Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bald is Beautiful

In doing this exercise I realized two I will have to do this again because I thought of more than seven....two I must start taking more pictures of my friend and lover.
7.) He has and obsession with vacuum cleaners. He can fix them when theybreak. He rebuilt the vacuum that we have now. He rewired the motor to have more umph, put on a new cord, and instead of a bag there is a cup for the dirt. The cord was to a buffer so it is heavy duty and really long. I can vacuum the whole house and never have move the plug. He gets really anal about what we try to pick up with the vacuum. I always say 'who cares if we break it you can fix it right?' He really hates tinsel at Christmas because he thinks it is to hard on his precious vacuum.
6.) He really is good at cleaning the house. He is way better at it then I am. He hates to clean house, and he complains the whole time, but in the end it is wonderful. I don't know how he gets the toilet to sparkle but he does.
5.) He loves to sing karaoke. I love to hear him sing. There are songs that he does so well then there are songs he shouldn't try to sing. He doesn't really know the difference. Examples: song he can sing - The Chair by George Straight, song he cannot sing - I Try by Macy Gray
4.) He has the meanest face and roughest exterior. He barks all thetime. Most of the time he isn't mad it just sounds like he's mad. He could be happy as a lark and you'd look at him and not be able to tell.
3.) Sometimes he doesn't think first. He just speaks or reacts. Once when we were talking about going rafting I was saying that I was afraid that I would fall off the side of the raft and wouldn't be able to get back on. He says in front of everyone 'don't worry I got your back. I can lift a 500 gallon drum. I can lift you back up onto the boat' Once he was fixing the car and he was tightening a screw and broke the head of the screw off. Once he was shooting at a possum and shot out the windows in the car.
2.) He doesn't always do what he says he's going to do. This is aproblem. I am a plan maker, meeting having mom. When we have a meeting and come up with a plan I just expect that he will do what he says he will do. Example: we are remodeling the kitchen and he said he would put up paper to keep the dust in the front of the house. However, he didn't and so the entire house is dusty.
1.) He really loves his kids. All his kids. When we first got together he told me all he really wanted was to have a place his kids could call home. He has always wanted all his children to live with him full time. He feels love for each of them.
Kayla- He was young when the adoption happened and he cannot change that. However, he does wish to get to know her, because he never stopped loving her.
Lynsey- She has him wrapped around her finger. He really listens to her and her opinions. Kelsea-was his baby for a long time. He still refers to her as the baby. She has all of his creativeness.
Christopher - when Chris looks at Christopher he sees a lot of himself. Christopher is full throttle all the time.
Bethany - she is his singer/performer. She thinks he is the best Dad ever.
Noah - He loves how out spoken he is.


gigi said...

Echo, this was a good post. I learned some neat things about chris and had a good laugh too.

Amanda said...

He fixed my vacuum, too. You know I am a big Chris fan. Does he have a fan club, too?

Sass E-mum said...

He doesn't always do what he say's he's going to do? I can't pretend to be shocked. A willingness to flout wifely advice sounds very familiar to me.

Wanted to let you know that I've only just looked up Rico Suave. Not sure if you meant the wrestler or the rapper (or if it even matters). Great name.

christon said...

too sweet & funny