Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thirteen Things # 3 Kelsea Kirkland

Thirteen Things # 3 Kelsea Kirkland

13.) This is Kelsea Alexis Kirkland. She was born on December 21, 1995. Her parents are Debi Staton, and Chris Kirkland. Her Step parents are Charles Staton, and Echo Kirkland (Meme)

12.) Kelsea loves to go to Zeig's on Saturday morning for breakfast. I really believe all Kirkland's do like to go there. I am sure when I took this picture Kelsea was complaining about her little brothers and sisters getting on her nerves.

11.) Kelsea has many brothers and sisters. Here's a run down. She has an older brother named Andrew, an older sister named Lynsey, a little brother named Christopher, a little sister named Bethany, and a littlest brother named Noah. At her mother's she is the baby of the family. At her father's she is a middle daughter.

10.) Kelsea has always had an interest in Art. She was always drawing something. I found some of her earlier drawings and she loved them. Chris and I signed Kelsea up for a painting class. This was her first painting. She won an award at the fair for this painting.

9.) When I found this picture of Kelsea it reminded me of a not so good side of Kelsea. The not so good thing is she can be lazy. I mean LAZY. (can't we all) She always looks for the easy way out of homework, chores, painting, exercise...... If she can get away with it she will. If she is doing it it's because she tried to get away with not doing it and couldn't. (sorry Kelsea I still love you)

8.) When I found this picture it reminded me how much Kelsea says she hates pink. However, we just bought her some new shirts and they all have pink on them. Which proves my theroy she doesn't really hate pink, she is just a hater. She tells me all the time that she hates this or that, she just complains to hear herself complain.

7.) This picture reminds me that Kelsea has a real soft side to her. When Kelsea loves someone or something it is her favorite someone or something. This is Kelsea loving on McKayla in Pennsylvania. Kelsea is so good to my family in Pennsylvania, she considers them her family. (this makes me very happy)

6.) Kelsea is working on getting the self portrait just right. She sneaks my camera whenever she gets a chance and takes pictures of herself. She trys all kinds of different faces. What does this face say to you?

5.) Kelsea really loves to skateboard. She as loved this sport for some time now. We have a cousin named Will who said he would come and show her some moves this summer. When her dad took her to the skate park last summer she was a little afraid of falling, but she had a good time.

4.) Kelsea's newest sport is karate. She started taking classes at the YWCA. She loves it. She will be earning a new belt with yellow on it. Go Kelsea. Just don't use your moves at home.

3.) Kelsea has been living with me and her dad since September. She really misses living full time with her mom But she is doing really well living with us.

2.) When Kelsea was doing poorly in school we thought she had a learning disability. However, after having some meetings with her teacher we realized that Kelsea was not LD she was Lazy. I was really upset about this situation so Amanda stepped in to help. Kelsea went Aunt Amanda Boot Camp everyday after school. Aunt Amanda did a great job with Kelsea she really helped her get on track. I think Kelsea really loved the one on one time with Aunt Amanda and I think Kelsea misses talking to her as much.

1.) These last pictures should show that even though Kelsea says she hates her big crazy family she secretly in her heart loves them all. Well maybe Christopher really get on her nerves.


Amanda said...

Echo, this was wonderful. I love learning more and more about all of Chris' kids. I loved my time with Kelsea and would love to have her back anytime she wanted. AND I am also really glad she is doing well without me. I knew she had it in her. She is a beautiful, very talented, smart girl. Love her!!

Barney's Friend Chris said...

Kelsea seems like a normal, really well rounded, cool kid. It sounds like she would get along really well with my Amelia. I like the new look of your blog!

Lynsey said...

well meme i loved it when are you gonna blog about me ???? but make sure the pictures are cute first i would hate for a ugly picture of me make it to your blog that would suck :) thanks doll haha and that picture of me and kk is cute !!!

gigi said...

This was a good post and I also enjoyed learning about Kelsea. She is very talented. That was a great painting. I hope she gets to stay with you and Chris.