Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Talkin' Trash Can

So, we meet this wonderful talking trash can named Push in Walt Disney World. He was the funniest thing ever. He talked to the kids. He sang. He danced. We laughed so hard we almost cried. We thought it was the best thing ever. UNTIL
we realized that the children wanted to love every trash can they saw in hopes that it was Push. They must have touched, put their hand in side, tapped, and pushed every trash can we saw for the rest of the vacation.
So, I thought it was a wonderful idea but now I think that it is still a wonderful idea if you can over look the love your children will have for every trash can.


gigi said...

Now that is to funny, I love it.

Amanda said...

It was totally disgusting and I think that if Disney is going to encourage kids touching trash cans, they should make more of an effort to keep their trash cans exceptionally clean.
I'm just mad because I ran around after that trash can for 20 min before I finally asked my husband how they were doing it and he looked at me like I was a giant idiot.

Harmony said...

I agree that is grossssss. The germs Echo. Please tell me you had handsanitizer. It looks like you were letting Bethany kiss it. She is all up on it like its the couch. Just think how many bugs,people,nasty food,dirty diapers and everything else was in it and touching it. Maybe I will send Noah a trash can for his birthday. Or maybe some soap.