Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Christopher and Noah

Christopher and Noah had a birthday. Christopher was born on April 18th and Noah was born on April 19th. We had a birthday party for them at the Jekyll Island Pier. The weather wasn't so great however, we had a good time.

Noah turned 4 years old.

Christopher turned 10 years old.

All the party children with their cool sunglasses on.

The biggest beach ball ever.

Kelsea was showing off her hula hooping moves.

Aunt Amanda bought Noah a kite. He really loved the kite, and can't wait to go back to fly it.

We played in the sand in the cold rain.

I almost didn't post this picture because it is such a horrible picture of me. But since I will be doing something about all this unwanted weight what the heck.(more about that another day)

This is me blowing up the biggest beach ball ever. While I was blowing it up my husband says 'I don't know why you are doing that I have an air compresser.' However, never once did he walk over and get the ball.

I just want to say thank you to all who came out dispite the bad weather. That was some true love you showed the boys and we shall never forget it.
Karen: I am sorry that you were wondering around on Jekyll and never found us. Next year I shall have real invites, with real directions. I just wanted to say thanks for giving it a shot.
As for Gigi, and Karen P I am so sorry that I didn't even call yall to come out for the party. I will not ever forget again. I shall have a real party list, with real invites, and it will be wonderful. Until then just forgive me please.


Amanda said...

You can really tell how cold and wet it was from those pictures. I love that Noah. And Christopher, too.
Happy Birthday, boys.

gigi said...

Okay, I will forgive you this time... But don't let it happen again. Shelby and I love Birthday parties! We'll come even if we don't know you as long as you have CAKE!

I love the beach ball and I am so proud of Amanda for giving Noah a kite and teaching him her new kite flying skills. Way to go Noah and Amanda! And BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!

GoodyGang said...

It looked like fun!