her kids and then said that he did it so he went to jail. In the end it was proven that he did not do it so they let him go. When I had met him he was living in a run down trailer, and had just go this truck and his driver's license back.

When I met him we had so much fun together. We really did a lot of talking. We just connected. He said all the right things. So, we met in early August and I took him home over Labor Day weekend to meet my family. They loved him. When we got back to Georgia he proposed. We talked about getting married in February, but my sister was already coming to stay 3 weeks with me in November. So, we got married November18, 2000. Chris and I welcomed baby Bethany into the family on August 14, 2001. Then in the spring of 2002 we went to court and got visitation set up with Christopher. Baby Noah was welcomed into the family on April 19,2004. So, every 1st and 3rd weekend we had all 5 children. On the 2nd and 4th we just had Bethany and Noah. Chris and I really wanted all the children to live with us full time. We took Debbie to court in August of 2007 and won Temporary Custody of Lynsey and Kelsea. Just recently we had a conference with Patricia's Mom, Aleta. She has told us that Christopher is to a point in his lifewere a boy needs his Father. So, Christopher is going to come and live with us full time starting in June 2008. So, now we have 4 children all the time except for the 2nd and 4th weekends when Lynsey and Kelsea are with their Mom. However, starting in June it will be 5 children at our house full time. Here are the children's ages:

Lynsey is 14. She will be 15 in June. (This means she can get her learners permit to drive.) Kelsea is 12.

Christopher will be 10 on April 18th

Bethany is 6 ½.

Noah will be 4 on April 19th

WOW! That was alot of fun. I will be making other installments at a later date. As you can see there are alot of loop holes in my story. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I have always lived my life as an open book.


christon said...

very informative! i didnt know all of that! we are happy he found you! we love you!

gigi said...

You are the best Meme ever! I hope that they all realize that it is because of you that they are all together. You're as amzing woman! Keep on keepin on...

Jordan Kay said...

I love your statement- "...what I say goes!" I wish I had a little bit more of that in me! I am glad to hear that you guys are getting Christopher, that's great! Thanks for the great and honest post!

Elizabeth said...

Echo, You are an open book and I think that is why people love you soooo much and why people are so comfortable around you. You are a blast!!

Amanda said...

What about Kayla?