Friday, April 18, 2008

Harmony's Kids

Mckayla, Brandin, and Braxton
This is all of my nephews and nieces I have in Pennsylvania. They are part of one big Steelers loving family. These are Harmony (my sister) and P.J.’s children. I have the most stories about Brandin. Oh and I intend on telling some of them because one they are funny and two because he will love to hate it. I am going to give some thoughts on each one today.

Brandin and my Mom Luann

Brandin – He has always been a very smart guy. When he was younger we were closer and he thought I was the greatest. He was my first nephew. He is really into Motorcross, Four Wheelers, Fishing,…..anything that is very boyish. He also has a really sweet side to him as well. I remember when I took Bethany to Pennsylvania for the first time. He held her, and cuddled her, and fed her. I have pictures to prove it. Sometimes he can seem beyond his years. This can be good and this can be frustrating. I love to hear that he is helping at home, and doing well in school.

Brandin with a big fish.
Brandin and McKayla ready for ball.

McKayla, and Grandma Leon at the Out Banks.

MaKayla Jade- Well Uncle Chris loves everything about your name. For one the Kayla is in it which is the first daughter he ever had, and second he really wanted Jade to be Bethany’s middle name. MaKayla is a very sweet girl. She loves loves loves her some Bethany, and Bethany loves loves loves her some MaKayla. Sometimes I just can’t get over how much they act a like even though they are 800 miles away. For some reason Harmony and I love to relive our childhood when they are together by dressing them alike. I mean I think last year they had not only day outfits that matched they had night clothes that were the same as well.

McKayla and Braxton

Braxton James- He has the same middle name as Noah. Noah and Braxton were named after our brother Jimmy. Braxton is full throttle boy all the time. Dirt is his best friend as you can see from the picture. He has a condition with his leg were the ball of the leg is like a square fitting in a circle hole. However, this does not slow the boy down. I do have some trouble understanding him. BUT I can get the good stuff like – I love you, Noah, Echo, and he doesn’t even have to say it but he wants to know when we are coming.

I know what you are thinking and you would be correct.
Braxton James is the dirtiest, happiest kid on earth.


gigi said...

I love this post. Harmony has some really cute kids. I know what you mean by loving those nieces and nephews, I've got some pretty special ones too.

Amanda said...

Those are some stinkin cute kids she has got there. That Harmony is a good mom. She seems to always have fun things planned. She also seems to be able to let her kids go and have fun. (see above picture of Braxton on the table) You're pretty lucky to have her.

Working mum said...

Great pictures. I've finally got round to reading your blog, sorry it's taken me so long. I will be back.
WM x